cold war

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  1. mr_pibbs

    Home on the Wastes: Survival Reborn (A Post-Apocalyptic RP, See inside for details)

    ** NO LONGER ACCEPTING NEW PLAYERS (for now) ** This is a reboot of an RP previously posted on this site, so if you were a part of the previous plot and want to join in then that's perfectly cool ^^ **Note: historical inaccuracies aren't due to me not caring about the facts, this takes place...
  2. Gremory

    The Cold War Didn't End (Mecha)

    PM or any questions or concerns The year is 2020. The Cold War did not end in 1991. It continued until peace was finally broken in the form of small skirmishes between both the United States and the USSR. Neither of them had stopped the rapid military advances of WWII and continued to create...
  3. redblood


    Test thread for tags.