Based on or borrowing elements from the Pokemon games, anime, and/or manga.
  1. Queen of Madness

    Okami or pokemon

    Anyone interested in Okami-based RP, the story goes after the two games, about new characters, villains, etc. Or Pokemon-based RP, with multifandom (or OC)... humans for different places had a message where they are asked to go to Syrenian Region...where they have their very first pokemon...
  2. darkmaster006

    Looking! FxF Plots (pokemon, fantasy, modern, etc.)

    Hello there! You can call me Dark or Jay. I'm looking for a FxF Action/SoL/Romance. Romance, though, does not need to be the center of the roleplay. I'll list some basic things first: - I prefer literate roleplay. I write from 1 to 3 paragraphs per post, so I expect the same in return. Of...
  3. Moonbow

    CHARACTER INDEX Galarian Stories | Character Thread

    Characters go here. Please post each individual character in separate posts, as they will be linked to this main post once everyone has submitted a sheet.
  4. Moonbow

    OUT OF CHARACTER Galarian Stories

    The Galar region-- our home. As gym leaders, we were born and bred within its culture and among its people. We've strived to accomplish our goals and achieve our positions, and Arceus knows that we've had to make many, many sacrifices in order to remain gym leaders. Some of us are content as we...
  5. AnemoVictorious

    Pokemon Conquest Inspired RP Interest Check!

    Pokemon Conquest was not your typical Pokemon game, and was actually a crossover with the Nobunaga's Ambition series. Instead of fighting trainers and travelling throughout a region to complete your pokedex and become champion, the player was the warlord of on of the 17 kingdoms of the Ransei...
  6. luelle

    Path of a Gym Leader

    Lunavelle Beach - The Leoluna region Haahaha! "Do you feel it Eev? This weather is so MAGICAL." Harmony stretched her arms high under the warmth of the gleaming sun. Bobbing in the expanse of the soothing crystal waves, she kicked her feet to stay afloat above the salty splashes. A little...
  7. luelle

    Path of a Gym Leader OOC

    You set out to become the Gym Leader of your dreams. Which type do you choose? -Pokemon type requests- Grass @greenzor Fire @LoveandHate91 Water @Mini Bug @FrozenDreams Normal @greenzor Poison @Howaitotaiga Electric @Luelle Ground Ice @Elusive Thorns Fairy @o0peachie0o Dark...
  8. TerraLion

    New thread for the decade from this new guy!

    Hello reader (or readers if more than one are reading this)! If you are reading this then I welcome you to my first ever thread on this site. I thank you for taingn time out of your day (or night) to look through it for a mutual interest for the both of us. Before we begin on the kinds of...
  9. Galgallin

    Tentative Pkmn Interest Check

    I've been tossing ideas around with my buddy @sun. and we're thinking about maybe running a Pokemon RP. I want to get a headcount so I have a rough idea of how many people might respond. The basic premise is that your characters are Pokemon University students (so character ages would be...
  10. Professor Wormwood

    Character Bio: Mina Wormwood

    Artwork credited to UncreativeJade Name: Mina Wormwood Age: 6 (Reached physical maturity at age 3) Gender: Female Species: Pure-blood Pheromosa (Shiny) Orientation: Bisexual Preference: Dominant Occupation: Fashion Designer and Research Assistant Weight: 338 lbs. Bio: Wife of the famous...
  11. Rebornfan120

    Team Aqua and Magma working together?! (Artisticheart and Rebornfan120)

    Brendan was once a normal trainer, with dreams and inspirations to be the best but then the story of the Hoenn legends he had found out on one of his travels. Since then, he continued on pokemon research while being a very good trainer. Until team Aqua and Magma butted in, sure initially he...
  12. M

    A General Search Thread

    Hey there. Name's Jess. I'm disabled and can't work, so I have tons of time to spend on role-playing which means you can generally expect timely replies and I'm always up for more role-plays. I typically match my partners regarding reply length and my starters are several paragraphs when...
  13. Moonbow

    Lumi's Corner of Curiosities

    My name's Luminosity, and I'm back in business! I'm super ready to roleplay with a bunch of you guys. I'm a twenty-four year old with a job that will be attending graduate school in August, but I still have a bunch of time to write. I have a cellphone that I can also use to write with, but I...
  14. Moonbow

    Medieval Pokemon!

    Gather around, little ones, for I have a story to tell. A long, long time ago, our land, Atlas, knew peace. This was the time of King Cedric and his three princes, when not all of Atlas was yet charted and people thought that the lands to the far east were laden with half-demon, half-human...
  15. luelle

    The Pkmn Circle

    Hi there :) I've been wanting a Pokemon RP lately and I had this idea about a secret society of trainers that meet within the forests of a custom region I'm imagining. So as an option, I was thinking the players would be beginner trainers who get their Pokemon partners and are initiated, become...
  16. Moonbow

    Bound by Blood | A Pokemon Gijinka RP

  17. darkmaster006

    Asuna x Hanako - In Process

  18. Y O M I

    Long-term partners needed !

    WELCOME ! Thank you for taking the time to actually click on my post ! Here's a little info about myself and my preferences. ABOUT ME My name is tianna but I often go by tia. I am a 17-year old highschool student who is in there senior year. I've been roleplaying for a good 4 years now...
  19. darkmaster006

    Pokemon, a Journey + Assorted Plots

    - What I'm looking for is a Pokemon RP where our characters meet each other and end up agreeing to go on their journey together for whatever reason. (The plot is up to discussion!) As they journey the land together, they end up developing romantic interest in each other. So, the romance would be...
  20. Chrome

    Pokemon: Shiretown Trainers! (IC)

    POKEMON: Shiretown Trainers The song of sunrise echoed through the hills and trees as the sun crested the horizon of Shiretown, a small village in the southwest corner of New Johto. Professor Shrub tossed her blankets across her room and with a delighted smile she threw open the curtains to...