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  1. Bandit

    A Twist in Time

    Elizabeth sat at a table near a river, gazing at the many people walking around the bazaar. She sips her tea and takes a bite of her croissant "mmm~ delicious as always" She hums to herself and keeps watching the small bazaar she sat near. after awhile she got up and started walking around the...
  2. Bandit

    You'll Be Fine, i promise

    Tony shivered as he tugged down his shirt, nervous about what could go wrong for him in the next few minutes. He skimmed over the multiple music sheets, surprised at what the teachers and school staff would let him play. He chuckled and elbowed his friend's shoulder, the senior looking away from...
  3. conman2163

    Isle of Sanctuary Character Dump

    OPEN SIGNUPS - Isle of Sanctuary OOC A dump for the characters in Isle of Sanctuary. Any characters posted here will be kept as NPCs and held in reserve in the event their owners no longer roleplay with them.
  4. conman2163

    Isle of Sanctuary OOC

    THIS RP IS CURRENTLY ACCEPTING MORE MEMBERS As the premise says, this is an RP exploring the "what if" that exists regarding supernatural powers existing, but the users then being seized by the government and shunned by the people of the world as monsters. The RP centers around what is known...
  5. conman2163

    The Island of Sanctuary, for all those who have been hunted for being strange.

    As the premise says, this is an RP exploring the "what if" that exists regarding supernatural powers existing, but the users then being seized by the government and shunned by the people of the world as monsters. It is originally an idea I came up with several years ago, but I never really put...
  6. S

    Mxm rps wanted

    hello! I used to be very active on here but life happened and I have kind of drifted off. Many of my old go to partners have left so I'm on the hunt for some people I really jive with! Some things about me: I only roleplay mxm My post length is 1-4 paragraphs I like sxm, dark themes...
  7. 626Riot

    My damn search.

    Hey it's riot. I can play female and male. Although I prefer female. I can play any sexuality. I usually like a paragraph or at least a few sentences. Second row is what I want to play. Master x kitten College student x college freshman Musicians. Drug lord x gang member Gang leader x gang...
  8. R

    Roleplay with me

    I am looking for a long term roleplaying partner with good literature and plot ideas I do 18+ I do anything I tend to play as male so I prefer a female partner But it doesn't mean I can't play as female! Once again, I'd like good literature. It doesn't have to be great Minimum: At least a few...
  9. CavyGirl

    Long Term Fandoms

    *=WANT! The more *s the more I want it! $=Plot ()-Who I want you to be (I will play anyone in return) Hello there I am looking for some new long term role players. Yea know the ones that wont dump you after ahem 1-4 posts. I don't mind if life happens, ect. I would ask you to at least tell...
  10. R

    1x1 RP Idea Looking for Partner

    So I'm back, not many of you actually know me so to you that statement was irrelevant. For those of you who do remember me, that's still probably irrelevant. Before I get into my roleplay idea, a couple of warnings: 1. I'm not the best writer. The way I write is a bit... awkward. 2. I'm rusty...
  11. J

    Looking for female RP partner

    Hey I would like to find a female roleplayer who wants to RP with me. A couple of things to know about me is that I prefer to RP over pm and that I can usually type one paragraph each post which is 2 to 3 lines. Some of my RP ideas are a school which has angels in it but one day a devil teen...
  12. Mystica

    Harry Potter RP (with OCs)

    I would like to try a Harry Potter roleplay. But we won't be playing canon characters. I would like for us both to be OCs. Basically, we will start as first years and just go through the year at Hogwarts. Our OCs will meet for the first time and become good friends (or love interests). I'm...
  13. Mundane Monster

    The Travel Writers Club

    OOC Episode 2 Amusement Parks Are Fun I don't want to join a club. You don't want to join a club. But we have to, so let's make it fun and write about the many places we go. Please join the Travel Writers Club Upon entering the room you find a deflated Tanuki costume lying on the...
  14. D

    The Zodiacs Character Signup

    After the scientific discovery of an ancient Greek artifact, The chalastís, stars have begun to disappear from the night sky. As darkness begins to spread across the skies the gods are awoken to bring forth the Zodiac, the Olympian's original warriors, to prevent world from being plunged into...