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hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead !

i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first language although, i do consider myself somewhere between semi-literate to literate so i make my best effort to provide my best grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. i'm only human though so there may be an error or two every now and then but i can still promise my replies are coherent

i ask the same from my partners as well: it's completely alright if english isn't your native language but it'd be lovely if my partner has a decent grasp of it if only to avoid any misunderstandings and miscommunications 💜

i am a multipara roleplayer who, depending on the type of rp and nature of scene we're currently writing, can write anywhere between 200 to 2k+ word (2 to 9+ paragraph) replies. i don't keep a strict eye on word counts while writing, and am a firm believer of quality over quantity so i don't dawdle in mirroring my partner's reply length; i wouldn't want my partner to mirror mine either. let's both put in our best effort to give quality replies 💙

that being said, i'm not fond of one-liners, and since i'm currently looking for more casual roleplays as opposed to novella-length ones, i'd prefer if we could have our average word count at around 200 to 800 words (2 to 7 paragraphs)

what i am fond of is forming an ooc friendship with my partner as it's extremely important to me. i love making playlists, sending in songs that remind me of our rp and ocs, creating moodboards and other aesthetics, keyboard-smashing headcanons, all the good shit. and obviously, someone who contributes to the plotting and planning process is ace ✨

by the way, i write in third person and use realistic face claims, and expect my partner to do the same

i pride myself in being able to write characters of all gender identities, sexualities, and races, and would very much adore a partner who's able to do the same because i have a heavy preference of diverse lgbtq+ pairings in romantic roleplays. cis mxf is a little overdone for me 😅 i'd much rather have mxm, mxftm, fxf, fxmtf, etc

i don't play as or against futas but if you request, i can always play a trans woman for you !

romance is something i love including in my roleplays as well, as long there's significant ooc planning done to ensure our characters have the potential to work together. everyone loves a good ol' slow burn, enemies to friends to lovers, but i can do friends to lovers as well. to be honest, anything works as long as there's angst involved because i am a s l u t for angst, hurt/comfort, miscommunication/misunderstandings, etc

that being said, i'd be down for a platonic roleplay as well !

it's not a requirement but i love playing multiple ocs and exploring their story arcs as well as the characters are introduced in our rp. if i'm not tackling multiple ocs then i almost always have a diverse cast of side characters to flesh out mc's life

i'm not entirely comfortable stating any nsfw roleplay details here; if you're a fellow bluestar roleplayer, feel free to hit me up and ask if you'd like ! otherwise, i will strictly fade to black with any heavy scenes

i will say this: i won't rp as or against furries, rp incestual pairings, or even imply non-con or extreme d/s elements between ocs. i do roleplay in the a/b/o universe as long as the pairing is alpha x alpha (i'm sorry but alpha x omega is not really my taste anymore 😅 )

one thing i should mention: i quite enjoy dark themes like two-sided, casual abuse/toxic or unhealthy relationships, drugs, addictions, violence, gore, etc, so if that's something you'd be interested in incorporating in our rp, do let me know !

i don't have any original plots in mind at the moment so if there's any cravings/ideas/plot candies you have, don't hesitate to pitch them, i'd love to build on them with you !

what i will do right now is rate a list of genres by how much i'm inclined to roleplaying them currently (i've also tagged a lot of the genres i'm currently interested in rp-ing on this thread, so do check them out !)

light/heavy fantasy★★★☆☆nullalternate history★★★☆☆
dark fantasy★★★☆☆nullcontemp/urban fantasy★★★★☆
fairy tale★★★★☆nullhistorical/period piece★★★★☆
psychological★★☆☆☆null(candy) gore★★★★★
caper mystery★★★☆☆nullhard-boiled mystery★★★★☆
time travel★★★☆☆nullalt/parallel universe★★☆☆☆
(post-) apocalyptic★★★★☆nullbiopunk★★★☆☆
cyberpunk★★★★☆nullgeneration ship★★★★☆
space opera★★★★☆nulldystopia★★★★☆
western outlaws★★★★☆nullwuxia★★★☆☆
krp★★☆☆☆nullslice of life★★★☆☆

so that's all i have for now !

if you've made it this far and would be interested in roleplaying with me then by all means, please do leave a reply on this thread or go ahead and send me a pm, and i'll get back to you as soon as i can 💜

peace out beautiful people, hope all of you have a lovely day xx
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