Blending elements of horror, romance, and a mix of romantic and morbid sensibilities.
  1. fauxklimt

    OLDER THAN BONES || Southern Gothic Small-Town RP

    Appalachia is older than bones... Any place as ancient as life itself is bound to have secrets. Rosales Gap, Virginia is no exception. Founded in 1889 by Melia Corcoran, Rosales Gap has been subject to the scrutiny of many. For starters, it has almost exclusively been run by women since its...
  2. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: War of the Vampire

    OOC THREAD: Lescatia was never a land of vibrance, but it was still a land of morbid beauty. The morning was heralded by the gaunt roosters crowing, crows squawking, and dogs barking. The Border City was...
  3. MaryGold


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  4. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: The Land of the Vampire Prince

    The Vampire Prince TL;DR: Prince is Big Vampire and rules kingdom. Takes kinda care of the people and people love and fear him. All the nobles very vampire. Much spooky. The world, for all who live within Lescatia, consists of a sprawling length of petty kingdoms, dukedoms, princedoms...
  5. Space Cowboy

    Seeking a writing partner! M4F Redstar-friendly

    I am an old-hand when it comes to writing and role-play. I can be somewhat playful and cavalier with my writing but I will treat whatever we end up writing together over with the respect it and it’s genre is due. I’m fairly open minded and I enjoy all sorts of genres and topics, so please don’t...
  6. Idea

    Kingdom of Graves [Idea & Erode]

    GM Post It had been three and a half days since you departed from the island of Sanbarossa, one of the three islands directly controlled by the Greylight Order. Of the three ships that embarked on this journey to...
  7. grim

    moon's non-star search thread

    hello everyone! here's a little about myself: i'm an aries twenty years old i've been roleplaying for about eight years, and i consider my writing level to be semi-advanced to advanced lit! i prefer to play the female character in my plots, but i am not against doubling! i suppose before i get...
  8. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  9. Maalefik

    The World is Burning 1x1 endless partner search

    A B O U T Hey, good morning! Please call me Maal and I am seeking out some roleplays. Let me tell you a bit about me: I am an adaptable writer and I can produce small posts or long posts, depending on what I feel is needed to say. I've been writing/role-playing for over a decade and I am easy...
  10. Rendons2

    [MxF] Looking for Edgy romance

    Hey there, Thanks for coming! I'm looking for a chance to use my character Iyo in a depressing, edgy romance. I really want something that fills the sort of depressive themes I've been wanting recently. Some things to note! I'm not into flat out Cybering, I'd much prefer that there was some...
  11. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant

  12. Shayla

    Crimson Peak - A Retold Tale

    C R I M S O N__P E A K . You think you know a story , But you only know how it ends.. To get to the heart of the story… One must travel back to the beginning to do so and learn the truth. all know the story of Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad...
  13. kaleidoscopique

    1920s Gangsters - read me!

    Hi all! I’m new to this site, though certainly not to RPing. You can call me Kay. Please bear with me as I learn to navigate iwaku. The setting: The war has ended. Birmingham’s working class have returned to the drudgery of factory jobs, but men still wake sweating and screaming and wondering...
  14. potassiumboron

    Behind Closed Doors

    It had only been a day since Ocean opened his doors of his grand mansion to a small gang, but already he was starting to wonder if his decision had been misguided and misjudged. He'd made the decision to recruit in a gang of 5 or 6 hardened criminals purely to save his best friend from potential...
  15. L

    Need Novelist for Fantasy RP

  16. The Mood is Write

    A Particularly Painful Partner Probe

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody, but you could also call me Modwri. I am thirty-one years old and have been independently studying writing and roleplaying since I was thirteen. I live at home with my mother and pets, and play games or read manga (or manhua sometimes) when I'm not...
  17. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant [SEEKING MORE PLAYERS]

  18. Pahn

    Boiling Blood [rissa x Pahn]

    A southern gothic supernatural story by @rissa and @Pahn The midnight air in Cedar Grove, Tennessee smelled sweet, as if the trees and plants were sweating their greenness on everything. Being the middle of the summer, the light breeze was very welcomed. They were low on gas and would have...
  19. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant [REBOOT] [STILL SEEKING]

  20. S

    Search for Aggressive partners

    Let's just get right down to it then. What I seek: As the title might suggest I would prefer a partner that can pick/make up a story and run with it, I am often in need of encouragement to move things along. Competence, literacy and understanding of the English language, no worse than me...