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    "Come one, come all. Ye scurvy mongrels!" The bartender called as he posted the newest listing on the bounty board.

    Every no good, two tongued creature and human in the joint bolted for the board. They knew if they wanted stay and some good grub they'd get a job or two. At this establishment, you needn't pay with gold but with work.

    This inn was a gift Veda had received from her long past uncle. Good ol' chap he was, but dumber than an ass. He let all his friends and any ol'stranger off the street stay free and only charged a penance for a large plate o'food and a pint of brew. Once the place was put in her hands, she put some good business thoughts to work. And thus the Strumpet's Inn was created, as everyone knew prostitution was the oldest profession in the books.

    The idea was that each job was done in the name of the inn. The job money would go to the inn itself, no matter who from the inn did the job. Because of this, the inn was able to support such a large group of people. It's occupants amassed many different types of species and religions. However, in some miraculous way they made it work.

    The board was almost a wall in size and contained many jobs of different origins. Some were assassination requests. Some were gathering requests. And some were strange, for example: Can ye get ma gram some sweets, but they musn't be red or orange. Also, I'd like a hat. The random requests were often the most entertaining and easy. So they were gone quick.

    Those who couldn't find a job that week were left with chore duty. Veda would assign anything that needed to be done around the inn. Floor cleaning, dish washing, tidying of rooms, etc. Often people would dread such mundane chores as the inn seemed to bring in adventurers and trained killers from all around. If someone did not find a job within a month they were booted from the inn.

    You as a character are an occupant of the inn. This roleplay does not need to stay focused inside the inn. It may follow people on their adventures and also through their troubles. The inn is just.. a "home screen" of sorts for people to meet and create plot. As the roleplay goes along, myself, as Veda will throw curve balls and issues into the mix to create problems that need to be solved.


    Now that backstory is cleared up, the rules are as follows:

    1)Please follow all the rules of Iwaku, I am not your mommy so I trust you know them.

    2)You have 3 days to post, after that time period is up we will continue without you. I feel this is a fair amount of time. If you need to
    be put up to speed, PM me!

    4)Please don't GOD MOD, everyone is capable of keeping fights to injuries and allowing the other person to decide what occurs to them.

    5) Violence and course language are allowed, so keep in mind this is not PG-13. However, any sexual advances are to be continued over PM, NOT in the roleplay itself.

    Please put "I am a drunken galoot." into your character sheet, if rules were read.


    Four people must post before you!

    Once everyone gets a first response in you are required to wait for four other people to respond before doing so yourself.

    In order for it to be fair you must wait for a majority of people to respond before you.

    This is a test post flow order, so if this does not seem to work out, we will revert to a strict posting order, so please try to follow the four person rule.


    Character Sheet

    Race: (Elf, nymph, dwarf, werewolf, vampire, etc. Any mythical species allowed)
    What’s in your bag:
    Appearance: (Unrealistic is preferred)

    BlytheChi's Character Sheet

    Name: Veda Thyis
    Age: Unknown by even herself.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Dark Elf
    Occupation: Inn Keep, Weaponsmith

    Personality: Veda is rather harsh, but underneath her rough exterior is a big softie. She has a rather big personality. Constantly being obnoxious and loud, making jokes, sarcastic comments and always pointing out other's misfortunes. You could say she can be pretty annoying. She doesn't do this intentionally though.

    Bio: At a young age Veda was orphaned. Eventually she wound up with her uncle who was unkind and often drunk. He never hurt her, but he definitely used the tough love tactic. Since she was raised with her uncle she grew up at the inn. It was her home, until she became a foolish teen and ran away. During this escape she had learned how to craft weapons, hunt, and even hone a good sense of spatial awareness. Even though she had learnt many skills on this adventure she eventually wound up in a tough spot. She had been robbed and left to die by a travelling gang. They had knocked her senseless and since then she only remembered her name and the inn.

    Upon returning to the inn, she was left with a surprise. Her uncle had passed due to illness and left the inn to her. She didn't know who this man was, but by proxy she had a roof under her head. Eventually she met Macgruff the bartender and Sid the cook in the local village of Norr. They had said they were her childhood friends, however, she did not remember this at all. She took their word for it and since then, the three has lived at the inn. Eventually she reopened and was greeted by many people of Norr. Whom she did not remember at all. They did not care and joyously hugged and entertained her.

    After two years of the inn being reopened, Veda had desperately tried to keep it afloat. With the very small economy of Norr, she was hardly able to ask the guests for more than she needed to keep the inn prosperous. She realized a new plan needed to come into action. And eventually the Strumpet's Inn came to be what it is today. Bringing in many a colourful character and gold from requests.

    What’s in your bag:​
    • Two ivory daggers, handcrafted
    • A fire starting kit
    • Fillet knife
    Extra: Her idea of a personal bubble does not exist.
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  4. Name: Lady Echo
    Stage Name: Masked Echo

    Age: 20

    Gender: Female

    Race: Nymph

    Occupation: Singer/Entertainer

    Personality (open)

    - I am a drunken galoot.

    - Kind, nervous to be around others when alone, eager to please, requires praise to maintain her kind personality. Being ignored tends to bring out a bossy side, a side demanding recognition for her work and efforts.

    - Struggles to get along with elves, brought on by perhaps jealousy or intimidation. Only sees the bright side in others' situations, though finds her own problems more hopeless to overcome no matter how small.

    Bio (open)

    As many nymphs, she was identified firstly by her beauty and voice. Living in an all female colony in the fresh lake waters, her innocence and ignorance is contributed to the lack of interaction with the outside world. As is custom, the sisters in the colony, once hitting adulthood, would leave to find a suitable male to mate with before returning to give birth. Though what happens to the male children is unknown, it keeps the population alive and thriving with ease.

    Her time came to leave the colony at the age of eighteen with the guidance of an older sister to find a suitable mate as well. Seeing the outside world for the first time, she became disoriented and separated from her guide in a crowd. With various body parts of a nymph being sought after by greedy merchants and superstitious believers, she was fought over and snatched off the street to be sold for her parts.

    Though momentarily saved by a strong daring man, she quickly came to realize he wanted to put her beauty on display for lovers to buy at a price. Heartbroken and hit with harsh reality, she made the ultimate sacrifice and disfigured half of her face to ruin his plans for profit.

    With her new found appearance, the nymph is able to walk among the new beasts and creatures of this world. Unable to find her way back home, she travels from city to city, hoping to find the sister she once lost. In her travels, she has used her blessed voice to become a singer. She hopes her songs of sorrow will reach the colony and one day they'll sing back and guide her home.

    What's In Your Bag: (open)

    - Music sheets

    - A flask filled with fresh water from her colony's lake

    - A pair of daggers stolen from her captor

    - Two sets of keys she found

    - A white face mask leaving only her mouth exposed, exception of the eye holes. Called a Domino Mask:


    - A slip of paper with the name "Loyrial" written in blue ink

    - A sack of gold and silver earned from entertaining at various taverns and on stage

    Appearance (open)

    Skin tanned by the exposure to sunlight, but has white tan lines around her shoulders, chest, and hips. Long wavy hair black in color that reaches the middle of her back.

    Maroon scars on her shoulder blades where fins used to reside. Various scars on the left side of her face come over her eye and down to her chin. The right side still holds the smooth texture and faded freckles. Blue eye on the right, with a faded grey eye on the left where her scars are.

    Body shape is relatively skinny from lack of nutrition over the years, but wears thick dark robes to hide this fact. Her arms show signs of wear and tear from being bound and tied up by various captors.

    Often with a hood up, only a smile usually comes through or a frustrated scowl for others to see, though she has no shame in exposing her disfigurement to those who wish to see. Wears soft black slippers on her feet, toenails are dark with bruising around her heels from walking on hard streets for so long.

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  5. Accepted! Love her. I hope her and Veda don't fight too much. ;) (Veda is a dark elf)
  6. That sounds like some fun times ahead haha!
  7. I hope so! I'm so excited to start!
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  8. [​IMG]
    |Name: Lydia Crescent | Age: 21 | Gender: Female | Race: Beta Werewolf | Occupation: Huntress |


    There is a type of feral feeling to Lydia but as well as an exotic one. Her whole demeanor just screams for respect but there is that wild feeling that seems to draw people to her. Lydia is a hunter through and through, whether it be animal or a person she will always catch her prey. She can be seductive yet scheming all at the same time, and is known for taking joy in toying with others.

    Rubbed the wrong way Lydia had quite the temper. She can go from playful to ferocious in a matter of seconds. The she-wolf is as lethal, prideful and opinionated as the next werewolf. Lydia is an active believer in attack first ask questions later. It is normally Lucian's job to reel her in before she gets the chance to go on a rampage though. Lydia's silent older twin is the only person the she-wolf would ever summit to willingly.

    Lydia and Lucian parents are the alpha's of the Crescent pack. Which is known for being one of the largest pure blooded werewolf pack in the northern mountains. Their pack prides itself on their pure blood, meaning none of their members were "gifted" their werewolf ability but born with it.

    Now being a female in a pure blooded pack, Lydia was automatically arranged to be mated with someone within the pack. It was actually a law in their pack that all females of the pack were to mate within the pack. Since it is normal for males to out number females they couldn't afford to lose them for breeding purposes. When the time would come for Lydia to mate the eligible males would basically fight to see who would get to have her. Now Lydia may be classified as a Beta but her attitude has always rivaled to her Alpha father's. So the thought of being forced to summit to whoever was the strongest infuriated and disgusted her.

    Lydia Crescent submits to no one and she wasn't about to start just because some male won a fight and thought he could own her. So Lydia decided to leave the pack and go off on her own. Now leaving a pack like the Crescent's wasn't as simple as just packing her stuff and bidding farewell to her family. No! Those who wished to leave were known to be beat in to submission and those were the one's that didn't actually try to leave. For males that left the pack, they were hunted down and dragged back for execution. Females would be dragged back and forced into becoming breeders for the rest of their lives.

    Lydia knew the risk she was taking but still decided to make a run for it. Within hours of her leaving she could already hear the howls of her pack signaling the hunt had started. It wasn't long after that before one of the scouts had tracked her down. Lydia had been in the middle of trying to fight the brute off of her. When Lucian came charging in and disposing of the scout quickly. Now Lydia had many siblings but Lucian and herself were the only twins. So of course the two had always been the closest to each other. But when Lydia decided to leave she couldn't bare the thought of putting Lucian in danger with her. So she had left without even telling him, it had been to keep him safe. But just as leaving the pack was punishable by death. Killing another member was seen as a much worst crime against the pack.

    So the two went on the run together. Once the first year went by the two slowly started to look for a place they could settle down. They happen to come across Strumpet Inn while traveling and have decided to stay there for the mean time. Are they finally safe? Is the Inn far enough from their father's pack that they can finally relax?
    Have they found a place to call home? These are all still unanswered questions but for now Lydia will just take everything as it comes.

    What’s in your bag:
    ~ Hunting Snare (For small game)
    ~Money pouch (From selling what they hunt)
    ~ Pack Necklace


    Beta Werewolf Explanation

    Lycanthropus Sapiens Superior

    Evolved wolves that have a handsome, even beautiful look and good nature, they’re very strong and sexual.

    Highly active and social, these werewolves love interaction between them and humans, sometimes having to endure the problem of being a werewolf three nights a month or more –some can change whenever and manage a normal life; they’re graceful but very strong and can overpower a Gamma with their higher cunning, even protect Deltas as they love to have friends. Probably the most numerous of all breeds, about a third of their population are pure bloods and the rest humans that have received ‘the gift’ by another Beta; as any human, they can be as good as heroes or as bad as berserkers.

    Also "I am a drunken galoot."

    The awesome background was all Jinx

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  9. [​IMG]
    |Name: Lucian Crescent | Age: 21 | Gender: Male | Race: Beta Werewolf | Occupation: Hunter |



    Lucian's most noticed trait is his quiet nature, though he barely talks he is always alert and observing everything around him. Being the man of few words that he is Lucian prefer to be left alone. Unless it's with Lydia he's not really interested in social interactions. Now don't get him wrong, Lucian can be just as cunning and persuasive as his sister can be. He just believes there is a time and place for everything. Plus his main concern it to keep Lydia from doing anything to crazy. The temperamental she-wolf is always keeping him on his toes

    Lucian is the type that likes to have everything planed out, as well as have at least two backups. Unlike Lydia he is the type that does prefer to sit back and asses the situation before acting. The only thing that really causes him to react before thinking is Lydia. Lucian is a very protective brother and wouldn't hesitate to rip someone apart for her.

    (Connected to @CassieGirl character Lydia. Read for more detail)
    Lucian and Lydia's parents are the alpha's of the Crescent pack. Which is known for being one of the largest pure blooded werewolf pack in the northern mountains. Their pack prides itself on their pure blood, meaning none of their members were "gifted" their werewolf ability but born with it.

    Lucian is the fourth son out of ten children, though he and Lydia are the only twins. Needless to say out of his four sisters he has always been closest to Lydia. The two of them have always been together, where one was the other was never far behind. Though the two of them are complete opposites they make the perfect team.

    They knew everything there was to know about each other. So of course Lucian knew exactly how much Lydia hated the idea of being forced to mate with someone within the pack. What surprised him wasn't that she had decided to run but the fact that she hadn't told him. At first he was hurt that she had left him, but Lucian knew that out of everyone in their pack there was no one his sister loved more then him. So she must of thought she was doing the best thing for him. Silly Lydia...Lucian would never feel at home anywhere that Lydia wasn't. He also knew that if Lydia was brought back she would be miserable. Even the alpha's daughter wasn't above their packs laws and she would be punished the same as any other pack member.

    So when the orders were given for the pack to hunt and bring Lydia back Lucian already knew what he had to do. He had to get to Lydia before the others and they would have to run. Now since Lydia and Lucian were twins and always around each other. It wasn't hard for him to pick up her scent, he knew it so well it was like apart of his own. Now Lydia was faster out of the both of them but Lucian had better stamina so it wouldn't take long for him to catch up to her. By the time he had caught up to his sister she was fighting with one of his father's scouts. Lucian had quickly charged in an disposed of the scout before Lydia and he took off towards the south.

    They put as much distance between them and the northern mountains as they could before they had no choice but to stop. Once the first year went by the two slowly started to look for a place they could settle down. They happen to come across Strumpet Inn while traveling and have decided to stay there for the meantime.

    What’s in your bag:
    ~ Hunting Knife
    ~Money pouch
    ~ Pack Necklace


    Beta Werewolf Explanation

    Lycanthropus Sapiens Superior

    Evolved wolves that have a handsome, even beautiful look and good nature, they’re very strong and sexual.

    Highly active and social, these werewolves love interaction between them and humans, sometimes having to endure the problem of being a werewolf three nights a month or more –some can change whenever and manage a normal life; they’re graceful but very strong and can overpower a Gamma with their higher cunning, even protect Deltas as they love to have friends. Probably the most numerous of all breeds, about a third of their population are pure bloods and the rest humans that have received ‘the gift’ by another Beta; as any human, they can be as good as heroes or as bad as berserkers.

    Also "I am a drunken galoot."
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  10. Of course you two are both accepted! :)
  11. Hey guys! I think maybe I'll start it up. Would you be interested in that?
  12. I'm interested!
  13. With a question, should we start with our character just coming in or have they already been there? I'll be sure to reply tomorrow, been a long day and about to fall asleep.
  14. That is dependent on your character and their history. Your choice. :)
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  16. Name: Phagora Merrin
    Age: 25
    Gender: Female
    Species: Half-Demon
    Occupation: Spends most of her time as the inn's cook and resident witch, but available for anything
    Personality: Phagora is the kind of woman who tends to be underestimated. When you first see her, she doesn't come across as smart, but little by little, her intellect starts to show. She's rather slow to trust people, though.
    Bio: Phagora's story starts with her mother. An old and malicious witch, she had no daughter to carry on her lineage of magic, so she did what any woman would do in her situation: adopt summon Phagoriel, demonic lord of gluttony, to knock her up in exchange for her soul. Nine months later, out popped a bouncing baby tiefling.

    From an early age, Phagora was tutored by her mother in dark magic. Curses, blood magic, ritual sacrifices, you name it. And Phagora hated every second of it. Eventually, she turned on her mother, and after an epic magical duel, killed her.

    Looking at her mother's spell-ruined body, she had a moment of horrifying realization. She wanted, no, needed to atone for what she had done. She wandered for a time, until coming upon an inn where doing work for others was encouraged. Perhaps here she could finally start making amends.



    I am a drunken galoot
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  17. Hey everyone! Can't wait to RP with you all!

    Name: Julian
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: Beast-man
    Occupation: Botanist/Cleric
    Personality: A studious and diligent young man who often locks himself in his study. He's obsessed with perfecting his skills, and will isolate himself for long periods of time. He's just, with a passion for all sorts of life. He works tirelessly day and night, and even when he's relaxing, he's skimming through pages of old texts. His tireless devotion towards his work as a cleric has caused him to become a well-known healer throughout the region. He pays an immense amount of attention to what others think of him, and is fixated on perfecting himself. He has a poor opinion of himself, which drives him to frequently work himself to exhaustion. He's a level-headed man with a dry sense of humor, who tends to look at little details a bit too much, rather than seeing the big picture. He also avoids social activities and interaction in favor of working or studying.

    His intense fixation on success stems from a neglectful childhood, and a desire to be acknowledged.

    Despite his many shortcomings, Julian is generous at heart and cannot bear to see living beings suffer. He values all life-forms, from the largest ogre down to the smallest blade of grass. As a result, he can often be seen healing animals, plants, and even people. Healing plants is more difficult than actually healing sentient beings, but he's almost perfected the technique by now. Despite often going out of his way to avoid interaction, Julian isn't unpleasant when talking to other people. He may unintentionally come off as standoffish, but he tends to pay rapt attention when others approach him. He's always open to listening to people talk about their problems.

    Julian doesn't value material possessions or money as much as others do. Instead, he places an immense amount of value on knowledge and caring. If he manages to get a friend group in this roleplay, he'll most likely become the "mom friend", as he frequently worries for the well-being of those who he cares about. Even though he can be socially awkward, he's a surprisingly nurturing individual, especially when others as ill. This goes hand-in-hand with his occupation as a traveling healer. He cannot bear to see anyone suffer.

    Bio: Julian was a child born from a rape. His mother was assaulted, gave birth to him, and fled into the night after it was realized that he looked nothing like his father. His mother was later found dead, having ended her own life after being consumed with guilt. Heartbroken, his father buried himself into his work, only taking care of Julian, and his two older siblings, when absolutely necessary. After seeing how neglectful their father was, the three siblings were moved to live with their wealthy uncle. Roxanne, the oldest sibling, was mentally ill, and was never treated. Often, she terrorized Rowan, the middle child, and Julian. However, Roxanne was also an immensely skilled mage, and was often complimented and praised by the other family members who lived at their uncle's estate.

    Rowan was a stubborn child, who blamed Julian for their father's current state. Even though he was also being hurt by Roxanne, he often turned against Julian, or never paid attention to him. Julian was never paid much attention to. And as a result, he became lonely, and fixated on success. Instead of playing with other children and growing up like a child should, Julian forced himself to mature quickly to gain an advantage against Roxanne and Rowan. He buried himself in his studies, much like his father, and took up the stave. He left the estate in search of a teacher, and found one in an elf who lived nearby. Routinely, Julian would visit his teacher, who was named Silas.

    It was Silas who taught him compassion, and to value all life forms. Silas helped form him into a caring individual. Within a year, Julian was close to becoming an adept healer, moving far beyond Roxanne who struggled to stay afloat. Julian gained a reputation around town for being a skilled healer and botanist. But it soon became clear that the family still favored Roxanne, and would get rid of Julian if necessary. At the threat of being assassinated, Julian gathered all of his possessions and left the estate. On his way out of town, several sympathetic townspeople gifted him with spare gold, herbs and food. With nothing but a traveler's pack and his stave, Julian left his town and began to travel the lands.

    Julian traveled across the lands as a healer. He healed any ailing person or animal he came across, and he became particularly well-known after he healed an entire herd of cows belonging to a well-known farmer. Soon enough, various villagers and travelers started to search for him, desperate for him to heal their ailing friends or relatives. While he did a massive amount of work, Julian cared little for money or possessions. Instead, he remained obsessed over perfecting himself. Very recently, he's settled down for the first time in awhile, taking up residence in the Strumpet's Inn.

    What’s in your bag:
    • Herbs: Anise Seed, Basil, Cacao, Mint, White Willow Bark, Witch Hazel, Lemon Balm, Oregano
    • Money Pouch
    • White Magic Scrolls
    Appearance (open)


    "I am a drunken galoot."
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  19. I'm interested, will be putting something up soonish.
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