epic quest

Focusing on a long, arduous journey with a clear end goal such as a legendary treasure.
  1. Oni

    Looking for Kingdom Hearts AU RP.

    Simply put, I'm itching for some KH and looking to write something fun and epic. We can always work out the details, but I was looking to give new life to a storyline where we're essentially going through the worlds as Hero Slayers. Let me explain. In this Alternate reality Sora and his...
  2. Absyinthe

    Gems of Exousia

    https://img.nickpic.host/6ECwjG.png INTEREST CHECK Welcome to the interest check and group plotting for Gems of Exousia. This roleplay aspires to be a long-term fantasy adventure. There are four sections in this interest check to describe the idea. Let me know if you're interested in joining...
  3. lemonkween

    Long Term F/F 1x1 Fantasy RP

    Hello! I'm happy to see you found your way to my post. Welcome!! I'm looking for a FxF (or even FxNB) pairing to help flesh out this fantasy world I have created. A few things about me: I typically reply multiple times a week/day to once a week at least. I will let you know if I will be...
  4. Absyinthe

    Faeryn OOC

    Faeryn OOC Roleplay Navigation fa-leaf Interest Check fa-leaf OOC - You are here fa-leaf Discord fa-leaf IC - TBD fa-leaf The World of Faeryn Guide Link fa-leaf Faeryn Factions Handbook Link fa-leaf The Magic of Faeryn Link fa-leaf World Breach System Link Rules and Guidelines 001. The GM...
  5. Absyinthe

    Elemi Chronicles - WARP Entry 2022

    Elemi Chronicles - Future Roleplay Introduction Welcome to Elemi Chronicles! This idea is for the WaRP contest. There are several sections of information here to help you understand the concepts of this group roleplay. The main genres for this roleplay are Fantasy and Science Fiction, with...
  6. Novama

    Island's Heart OOC

    This thread is for general discussion about whatever for the members or interested parties in Island's Heart RP. Link to RP: OPEN SIGNUPS - Island's Heart
  7. Tyranida

    Pirates, Witches and Demons - fantasy rps

    Heya, I'm Tyranida, 18 year old female. I've been wanting to get back into role playing for so long now, so I thought I'd share some of my plots! Please pm me or comment if you want to play any of the plots, details are attached to each one individually. I'm looking for someone who can reply at...
  8. PrideAscending

    To Save The Realms; A D&D Adventure (5e) OOC/Signups

    Hello everyone. I'm wanting to run a massive long-term roleplay based in Dungeons and Dragons Forgotten Realms setting along the Sword Coast. Some of it I'll just be bullshitting because I really don't know the fine details, but part of being a team adventuring within a world is that things...
  9. hannsthemanns

    Late Night Snacks | Fantasy + Modern RP Search

    "You're safe here, dreamer. We are the music makers." Looking for partners: Hey, it's Han! I hope you all are safe and are doing alright during these strange uncertain times. I know something that helps me feel better is to find a role-play to write with someone! And my characters are looking...
  10. Michale CS

    MCU - What Comes Next? - IC

    "Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for."―Charles Xavier "I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they came from." - Captain Steve Rogers The year is 2026. It has been three years since the people of Earth defeated Thanos. Since then, it has become apparent that people with...
  11. Mowkie

    Who Needs Dragons? I Need Dragons!

    Hi, all! So, I'm here in search of some fun and exciting ideas for a dragon-centered roleplay. In the past, I've had many dragon rider RPs, and I don't think I've ever NOT had fun with them. Many of the novels I've practiced on and the one I'm currently working on involve dragons and dragon...
  12. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    Hollowclan .. Dark x Happily

    1x1 for @~Dark Disney~ and myself Welcome to Hollowclan Home of the most sly, calculated and energetic cats. The Current Season is :: Newleaf [ ] Greenleaf [ ] Leaf-fall [X] Leaf-bare [ ] .::. Prophecy .::. None ATM .::. Relationships .::. Greystorm & Greyfoot Shadowfall &...
  13. Michale CS

    Epic Crossover - Suicide Squad "Take your Leader to me"

    Location: Langley, Virginia, DEO Headquarters Amanda Waller sits across a meeting room table from a handful of men and women in suits from various agencies, most of which she'd heard of. "This needs to be your number one priority, Waller." One of them warned her. Her eyes narrowed, and she...
  14. Zizikitty

    Shadows of Gone

    The town of Rat's Den was at its usual pace of hustle and bustle. Travelers and merchants alike filled the streets, shops, and tavern. The quaint town was not the finest city the orc has been in. It was just rough enough for him to feel comfortable yet not so dangerous that he’d need to break so...
  15. UniqueChance

    Plenty of Ideas - Slice of Life, Fandoms, Kpop

    First things first; This list isn't exhaustive, I just couldn't think of anything else to add. Feel free to message me at any time about ideas or pairings that aren't listed. Secondly; There are going to be times when I can't reply because I'm too low or in the middle of a...
  16. hannsthemanns

    Original RP Prompts & Pairings | Master Thread (1/4 OPEN)

    Original RP Prompts | Master Thread Last Updated: 12/12/18 I'm back and I'm ready for some roleplays! Don't forget to check my rules, I've added some updates. MERAKI (A.) | Greek The soul, creativity or love put into something; The essence of yourself that is put into your work...
  17. Rebornfan120

    Seeking New Partners! - Open

    Hello! I've decided to do a new roleplay search from Reborn! Seeing some posts with rules I have decided to at least show my rules, don't worry it'll be short since I normally don't have many rules, to begin with normally. 1. 1-4 paragraphs are preferred but compromises can be made through...
  18. D

    Epic Flippin'

    Welcome to Flippin Arkansas agents, you have been chosen to help keep order here. This town has a cretain tendency to be a weirdness magnet. With the addition of the former residents of Eureka this place is could end up a mad house real quick. This is an Epic Crossover RP. Interested in...
  19. Michale CS

    Epic Crossover - Suicide Squad

    This is a merged comic book universe, drawn mainly on DC and Marvel, but any comic book character, including original characters, will be considered. The character sheets will be written up in the Classic Marvel RPG found here, but all you as a player need to do is rate the seven stats and list...
  20. Michale CS

    Epic Crossover - Character Index

    Post any new approved Characters below.