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  1. Cerulean

    We are the cure.

    Want to help advance science and technology, while gaining a hands-on look beyond Earth? Join up with the internationally acclaimed corporation JeanCorp! Where theories become reality! APPLY TODAY...
  2. neobendium

    ALWAYS OPEN Looking for Active Roleplayers! MxF, searching for M

    Hey there guys! I'm Neo. I've been an active roleplayer for about five yeears now. I'm a seventeen-year-old female who enjoys watching people play video games because I can't afford to buy them myself :) Requirements/Expectations -Post at least once a week, more often if possible. I am a...
  3. DarinValore

    Rogues: The Uprising

    The cool wind blows through your hair as you cruise down the highway in your car with the windows down. You friend, Margo, sits in the passenger seat, her bare feet up on the dash despite the fact that you were tired of wiping the toe prints off the inside of your windshield after every time she...
  4. Cactae_Mae

    50 Shades of 4th Wall Breaks

    I take back everything I said. I'm literally okay with anything at this point.
  5. Noctis the Devious

    Hirokye: The City of Heroes

    OOC HIROKYE 1#: ORIENTATION All young heroes that were accepted into the Hiro Guild were instructed to meet back at the guild for orientation approximately a week after the closing to new applicants. They were also instructed to come in full hero gear; specifically safety gear. Upon entering...
  6. Noctis the Devious

    Hirokye: The City of Heroes

    IC THE CITY OF HEROES Hirokye, on Lake Nymph, is among the largest cities in the country. Famed for its bold architecture, it has a skyline punctuated by skyscrapers such as the iconic Hiro Guild Headquarters, 1,451-ft. Sky Point Tower, and the neo-Gothic Ground Zero Tower. The city is also...
  7. Milena

    Trying to get my bearings

    Hello there! I'm Milena. I've been on this site for a little while now but haven't really done anything besides lurking, mostly due to me worrying about not being up to par with the other members here (this is my first time on a site dedicated to roleplay specifically). Lately I've had a very...
  8. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN A Particularly Painful Partner Probe

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody, but you could also call me Modwri. I am twenty-nine years old and have spent roughly the past dozen years independently studying writing and roleplaying, though I've been roleplaying for sixteen years. I live at home with my mother and my roomie...
  9. CaptainObvious

    X-Men/Xaviers Institute.

    Before I flesh out this RP any further, I thought I'd see which of these two sounds most appealing. (A) Original characters and/or legacy characters or (B) Canon characters I'm willing to blend the two, but I think it might be more interesting if we go either totally canon or totally original...
  10. TuttyTheFruity

    Coming Home (Werecat x Slime Girl)

    Original Introduction Cliff Notes of happenings so far Cliff notes of happenings, v2 (after leaving the home) --------------------------------------- Up two flights of stairs (kicking up dust with each hurried step), the two reached the second floor, turning into a hallway with several rooms...
  11. Camleen

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The New Mutants (80's Era Marvel AU OOC!)

    Information Thread and Character Sheets! The Interest Thread The IC Action!
  12. Camleen

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The New Mutants (80's Era Marvel AU; IC)

    Information Thread and Character Sheets! The OOC! The Interest Thread The Posting Order! Janice – @Ms.Ezra Laura - @Camleen Jo – @abalint Piotr – @Gands Joseph – @Sir Kaltao Colt - @StareNation
  13. Camleen

    CHARACTER INDEX The New Mutants (80's Era Marvel AU Info Thread)

    Current Characters: Timeline: B.C. En Sabah Nur is born as the world’s first mutant. He is responsible for building the pyramids using an alien technology. He rules Egypt for a hundred years, and then is the victim of a coup. He is sealed within a technological coffin, which is then...
  14. Camleen

    The New Mutants (80's Era Marvel AU)

    You have only recently discovered that you are... one of them. A mutant. Everyone reacts differently to this realization. I'm not sure how precisely you handled it... did you embrace this gift? Were you hateful towards your parents? Or yourself? Not terribly long after you discovered precisely...
  15. potassiumboron

    Freak Show

    It was days like these that Cyan loved the most. Notoriously, the mutant hated hot days. He detested the sun almost as much as he hated the humans, and on days where the temperature was exceedingly hot, he was almost always seen sulking under the shade of the trees, and heard whining and...
  16. Nemopedia

    Freedom [Tarieles & Nemopedia] alarms were already blaring. White suits, heavy armoured guards, they were all running around through each other. Some weaponed with syringes, others holding ammunition in arms. It were the coats that Mallory feared the...
  17. Huntress

    Looking for a couple partners

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  18. A

    Mindbreak/Multiverse/Monster Girl/Gaming+Etc Fandom or OC

    Hello! Glad you could make it, you can call me Vuro. I'm just some woman looking to write collaboratively on the topics mentioned above and below. I hope you find something that interests you. Please PM me if you have any questions. Goal: I've been wanting to play something that skirts the...
  19. Creative Confessions

    Psycho Storm - Post Apo - M

    Welcome Ladies and Gentleman. To the last stand for humanity. The last brave fight of men and woman alike. You too could be a champion! Take up a weapon and fight in the arena for your liiiifeee! You do not fight mutants out there in the Wasteland. You come down here. To Uncle Ziggy's studio. To...
  20. Outlaw-SSS

    Fallout Lonestar IC

    Welcome To Texas War. War never changes. Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage. In the year 2077, after millennia of armed conflict...