Focusing on or dealing with emotionally-charged situations.
  1. -QT-

    OPEN SIGNUPS Among The Ruined: Cottonwood Falls

    The Walking Dead: Among the Ruined - Cottonwood Falls Dicord Chatroom || Interest Check Synopsis Among the Ruined is a role-play started by a dear friend six years ago. A role-play which ran for numerous years, but eventually came to an end (as all good things must). Inspired by the popular...
  2. -QT-

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING Walking Dead - Among the Ruined (Interest Check)

    Looking for interested role-players wanting to try their hand at a drama/horror role-play inspired by the walking dead universe. This role-play does NOT take place in the current world of The Walking Dead, but rather in our own universe. Players will have the opportunity to create their own...
  3. MaryGold

    PRIVATE Like A Star

    Like A Star 별처럼 I knew I would fall in love with you I had no choice but to love you Because in my eyes, in my heart You shine like a star @Iceydaze
  4. serein

    FILLED REQUEST we go together // closed

    WINTER BREAK .we're all fucked Hush, little child don't say a word. I promise you will fly like a Mockingbird. All you have to do is shut your eyes and cover your ears or you're in for a surprise... Winter break. It's a break that most people would use to spend all their time with their...
  5. serein

    CHARACTER INDEX tender love // characters

    fa-play Tender Love Exo full name // nickname(s) // optional age // 21+ birthday // gender // sexuality // role // for hire or hiring occupation // if they have one outside of tender love height // hair // eyes // style // mods // likes // dislikes // habits // fears // personality // or...
  6. serein

    OPEN SIGNUPS tender love

    currently closed will start on ____
  7. serein

    INTEREST CHECK tender love // open

    fa-play Tender Love Exo Dating isn't always easy or possible. It's hard for people to do, I mean they have jobs and other things they want to focus on. But parents don't always listen to these reasons and consider them as valid excuses. So what do you do when that happens? The natural response...
  8. ShayBear


    The generations of Old have come to fade and now ushering in the Time of the New.. A thousand years has passed since the events of Vampire Knight. For the past millenia, the Pureblood Princess Yuuki Kuran has instated a new reign and new laws for the world of the vampires. Through the agreement...
  9. glossiest

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST ❥ searchin’ / fxm, fxf

    hiya! i’m evelyn, from europe and i’m over 18. looking to play mostly fxm pairings, but open to fxf with a good plot (i can be kinda picky with that if the plot ain’t spicy enough). my style is third person, past tense, 3-7 paragraphs on average. i’m online a lot, so i can do daily replies. i...
  10. Darog

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A Nest of Ideas and Stuff!

    Greetings and thank you for checking out my thread! It's well appreciated even if you've only glanced over it! I'm looking to maybe start a roleplay, so I thought I'd take a few small steps in the right direction. Some of my ideas will have a fantasy like element to them, whether it's Sci-Fi...
  11. LucidDreams

    Inuyasha: Return from Darkness

    Rules: (1.) Post must be at least two paragraphs or more. That's at least 14 full sentences. No, text speech doesn't count. (2.) Have adequate grammar skills; punctuate accordingly so it's not one long run on sentence. No using "u" for "you" or other similar concepts. I'm not a grammar nazi...
  12. Jessica2477

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Juvenile Rehabilitation Academy (A My Hero Academia based RP)

    @The Dapper Mog Welcome to the Juvenile Rehabilitation Academy, where delinquents 18 years old and under come to prove that they deserve a second chance. Each student has been convicted of a crime, whether they are guilty or not is a mystery. The only thing the academy and the staff know...
  13. Pangoblin

    OPEN SIGNUPS BY INVITATION ONLY Path of the Stars ( A Dog Adventure RP OOC )

    ╔═══━━━━─── ◥◦◤ ───━━━━═══╗ ◦Path of the Stars◦ ╚═══━━━━─── ◢◦◣ ───━━━━═══╝ Link to Character Creation and Index Thread OPEN SIGNUPS - BY INVITATION ONLY Path of the Stars ( A Dog Adventure RP ) The world as the animals' know it is changing. The humans have...
  14. ShayBear

    The Familia

    Five Years Ago.. We all sat by the fire. The stars in the sky couldn't have shined any brighter. The sand had never felt softer on the reef where we'd always go, where parties upon parties had been thrown by if not us then some other students we all knew in some fashion. But not that night...
  15. serein

    CHARACTER INDEX last summer; sign-ups

    fa-play Be Mine Bazzi full name | nicknames | age | 17-19 grade | gender | sexuality | height | eyes | hair | mods | scars | face claim | realistic only likes | dislikes | habits | hobbies | fears | vices | virtues | secrets | minimum of five, make sure to send them to me via PM background...
  16. serein

    last summer

    secrets are made to be found out with time. secrets are made to be found out with time. Summer is a time where you can lose yourself, become whoever you want. There's no school, there's a lack of parental supervision. It's the perfect prowling grounds for rebellious teens to make memories...
  17. serein

    serein's garden

    serein's garden the petals told me you loved me but i know it doesn't work that way hey there~ my name is serein and i've been roleplaying for quite a while now. maybe like five or six years? i'm not really sure at this point. anyways, i simply adore 1x1's and really would like to connect with...
  18. Cactae_Mae

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Anything goes, really [1v1, Long-Term preferred]

    Hello, so this will be a short post since I lost patience with writing long posts as they never really seem to work out for me. So, I'll just be straight forward in this one and will only bring up the most important points without sugarcoating anything. I'm an adult, so I would prefer to write...
  19. The Dapper Mog

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Academy Mysterium

    "Welcome, to the Academy Mysterium! You, lucky recipient, have been selected, test pending, to join the most illustrious school for mages! Once becoming a student at our wondrous institution, you will begin learning to use magic studying the various schools of magic known as arcana, including...
  20. DarkiusHeavenstein

    Surprise Island: Zodiacs (a reality tv drama show)

    12 people are randomly grabbed from their ordinary lives and brought to a tropical island. They have been given no explanation and no time to pack or what so ever. The last thing they remember before waking up on the island is probably how they just left their home, or called their mom, or were...