Dealing with phenomena which defy scientific explanation—such as vampires, werewolves, miracles, and unearthly beings.
  1. YourEveryDayWildChild

    CHARACTER INDEX The Hunt | 1x1 | YourEveryDayWildChildxWickedWitch

    Character index for WickedWitch and myself. No posting unless given permission (I doubt there will be any) Interaction through likes is okay (if you really want too)
  2. Minerva

    INTEREST CHECK The Naberkuta Affair

    Верность партии — Верность Родине The remote Russian town of Naberkuta is known for its yearly grain yields. Higher than most towns of its size. Located on the Eastern Steppe, Naberkuta is an eclectic mix of Turkic, Mongolian, Chinese, and Russian. Naberkuta is a farming town established in...
  3. scaredycat

    Vampire/Castlevania (Netflix) Inspired Rp

    Hello there! I’m currently on the hunt (no pun intended) for a Castlevania inspired/ Vampire in general rp! I’ve been drug down into this hell hole and I don’t see any way out! (Totally not upset though!) I’m not comfortable doing CanonxCanon simply because I needlessly stress myself out over...
  4. Cheshire Grin

    CLOSED SIGNUPS ~*Fate of the Banished*~

    In a world much like our own, there exist beings that we could only dream of in our wildest imaginations. Many would love to share a world with supernatural creatures and beings, others would rather them be fiction. In this world, those who wish supernatural beings to reside only in fairytales...
  5. Riruru

    Looking for Villain MC for rp plot.

    Hello there, I am a long time RPer who prefers long term partnerships and intricate stories. I usually design and maintain several characters in a story to keep things lively and interesting. As such it is rare that I considering any one character my main character. This lets the story flow...
  6. Huntress

    Looking for partners, FxF or FxM. Werewolves...for the most part, maybe a superhuman or two.

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  7. ThatGuyOverThere

    Back again with my Muse: Looking for Casual Partners

    So it's been a long time since I have been here. Life has an awful way of getting in the way of things. But I am back and plan to stick around for a while. I plan to only use discord going forward but if anything I mention in this thread peaks your interest, private message me and we can...
  8. motomoto

    The Hiraeth Institute: The Academy of Deities and Divinity.

    " We are spinning our own fates, good or evil, never to be undone. " - William James Special school attenders with the spirit/energy of mythological figures are summoned at a certain age to be raised/taught to properly inherit these powers and to shape their forms to be able a proper vessel for...
  9. LuckycoolHawk9

    OPEN SIGNUPS I'm Asking For A Friend (IC)

    Michael hadn't expected the party he had thrown to be as popular as it was. Yes, he knew that people were interested in the strange and fascinating, but he barely recognized most of the party goers who were here. A lot of the people were adults or high school students, not people he had invited...
  10. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    OUT OF CHARACTER PRIVATE {The Descending BSB} Run, Prey, Run.

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Descending' BSB | The 'Descending' IC |~ | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | | Agent 94 | ⭐~~>We gunna pick up Keijo and Sabai along the Way~^^!! ⭐~~>Split into two: 'In The Passageways' 'In The Rec Room' Please label posties with proper titles k^^ ⭐~~ >Aaaand...
  11. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    OUT OF CHARACTER {The Rewiring BSB} Run, Prey, Run

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Rewiring' BSB | The 'Rewiring' IC |~ | Ada | Bella | DeeDee | Euler | | Agent 94 | ~~>⭐Accepting Appies for OCs! Come on down~^^!! ~~>⭐DeeDee up for adoption AGAIN~^^!! <~~~<★>~~~> ~| The 'Descending' IC | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | The 'Descending' BSB...
  12. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    {The Rewiring IC} Run, Prey, Run.

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Rewiring' IC | The 'Rewiring' BSB |~ | Ada | Bella | DeeDee | Euler | | Agent 94 | ~~>⭐First IC Postie up~^^!! ~~>⭐DeeDee up for adoption AGAIN~^^!!! <~~~<★>~~~> ~| The 'Descending' IC | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | The 'Descending' BSB |~ ~| A Little...
  13. Reign

    CHARACTERS ღ Reign's Characters ღ

    (Still a work in progress) These characters I've had for quite a while. Some if not most are pretty adaptable/adjustable depending on the rp, which can always be discussed prior to starting. I just have a few simple rules before starting an rp. The first main one is that I appreciate when the...
  14. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Please take over for DeeDee!! AGAIN!!

    Hey~hey~^^!! Once again we lookin' out for someone to take over for DeeDee in the fantastical world of Run, Prey, Run~^^!! This little Bunny-girlie is an established charrie but one that should be easy enough to jump in and play! Err'body sooooo nice in this RP and willing to help you get you...
  15. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Sabai Adopted!!

    ADOPTED!! <~★~>
  16. Boo Girlie BoomBoom


    Hey~hey~^^!! Looks like we all done up in here! ;D IDN Subject: DD-19750399 ~ "DeeDee" This Female Subject is a friendly and adorable Year 2 bunny! Speaks French and is slated to be owned by Victory Casino Inc. and will make for a great Casino Girl once fully Instilled with her full set of...
  17. Ashe

    Looking for partners

    ▲ RP Partner Search! Looking for more people to write and plot with. ///Myinfo Ashe▲ Hi there! I'm a returning user, it's been a couple years! I've been roleplaying on and off for over ten years, typically I end up using discord or FB Messenger but I miss the feeling of forums. I might need...
  18. StrangeVsWeird

    Randomly LFP

    Hello, hello! So, I’ll just get straight to the point. Looking for a writing partner to just...write with. Ya know what I mean? Ever get this itch to just write, but you feel it’ll be more fun to do so with another person? To RP randomness just for the heck of it? To maybe even sharpen them...
  19. Red Thunder

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Vampire: the Masquerade - Visions

    To live the Unlife of a Kindred is to live conflict. It is intrinsic to us, evident externally in the struggle between the mutually antagonistic sects the Camarilla and the Sabbat, with the Anarchs unwillingly caught in the crossfire, and evident internally, a matter of continued existence as we...
  20. LuckycoolHawk9

    OPEN SIGNUPS I'm Asking For A Friend

    Sometimes life throws you a curve ball, but sometimes the mess are of our own design. That is the circumstance you find yourself in. One of the many people who had attended a horror themed party where a member of your college promised to debunk the legend surrounding a supernatural book he got...