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  1. K

    Looking for a long trem male roleplay partner

    im looking for hood type role play romance roleplay, family-oriented drugdealer/gangleader must text bk fast and able to this otp fall asleep otp play video games (ps4) age group (19-27)
  2. Absinthe

    desert daydreams - an experiment

    Hey peeps! I've been thinking about putting together a RP for a while and I'm looking to find out how many people would be interested. || So Absinthe, what's the experiment? I'm experimenting with using more traditional RPG elements in a forum RP setting. This will include character stats...
  3. ThatGuyOverThere

    The Inquisitors: A Magic Cyberpunk Crime Drama

    The year is 2040 and in this alternative time line magic was once revered and practice by many. Some consorted with benevolent forces while others did bargains with darker powers and some were naturally gifted. Those who practice magic outside common place spells were called Magi and their...
  4. Shinku⭐Kun

    A White Bunny meets a Dark Wolf: Phase II (with ScarletNova)

    A White Bunny meets a Dark Wolf PHASE II: the Dark Wolf falls in Love with the White Bunny ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once upon a time, there was a very mean, and cruel Dark Wolf that ruled a school with an iron fist. He loved to bully and torment all of its students just for mere entertainment. The Wolf's...
  5. Looking Glass

    Action and Romance in a Super Power School! (MxF, FxF, Other)

    Haven't been on here in a while. Hey-ho all! Looking Glass here, but you can just call me Glass for short if you'd like. RPer of many years, hopefully more to come. Haven't exactly done a search thread like this before, at least on here, but I've got a bit of a personal craving so here goes...
  6. WaffleCuddles

    Lovers Moon Hotel ( Family and Love hotel rp) OOC/Chat/Relationship talk and etc

    Form : Name: Gender: Age: Crush: Lover: Personality: Skills: Pets ( Optional if you want someone or you to play as your pet):
  7. WaffleCuddles

    Lovers Moon Hotel ( Family and Love hotel rp)

    Before you stands a beautiful place to live. Lovers Moon Hotel. A place for you to care for your family or to fall in love. Many Fall in love here. Many raise children here too. If you live here, you might not want to leave.
  8. WaffleCuddles

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Friendly Neighborhood

    This isnt any neighborhood, no, it actually had special people in it. who? you may ask? well i shall tell they have a whole town to themselves, a mall, market places, like an old fashioned neighborhood, they have a highschool, a middle school and a elmenatry school all separated, Now about...
  9. WaffleCuddles

    SEEKING PARTNER SEEKING PLAYER Jackal, the mafia boss

    name: Jackal Dawson Taylor's nicknames: dawny, son, or sonny, jack, jacky, jake only with his close friends, does he ever let you call him those names age: .27 gender: Male eye color: light green hair color: Dark brown personality: he is polite, in his kinda way, he is collected most of...
  10. WaffleCuddles

    Hope im doing this right, still new and everything, lol

    Hi, i am looking for partners, that are christian or atleast okay rping with a christian xxxx fandom based rps xxxxxxxxfaves: twilight xxxxxxxxxvampire knight xxx─x.dc comics / dc in general/ marvel xxxxxxxxfaves: Spiderman/Batman/Joker/ "original" rps xxx─x.i'm the pickiest about...
  11. ThatGuyOverThere

    OPEN SIGNUPS Double Feature: Hic Sunt Dracones and A Gentleman's Game (Rated PG13)

    So I have two group rp ideas to be played on discord or on here that I would like to see if there would be any interest for. Both have potential to be pretty epic. There will be action, there will be romance, the will be intrigue, and there will be drama in both ideas. I would prefer potential...
  12. TerraLion

    New thread for the decade from this new guy!

    Hello reader (or readers if more than one are reading this)! If you are reading this then I welcome you to my first ever thread on this site. I thank you for taingn time out of your day (or night) to look through it for a mutual interest for the both of us. Before we begin on the kinds of...
  13. 47Haven

    Changing Gears [Private with Lithël Aelfwine]

    Name (& pronunciation): Born Vixis Nytokuna, adopted the name Vincent Strauss, nicknamed Vince Date of Birth (& age): Donard 17th, Tempen, 19 y/o Place of Birth: Nearby Laedry Gender: Male Species/Racial Origin: Mix between a Nyss father and human mother Social Class/Community Status: Street...
  14. GalaxyHopper

    Fandom stuff but actually whatever cause i am desperate at this point

    I only use discord to rp. I'm mostly looking for a Witcher rp, but tbh Im fine with whatever at this point. I've got a plot all set up and to be fair I am mostly either looking for an annoying bard like Jaskier from the show or Dandelion, or anything really as I got a nice little mysterious...
  15. WaffleCuddles

    looking for a man, for my woman

    Macey is the super sweet innocent type. when you first meet her she will be shy, and not talk to you for at least 10 seconds she is bubbly and talkative. She will usually treat you how yo u treat her. always the follower of her friend group and gets everyone into thinking of doing safe but fun...
  16. WaffleCuddles

    . .blythe foster home. .

    would ya'll be willing to do a foster home?? They know, that they dont know your story. You have a choice to tell them or not, a choice to forget and forgive your past And starting with a bran new one This family invites these kids to live with them, they welcome their home
  17. WaffleCuddles

    . .you say you love me...but i dont care...you are my love. .1 on 1 search

    . .mellow here. .i love to roleplay. . 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗺𝗲 + I’m a woman who has things during the day Tuesday through Fridays. I’m on mountain time as well. + I only do mx f and m/f. I also typically write 1-2 paragraphs depending on how much I’m giving or how inspired I am. + Doubling is something I am...
  18. Trainbrain16

    Subnautica: Diving Deeper (Trainbrain16 X Soverign)

    "Emergency! Hull integrity compromised. Total hull failure imminent." The ominous voice of the Aurora's AI called out this cataclysmic announcement over the PA system amid blaring klaxon alarms and the labored groans, creaks, and tears of the huge capital ship's hull starting to fall apart...
  19. ThatGuyOverThere

    Looking for Partners

    Hey everyone, I am looking for someone who would like to do a Sci-fi Military RP with this simple premise: Our characters are a part of the S.T.A.R program. Special Tactical Assault Reacon This group is made up of four soldiers that have shown exceptional skill in their field but also have...
  20. Rainier Ashton Bernhardt

    Dragon Age: The Reckoning

    Dragon Age: The Reckoning I was wanting to see how many individuals would be interested in a Dragon Age storyline that takes place roughly six months after the event of 'Trespasser' the epilogue to Dragon Age: Inquisition. This will be Original, freshly made characters only. So no using...