Including/focusing on romantic relationships between characters.
  1. Minamoto Lightning


    So I've decided to expand on my 1x1 Search. So I have a couple of plots and pairings in mind. For most of the plots, I do have a character set up for it, I just need to retrieve them ^^" Anywho, here we are. I'm still a sucker for drama and romance! Also note that depending on the pairing...
  2. Dacha

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Looking for partner to do a long-term fantasy RP

    Hello, don't really have much more to add as the title says it all! Here I'll just add some smaller details about myself and anything about the RP to get you interested! I'm always available on discord so that would be the best form of communication for the RP and anything else, but I am okay...
  3. MaryGold

    PRIVATE Like A Star

    Like A Star 별처럼 I knew I would fall in love with you I had no choice but to love you Because in my eyes, in my heart You shine like a star @Iceydaze
  4. serein

    FILLED REQUEST we go together // closed

    WINTER BREAK .we're all fucked Hush, little child don't say a word. I promise you will fly like a Mockingbird. All you have to do is shut your eyes and cover your ears or you're in for a surprise... Winter break. It's a break that most people would use to spend all their time with their...
  5. serein

    CHARACTER INDEX tender love // characters

    fa-play Tender Love Exo full name // nickname(s) // optional age // 21+ birthday // gender // sexuality // role // for hire or hiring occupation // if they have one outside of tender love height // hair // eyes // style // mods // likes // dislikes // habits // fears // personality // or...
  6. serein

    OPEN SIGNUPS tender love

    currently closed will start on ____
  7. serein

    INTEREST CHECK tender love // open

    fa-play Tender Love Exo Dating isn't always easy or possible. It's hard for people to do, I mean they have jobs and other things they want to focus on. But parents don't always listen to these reasons and consider them as valid excuses. So what do you do when that happens? The natural response...
  8. ShayBear


    The generations of Old have come to fade and now ushering in the Time of the New.. A thousand years has passed since the events of Vampire Knight. For the past millenia, the Pureblood Princess Yuuki Kuran has instated a new reign and new laws for the world of the vampires. Through the agreement...
  9. Luminosity

    PARTNER REQUEST Lumi's Corner of Curiosities

    My name's Luminosity, and I'm back in business! I'm super ready to roleplay with a bunch of you guys. I'm a twenty-four year old with a job that will be attending graduate school in August, but I still have a bunch of time to write. I have a cellphone that I can also use to write with, but I...
  10. Esthalia

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Getting back into it

    I'm getting back into forum roleplaying from a long absence (I got married and had a baby, so i'm a little rusty!) I'd like to bounce ideas back and forth and come up with a fun, easygoing intro back into forum RP. I love romance plot lines, but that doesn't mean it has to be the main driving...
  11. Luminosity

    INTEREST CHECK Medieval Pokemon!

    Gather around, little ones, for I have a story to tell. A long, long time ago, our land, Atlas, knew peace. This was the time of King Cedric and his three princes, when not all of Atlas was yet charted and people thought that the lands to the far east were laden with half-demon, half-human...
  12. Peachiest Rose

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Unused MxM Plots (Scum Villain, Apartment 6B, "Ello, Officer?") (2 Open)

    I have some old, unused plots and not a single thing to do with them! I would like to use them! So if you wanna fill a role then hmu and fill the void, please? Scum Villain⭕ (I'll admit to this being based on the Scum Villain's Self Saving System novel, in which I finished recently. Loved it to...
  13. serein

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST serein's cravings (mxf, mxm, fxf)

    hey... yo yo, it's serein for like the millionth time. summer is here and while i am busy 99% of the time, i am really looking for some fun roleplays to enteratin me and keep me from dying due to working so much. i'm not really looking for original pairings or prompts, honestly, this is just the...
  14. glossiest

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST ❥ searchin’ / fxm, fxf

    hiya! i’m evelyn and i’m looking for a few partners to roleplay with now that i have more free time during my summer break. i usually write anything from three to seven paragraphs, sometimes more. i’m also active daily, and while i do love quick replies, those are not required! ooc is super...
  15. Luminosity

    "Fire Emblem: Requiem" Recruiting Thread~ [18+]

    HELLO! Fire Emblem: Requiem is currently looking for one more person to join its ranks! While the roleplay has already started, we are only halfway through the prologue and nearing the arrival of a major city. This allows for smooth transition for any new characters. But wait, we have more...
  16. V

    Looking for MxM roleplays!

    𓊆ℋ𝓔ℒℒ𝓞𓊇 Hello! My name is Mako, and I’m a literate/semi-literate/advanced literate roleplayer. I am 20 years old. I’ve been roleplaying for over 4 years and I’m currently looking for MxM romance roleplays. However, you must be okay with mature themes and me playing a transguy. Besides that, I’m...
  17. Nydanna

    (Advanced) Hail Gunslinger! (Dark Tower Verse search, looking for Male Main Character)

    Hello! I will not deny that Dark Tower is my obsession. I absolutely love the world and I feel that there are a million things that could be done with it. However, finding a partner for it is damn near impossible. -Insert sad face here- So here I am, again, on a mission to find someone who would...
  18. serein

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST first love (open)

    ╔════════════════════╗ Hello and Welcome! ╚════════════════════╝ hey hey~ i suddenly got the craving for something like in typical slice of life animes or even studio ghibli films since i've been watching those nonstop due to having a bad cold. i'm really looking for a partner who would be...
  19. kisalefreak

    Looking for Long-Term Semi-Lit M/M RP Partner 18+ (Discord)

    Hello! I'm new to this website, but I came to it looking for some new rp partners. I've been writing for a while now and love to write m/m. I typically like a minimum of one paragraph and a maximum of 3 paragraphs. I truly will try just about anything - minus full body furries (ears, tail, and...
  20. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    Family Dynamics ;; Minamoto Lightning x Happily

    ∞ F A M I L Y ∞ ⇢ 1x1 between @Minamoto Lightning and myself ⇠ ⇢ With a population of roughly 7,547; Moore Haven, Massachusetts has always seemed like the perfect small northeastern town to raise a family in. Located about a half-hour from the coast itself and about an hour from both Boston...