Including/focusing on romantic relationships between characters.
  1. NekoNeko

    PARTNER REQUEST Hetalia BxB Thread AnyOne?

    So I’m up for a BxB Hetalia thread based off of Hunchback of Notre Dame. I’ll be playing as England who will represent Esmeralda and you can play as 3 male countries who represent Quasi, Phoebus, and Frollo. I’m semi advanced to advanced and am gonna be pretty active hopefully.
  2. Gubba

    FIRST RESPONSE Private melody (MxF) (read bottom of post)

    On a warm day in the beginning weeks of school, the woman had just started getting used to being the schools new music teacher. She parked her car and gathered her stuff before getting out, her heel clacking onto the pavement of the freshly built teacher parking lot. She slung her purse and bag...
  3. Cactae_Mae

    ALWAYS OPEN Another Creative Title

    Hey, you there! Yes, you. Finding yourself bored? Well,that makes the two of us. Let's get down to business ,shall we? First off, let me write down a few things worth knowing about me if you're considering hitting me up. I'm a graphics student and I got a part-time job, so I may not be always...
  4. 47Haven

    PARTNER REQUEST Looking for Partner for Romance Action Drama

    Basic Premise Hello! I'm looking for a partner for a specific theme, one that I use as the title. I will be mainly RPing as girl, but I can go male if needed. Romance is rather mandatory, while smut is optional. I can do BlueStar or RedStar, preferrably RedStar, but it's much more flexible than...
  5. 47Haven

    SEEKING PARTNER Organized Crime Member Minamoto Jun

    Name (& pronunciation): Minamoto Jun (Last name, first name) Date of Birth (& age): 26 Place of Birth: Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan Gender: Female/Futanari (depending on preference, preferrably futa) Species/Racial Origin: Human Social Class/Community Status: Liutenant in an organized crime (not...
  6. Novama

    OPEN SIGNUPS Apostles of The Way (In Character)

    This is a fantasy adventure RP that follows a group of magic knights called 'Apostles' as they battle and persuade their way across the land in a quest to retrieve a stolen relic and see justice carried out. If you wish to join us, have additional questions, or simply want to chat, you can find...
  7. Krafisch

    Anyone? A Hogwarts Romance MxM MxF FxF

    A Hogwarts Romance Muse A is your typical Sylthern, with his parents being former Death Eaters he was raised to hate anyone who was muggle-born or anyone who wasn’t a pureblood, to be honest. He was constantly getting in trouble for bullying the mudbloods or half-bloods, almost got expelled for...
  8. Novama

    ALWAYS OPEN OPEN SIGNUPS Apostles of The Way (OOC/Info/Signups)

    Contacts and Chats Feel free to post here, direct message me, or join our discord server if you wish to chat with me and/or the rest of the gang. We are a pleasant bunch that enjoy new faces. To clarify: the rp will be on Iwaku and will not be on discord. Discord Link: Discord Beasts and Preists...
  9. Dacha

    Open to do anything involving OC's!

    Yo! I'm Dacha and have been on a small hiatus from roleplaying, but recently been having a strong urge to do something with OC's. I don't have any particular fandom or original world in mind, but we can discuss some things or brainstorm in DMs. If we do do an original setting I'm cool with it...
  10. agrim.falls

    Unique Harry Potter RP Idea

    Boy, I sure hope Harry Potter RPs are still relevant... Anyway, I'm Agrim and I've got about 7 years of roleplay experience online as well as tabletop RPG experience. I have, what I consider to be a fairly cool idea for a fandom rp plot that I honestly haven't seen before. I'll go over the plot...
  11. Cactae_Mae

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, SCP and other stuff! (18+)

    Hey, There! Hello there! So, I have re-watched a game play of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and just a massive WAVE of nostalgia hit me like a goddamn tsunami! I remember seeing my older siblings play it, but I never really got a chance to play it myself, but it still holds a special place...
  12. Flowers with eyes

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST 1x1 OC fantasy rp! Long term partner wanted! [18+] MxF preferred but will do FxF

    Hi there!! I guess we should jump right into it! I’m into OC x OC roleplay and my favorite genres are fantasy, romance, and anything along those lines seeing as that most of my characters are fantasy based characters like demons and human girls with animal ears and tails (think cat girls/nekos...
  13. Reanimator Spuds

    I'm Partners... With a Magical Girl!?! (An RP where the Boys become the Fluffy animal companions to Magical Girls CURRENTLY FULL)

    Love... Oh such a fragile ideal. They think that love conquers all. How incredibly foolish, impudent, disgusting!... How perfect... I will allow them to believe this until it is my time to strike. Then they will realize how fragile their defenders truly are in all aspects... Passion can...
  14. Luminosity

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Fire Emblem: Crestfallen | IC

    IMPORTANT LINKS: SIGN-UPS AND OOC THREAD | CHARACTER THREAD DATE: 28th of the Traveler Moon, Divine Year 781 TIME OF DAY: Early afternoon WEATHER: Warm, sunny and clear skies MENTIONS: @Solace [Mael], @Rouge Rogue [Leonid], @Psyker Landshark [Theodoric]. @Jessica2477 [Lapis], @Nim [Laila]...
  15. PhantomThief715

    OPEN SIGNUPS Becoming Gods.

    Character Signup Derrida Andrea De Luca - Hades @PhantomThief715 Coral Rose Jenkins - Artemis @Star Searcher Anna Green - Artemis @ChrisClark13 Chloe Thanes - Persephone @Olissa Ethan Ryan Ashworth - Hephaestus @Keelash Oliwa Peri - Dionysus @The Legate Cayden Cadman - Ares @LuckycoolHawk9
  16. raspbearie

    bear’s search for the m to her f! dominant roleplayers preferred!

    Hiya! I’m Bear and I’m looking for some partners who: Enjoy playing the male in fxm plots. Are dominant in directing the plot(I’d love to formulate the general idea of the plot with you, but after we begin I prefer to be led than to lead.) Write at least two average sized paragraphs per post...
  17. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    Hollowclan .. Dark x Happily

    1x1 for @~Dark Disney~ and myself Welcome to Hollowclan Home of the most sly, calculated and energetic cats. The Current Season is :: Newleaf [ ] Greenleaf [ ] Leaf-fall [X] Leaf-bare [ ] .::. Prophecy .::. None ATM .::. Relationships .::. Greystorm & Greyfoot Shadowfall &...
  18. Minamoto Lightning

    1x1 Looking for a Partner For Particular Plots (Pairings Coming soon)

    About Me -I can play either Male or Female Characters, but if pregnancy is involved, I'll most likely aim for Female -I don't really touch MxM Pairings, not that I have anything against them -Unless I have Writer's Block, I will type minimum up to a Paragraph and a Half. On Good Days, I can...
  19. Luminosity

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Fire Emblem: Crestfallen | OOC

    CHARACTER THREAD | IC THREAD A long time ago, when Musentia was nothing more than a fledgling realm, darkness threatened to encompass the world. This darkness took the form of wretched, demonic beasts that preyed on the flesh of men. The people of Musentia struggled to fight against these...
  20. Gray

    Neuter Haunt - Light and Darkness Fantasy Inn ADD

    SUMMARY Neuter Haunt is an inn, resort, hotel, tavern... A place where both demons and angels, along with other races, come to rest and socialize, but yes, fights and even death can happen. Two clans, two sides. You choose one. Light characters prefer peace, help others, respects all foms of...