Taking place in and around a club and dealing with nightlife themes and dynamics between patrons and/or employees.
  1. MaryGold

    IC EVENT Dionysus's Night of Terror

    Dionysus's Night of Terror Boo! Dionysus finally hosts their annual Hallow's Eve party. The normally chic club is all decorated from the inside out. Enter if you dare for a night of live music, drinks, food, dancing, and even a costume contest! LOCATION: Black City, Washington. Dionysus...
  2. artisticheart

    You're Safe With Me (artisticheart x ShizukiNirokuma)

    "Now, good sir. If it ever crosses my ears that my pretty little songbird gets hurt by one of your patrons again. Rest assured that your job will be forfeit, and also your life. Understood? I'm the owner. I get those privileges, you know?" The man, despite speaking low and deliberate, gave a...
  3. Hieronymous Phantom

    Nightlife: Bright Future [OOC] - Open for Business!

    (links to IC thread) Long ago, a small faction of self-proclaimed "freedom fighters" dubbed The Eclipse overthrew Solis Corp., a mercantile monolith that was getting its big start in Sundown City. Best that it was cut short, or at least its corrupt leadership. It was getting in way over its...