Taking place in and around a bar and dealing with the daily lives of the proprietors, employees, and especially the regular or occasional patrons.
  1. dark

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lost in the Past [Random Places Multiverse bar OOC]

    ==================================================================================================================== Welcome to Portal Vacations through the Multiverses Lost... Not sure where to go from here? Need a new direction in your life? Want to take a vacation from your boring mundane...
  2. dark

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lost in the Past [Random Places Multiverse bar] IC

    ==================================================================================================================== Welcome to Portal Vacations through the Multiverses Lost... Not sure where to go from here? Need a new direction in your life? Want to take a vacation from your boring mundane...
  3. dark

    INTEREST CHECK Lost in the past (a Multiversal bar)

    Lost.... need a drink? Need a day off from whatever you do best? Bring anyone you want (panfandom) to ocs. Care to step through the door?
  4. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  5. Rebornfan120

    Roleplay interest off hiatus

    Hello! I've decided to return and do a new roleplay post/request! After some time to think things through from a hiatus of not posting interest checks for some time I have decided it was time to try my luck again and return with the hopes to find some people to roleplay with. Seeing some posts...
  6. Rebornfan120

    Rp request! (Fandoms + Originals)

    Hello, your returning post thread from Reborn! After sometime of not posting due to confidence and self-esteem problems (we're all human) I hope i have a thread of interest to people! Just some things to let you know when it comes to writing with me... 1. I am in college so I try to make...
  7. Rebornfan120

    Anime or game?

    I have decided to 'resurrect' a rp thread i once put up. I will give thanks to those that look at this thread because i appreciate the time you're taking to read this along with any of my RP partners because they deserve it. It may not be often like daily but i appreciate what time they cut out...
  8. Pahn

    Words are Weapons [Pahn needs more roleplays]

    Pahn's Partner Search Thread Thank you for clicking this absurdly Seether-inspired thread title! What I'm looking for Expectations ► Plotting: I write my best when I'm excited, so when I'm looking forward to your contribution. If I'm plottingg this thing all by myself, or if the most you can...
  9. AshenAngel

    Modern Assassin Roleplay

    "To be an assassin, one must walk the thin line between life and death, and ensure that no force is strong enough to make you fall." ~ Ghost The Darkmoon Brotherhood is a world renowned guild of assassins. They are the kingpins in the death dealing industry, led by one of the world's top...
  10. KatherinWinter

    Guilty Pleasures

    So I am considering doing my first jump in RP. I've always tried to have RPS that had a certain goal in mind. But this time I have an idea that is alittle less organized. It will still have a plot but it will be less structured then most of my RPS in the past. The idea I have is based of the...
  11. C

    A Bar At the Far Side of The Universe

    Walker opened the door to the mostly empty bar, the door jingled softly at his pull. he stepped through the door, and stretched his wings slightly shaking a bit of water off them as he would if they were a coat. after they were fluffed and dried, he folded them behind him, suddenly seeming to...
  12. Michale CS

    Tooniversal Studios - Toons: Prologue Adventure!

    This is an In Character Thread for the Tooniversal Studios Clan! If you want to join this, join the clan! There are many worlds that are part of what is collectively known as the Tooniverse. This is just one of them. Ever since the arrival of the Animators to the Tooniverse, things have...
  13. Gray

    Neuter - Light and Darkness

    The world has also been ruled by two sides. Good and bad. Darkness and light. God and Satan... Call it simple luck and disgrace if you wish. The thing is, that no matter how we call it, there is the good choice, and the bad one, the path of light, and the darkness one, there are good people, and...
  14. A

    The Sleepy Tavern: Reopened for another night!

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] The Sleepy Tavern : fully equipped with a small stage, rooms upstairs, bar and a fireplace.
  15. B

    The Strumpet Inn OOC

    THE STRUMPET'S INN "Come one, come all. Ye scurvy mongrels!" The bartender called as he posted the newest listing on the bounty board. Every no good, two tongued creature and human in the joint bolted for the board. They knew if they wanted stay and some good grub they'd get a job or...
  16. AshenAngel

    Twilight Guild

    "Twilight... The end and the beginning. Light giving way to darkness, and light reclaiming it's hold once more. It is what you make of it that presents the beauty of the struggle." - Guild Master Leone Magic has existed since ancient times. It is the output of a connection between a human's...
  17. AshenAngel

    Assassin's Pride: The Beginning

    To be an assassin is to be death itself... And live with the consequences. The Darkmoon Brotherhood was the first of it's kind, the first band of assassins that weren't related by blood or by marriage. And it still holds its reputation as the most deadly group in the criminal underworld, even...
  18. AshenAngel

    Tilly's Tavern & Inn OOC

    The fresh smell of cinnamon, freshly baked apple pies, pinecones, and alcohol all mixed together in a wondrous scent rush into your nose was you swing open a wooden door with a iron door knocker in the style of a lion's head. Oddly, the building seems gigantic compared to it's tiny appearance on...
  19. AshenAngel


    After so many years of fucking up the planet with nukes and pollution and who knows what else, humanity has been driven underground due to an uninhabitable surface of the earth. Cities have been dug out far below the surface, and railroads are the main mode of transportation between them. While...
  20. AshenAngel

    Darkmoon Brotherhood IC

    THE OOC/SIGNUP THREAD: OPEN SIGNUPS - Darkmoon Brotherhood | There were days when Ace would want to create an incision from Ghost's larynx all the way down to his prostate gland. Of course, he never acted on those desires. That would be a death wish. No, Ace kept those...