1. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    OPEN SIGNUPS {The OoC} Run, Prey, Run.

    ~| The OOC | The IC | The Cast | The Boardroom |~ ⭐~~>Welcome to RPR!! From your GMs Boo and daFie~^^!! ⭐~~> K soooo for anyone who is new here , please go on and just postie up: Animal type, Postie Sample link (or PM if you like), any questions.^^ ⭐~~>OH!! And what's this? A charrie sheet...
  2. Ms.Ezra

    OPEN SIGNUPS Looking for Strangers

    Hello! Thank you for reading my introduction to this rather ambitious project of mine. In full disclosure, this roleplay idea is inspired by and draws a lot from the manga Drifters by Kohta Hirano, the same mind behind Hellsing. That being said, this will not follow the storyline of the manga...
  3. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    INTEREST CHECK Run, Prey, Run.

    >Wake.< >Wake Up.< Tap-tap-tappity-tap-tap-tappity. It is like someone is repeatedly poking your left temple, but without actually touching you. Wait. You know that annoying 'tapping'. It was that Panther again. But what was her problem? Why Big Cat Code? Couldn't she just speak? And wait--...
  4. LuckycoolHawk9

    OPEN SIGNUPS Murder At Chillington( An Evrensel Conflict non-cannon adventure)

    The last thing you can remember is that you had to plan to go somewhere. Nobody on the bus you are on seems to be able to remember where that somewhere was, but it was an important place. Of course, that didn't seem to matter. The bus you had been travelling to somewhere on had gotten caught...

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The Secret Circle - IC The music of the Neighborhood filled the manor at the edge of town. Inside stood a young girl with black hair as she finished ridding the house of moving boxes. She...
  6. Kokuhyo

    Return from limbo

    I am returning here after a long hiatus with a few old cravings now that I have a stable job with ample time to reply to RPs. If anyone is interested please see my ideas below! Fallen: This RP is highly inspired by the Persona series of games with enough of a difference that I wouldn't call it...
  7. potassiumboron

    A Change of Fortunes

    It had been an emotional few months for Indigo. The young witch had undergone a major loss, which in itself was bad enough, but then had somehow been given the duty of tracking down the next ruler for the realm; a duty that nobody wanted but, because of his inability to really say no, Indigo was...
  8. SkittlesAndSpike

    Specugami's Spectacular Search

    Hello :D You can call me Spec. I gots a couple of plot ideas that I've had in mind for a while, and these are the ones that came out on text easiest! I hope you find them interesting and enjoyable! I pretty much exclusively do forum roleplays, so don't expect any PM RPs from me! I usually take a...
  9. Vars

    Looking for RPers who post about once a week

    Hey all, See title! lol Seems like everyone expects replies to come super fast. I can't do that and I'm 80% sure there's others around here who can't either. So here's my thread searching for RPers who also only reply about once a week OR would be okay with me posting once a week. I do clean...
  10. Cactae_Mae

    A Moody Search

    :pumpkin:Hello! :pumpkin: So, I've come with a new post, since my last one comes off more like a corpse to me at this point. Anyway, here are some things about myself, that you should know I suppose before you reply to this post. Also, it's discord only. **Just gonna put this here, I am...
  11. Huntress

    Werewolf...for the most part...

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  12. B

    My writing and Roleplaying site.

    Writing from Babys' Backseat You like Roleplaying of all types, Supernatural, Reading stories, Or Making friends that like that sort of thing? Hey, ME TOO! So head on over to my website and drop a line. (All My Contact Info is there) And hey if you're really feeling generous pass the link along...
  13. Astroblaze

    Inter-Realm Battle Link (IC)

    【 SCOREBOARD 】NO SCORENO SCORENO SCOREA Andrew Hawthorne: 0 Astroblaze: 0 B N/A C Carson Pierpont: 0 D N/A E Eve Rowley: 0 F N/A G Greg Chasteen: 0 H N/A I Iron Head: 0 J N/A K N/A L N/A M N/A N N/A O N/A P N/A Q N/A R N/A S N/A T Tall Man: 0 U N/A V N/A W N/A X N/A Y N/A...
  14. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    ~[IC!] Run, Prey, Run.

    <~<★>~> RP is done! Thanks to err'body for being sooooooo awesomes~^^!!
  15. U.N. 0W3N

    ᴛʜᴇ MYSTERY SQUAD (ic)

  16. U.N. 0W3N


  17. U.N. 0W3N


  18. Beast of Lores

    A World Without Man(Or With It, I Don't Know What Y'all Prefer)

    Imagine a world where there exists no man, no elf, no dwarf, nor any variation thereof. In the absence of man, monsters fill the void. And they've their own cultures, their own identities, their own lives. I've developed in this world many things, and plan to develop many more, but in truth...
  19. colorprincess

    This is Our Nightmare -- A Post-Apocalyptic Supernatural RP

    THE SIGN UP THREAD IS NOW LIVE What do you think of when you think about our “modern world?” “Selfish?” “Boring?” “Normal?" Hah. You wish. For a while, everything was pretty normal… Until one fateful day. A blindingly white flash engulfed the globe, shining brilliantly for less...
  20. Caracal

    Why appropriating cultures for profit is bad: A Roleplay

    TL;DR: See title Sign-up thread: OPEN SIGNUPS Black Magic & Golden Hearts OOC and Sign-up The masquerade is well and alive in the small suburban city of Aldenburg, Pennsylvania. Humans are oblivious to the true nature of their neighbors - the pale, red-eyed woman who likes to deliver the...