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"Twilight... The end and the beginning. Light giving way to darkness, and light reclaiming it's hold once more. It is what you make of it that presents the beauty of the struggle."

- Guild Master Leone

Magic has existed since ancient times. It is the output of a connection between a human's spirit and the flow of nature's energy. Very few people are able to manipulate this bond. In early times, those who did were outcasted or otherwise punished, but as time moved forward, people accepted magic. Now, wizards are requested to perform difficult tasks for humans and magic has practical everyday uses. Guilds have formed across the land, where wizards work together to help the world.

This story focuses on one of the newest guilds, Twilight. It is led by Leone Valcrosse, an incredibly powerful wizard with a moderate disdain for authority figures. The guild itself is rising through the ranks, gaining recognition due to the wide assortment of strong wizards that they've gathered. There is a bit of a price that comes with running a guild, however. When someone goes overboard in their mission and destroys more than what was necessary, there is a bill that comes to the guild's door. And, usually, the guild master bleeds money to appease the people that were harmed by the chaos.

"So, do you wish to join us?"
The rules of this rp are simple. Some characters are stronger than others, that is a simple fact. So, all character X character battles must be discussed on this thread prior to the playing out. And absolutely no controlling other people's characters. It may appear to ruin the surprise, but after having been in an rp where two people had a battle going for ten pages and created a new fucking god tier for godmodding, one could say that I have a bit of post-traumatic roleplay disorder due to unplanned fights. But, I am finally willing to give this rp another shot. So, my expectations for this roleplay are that you use your grammar and spelling skills to your full advantage in your battle against me, the crazy OCD rp owner. I also expect you to ward away the writing demons I summoned with detailed posts of at least two paragraphs. Put real thought into your posts. Plot with people. Working together will make this rp more enjoyable for everyone.
Magical Abilities

These are the types of magic that exist in the world. Some spells are more difficult to cast and master than others.


Hand to Hand

Forbidden Magics
Significant People
Significant Places

Twilight Headquarters


This is the home of the Twilight Guild. It overlooks one of the largest lakes in the region.

Main Hall


This is where the guild gathers together for meals and such, and many members gather here to socialize.

Quest Board
Medical Wing
Guildmaster's Office
Standard Bedroom

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