crime drama

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Drama focusing on legal cases, criminal activity, forensics, and police procedure. Characters may include detectives and cops, lawyers and judges, criminals, and/or victims.
  1. paranoid


    In the underworld of Los Angeles, a gang of criminals in the drug trade all try to rise up the ranks in the criminal world to earn money to save their lives. Rules: 1. Relationships can happen, but only if both users consent 2. Be respectful 3. You can play a maximum of three characters at...
  2. Vee

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST F x M Longterm Male partners needed!

    Hi there! My name is Vee. I live in Greece (GMT +2) but I'm very flexible with the timing. I consider myself an experienced role-player as I have been role-playing for about seven years now and I absolutely love it. I am very flexible when it comes to formats of posts, depending on my...
  3. Reina

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Welcome to The Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary A letter has arrived for you. It is sealed with the insignia of The Triad. You know you must open it. You know you must follow the directions inside. You have no other alternative. You can almost feel the singe of the brand on your wrist. Inside you find an invitation to meet...
  4. Kanma

    Fallen Together (Maryjay)

    Max stepped into the nightclub, somehow certain what was going to happen this night. He always knew when he was going to run into her, somehow. Sure enough, there she was, sitting at a table in the corner. She didn't look in a partying mood, so what had brought her to Luxe, he was not certain...
  5. Aslee

    bullets && blonde roast (Calli)

    The Bianchi group worked out of an old part of town, the sidewalks lined with cobblestone and iron wrought fences. Pinned by progress on all sides, the neighborhood was preserved by militant groups of history buffs, some of them funded by Orland himself. It was well worth the cost, if you asked...
  6. Diana

    Owlmom steps out of the tree hollow for the first time in years. Seeking partners?

    HELLO. Contrary to my loud admin persona, I am actually really awkward and shy about meeting new people and making friends. But I want to see if I can find some new rp partners and start writing again, and thus must do the scary thing and put up a request thread. Ò◇Ó ABOUT PLAYING WITH ME I...
  7. Primula

    Vice & Virtue Sign-Up (Canceled)

    Vice & VirtueMarzec's Legacy fas fa-play OST: STICK UP PRIM & POPE PRESENTS Action / Anime / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Modern / Urban Fantasia. PREMISE Aaken City, home of the brave and the cowardly. In an age where underground criminals hold more power than the law, it seemed as if the...
  8. Primula

    Vice & Virtue [Interest Check] (Canceled)

    Vice & VirtueMarzec's Legacy fas fa-play OST: STICK UP PRIM & POPE PRESENTS Action / Anime / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Modern / Urban Fantasia. PREMISE Aaken City, home of the brave and the cowardly. In an age where underground criminals hold more power than the law, it seemed as if the...
  9. Primula

    Vice & Virtue Cast (Canceled)

    Vice & VirtueCAST Action / Anime / Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Modern / Urban Fantasia. GUIDELINES + Basic grammar and spelling, comprehensible level. + No god-modding - if unsure, run your ideas by me. + Approved profiles will be given a reaction by me, as well as a place on the roster. + Feel...
  10. Primula


  11. Primula


  12. Drastic

    Conspicuous Chapter I: Lawyer’s Directory

    Introduction It has likely been a while since I’ve written a plot or story. This one in particular is a little different for me since I rarely write crime plots so I’m extremely excited to be posting after a while. I will reply with my character's information since I don't want this...
  13. cam

    Seeking F/F partners. Original plots and obscure, outdated fandoms inside! [Updated 12/12]

    Introduction I'm Cam. Been roleplaying since the AOL chatroom days. I have fond memories of staying up late with close online friends and getting lost in our worlds together. Would love to find that connection again, and I have come close a few times, but sometimes the cookie crumbles just so...
  14. Blood Lightning

    Den of Wolves (IC) | Minamoto Lightning & Denali

    Aleksi's Estate Alexis It was a beautiful day in Palermo, Sicily. The sun was shining, flowers were blooming and the skies were clear. Expecting Mother Alexis Ishimoto, was just getting ready for her day. It had been quite some time since her lover, Aleksi, saved her from the horrid relationship...
  15. ThatGuyOverThere

    The Inquisitors: A Magic Cyberpunk Crime Drama

    The year is 2040 and in this alternative time line magic was once revered and practice by many. Some consorted with benevolent forces while others did bargains with darker powers and some were naturally gifted. Those who practice magic outside common place spells were called Magi and their...
  16. junebug

    Pirates, fantasy, and crime! – 18+ Only – Male Characters Wanted

    Hey everyone! I'm Kat and I've been roleplaying for over seven years now. Over the years, I've found a great love and passion for some generic cliché pairings, as well as crime drama, fantasy, (dark) mature themes, and romance! I'd like my partner to be 18+ only and okay playing females and...
  17. Black_Swallow

    Another Creative Title

    Hey, you there! Yes, you. Finding yourself bored? Well,that makes the two of us. Let's get down to business ,shall we? First off, let me write down a few things worth knowing about me if you're considering hitting me up. I'm a graphics student and I got a part-time job, so I may not be always...
  18. 47Haven

    Looking for Partner for Romance Action Drama

    Basic Premise Hello! I'm looking for a partner for a specific theme, one that I use as the title. I will be mainly RPing as girl, but I can go male if needed. Romance is rather mandatory, while smut is optional. I can do BlueStar or RedStar, preferrably RedStar, but it's much more flexible than...
  19. 47Haven

    Organized Crime Member Minamoto Jun

    Name (& pronunciation): Minamoto Jun (Last name, first name) Date of Birth (& age): 26 Place of Birth: Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Japan Gender: Female/Futanari (depending on preference, preferrably futa) Species/Racial Origin: Human Social Class/Community Status: Liutenant in an organized crime (not...
  20. Black_Swallow

    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, SCP and other stuff! (18+)

    Hey, There! Hello there! So, I have re-watched a game play of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and just a massive WAVE of nostalgia hit me like a goddamn tsunami! I remember seeing my older siblings play it, but I never really got a chance to play it myself, but it still holds a special place...