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Based on or borrowing elements from an existing movie.
  1. Gands

    OPEN SIGNUPS MCU - What comes next OOC

    The year is 2026. It has been three years since the people of Earth defeated Thanos. Since then, it has become apparent that people with superpowers are becoming more numerous. The Governments of Earth, as a rule are becoming more uncomfortable with citizens who have superpowers. The Sokovia...
  2. Michale CS

    OPEN SIGNUPS BY INVITATION ONLY Epic Crossover - Suicide Squad "Take your Leader to me"

    Location: Langley, Virginia, DEO Headquarters Amanda Waller sits across a meeting room table from a handful of men and women in suits from various agencies, most of which she'd heard of. "This needs to be your number one priority, Waller." One of them warned her. Her eyes narrowed, and she...
  3. lovecore

    just another smol fandom search ☆ [reboot]

    ✂ - - - - - introduction !! disclaimer: the lowercase is simply for aesthetic, i am literate in rp. hello, thread viewer and potential partner! it’s nice to meet you, feel free to call me smol! i welcome you to my fandom search! if you're searching for a 'canon x canon' roleplay, unfortunately...
  4. Maalefic

    Vᴏx ɴɪʜɪʟɪ - 1x1 partner search

    Ay how you dooin? I'm the friendly(?) neighborhood Viking of legal age out looking for some long-term roleplay's to occupy my thoughts with, you may call me Maal. I'm always around one way or another (I get email alerts and am always near one of my devices) and I am a versatile writer. I can...
  5. Daemon

    Fairy Tail

    Not looking or any specific ship. But if Id Have one it'd be with Erza Have to be 18+ No sexual content; kissing, hand-holding, fan service is fine. All magic is usable; no limits; I will have Gildarts Destruction Magic. I want to make my own story.
  6. R

    Looking for an infinity war au roleplay! [Info + Rules down below]

    After i rewatched infinity war by marvel studios. I came up with an au where heimdall sends Loki to earth to warn the others instead of Bruce/Hulk. Mostly will be focusing on the theme of how former enemies would interact with each other when there's a much worse thing to be worrying about...
  7. Michale CS

    Epic Crossover - Suicide Squad

    This is a merged comic book universe, drawn mainly on DC and Marvel, but any comic book character, including original characters, will be considered. The character sheets will be written up in the Classic Marvel RPG found here, but all you as a player need to do is rate the seven stats and list...
  8. Michale CS

    CHARACTER INDEX Epic Crossover - Character Index

    Post any new approved Characters below.
  9. Michale CS


    A very cool video that captures the essence of Epic Crossover (though not necessarily the plot) Player characters will not be allowed to be "Villains" except on a case by case basis after being vetted by the admins and clan owner. I am aware some really disparate comics are under the umbrella...
  10. ShadowGhoul

    Help Me Roleplayer You're My Only Hope

    So, I have had a Star Wars interest thread out for a while but now I am looking to branch out. First things first: Are we right for each other at a glance? I play MxM and MxF with preference towards MxM and mostly playing male characters. I enjoy posts every day or every other day because I am...
  11. ck

    no day but today

    about me; - call me ck, a 21 (almost 22) year old who spends way too much time listening to musicals. - i love fandoms and originals. canon x oc is where it’s at, fight me about it. - i’m down for canon pairings too tho. - dude, i love au’s. - can respond multiple times a day, or i can respond...
  12. S h i s h a

    Fandoms? [My Hero Academia craving]

    Hello all, I'm new to Iwaku but I've heard good things! My name is S h i s h a, and I'm looking for some new partners. I can move off-site or stay on-site, whichever you would prefer. I have Discord and Reddit but I wouldn't be comfortable with email or google docs I'm afraid. Generally I...
  13. Maalefic

    Malefic's Endless Search

    A b o u t Good day lovelies. I am your friendly neighborhood viking. Currently i'm working on college and working full time, but rest assured I have time for you - my classes are online classes and my work is third shift with an obnoxious amount of down time. Thank you very much for taking an...
  14. AHeartlessNobody

    Incredibles RP?

    I'm going to try and keep this interest check short and sweet. I'm looking for someone who is comfortable with playing male characters and who is also comfortable with playing more than one character in an rp. Basically, I want to do an Incredible rp based sometime in the future with the kids...
  15. Gands

    Rise 2 There was an idea OOC

    Taken from Rise Of The Marvels (AU Marvel RP/Story) alternate timeline World War 2 Era ~Super Soldier Serum developed by Dr. Abraham Erskine in Germany at the start of World War 2. Johann Schmidt takes the formula, becoming the Red Skull. Erskine escapes to America, being involved in the...
  16. Gands

    BY INVITATION ONLY Rise 2: There was an idea

    There was an idea: To bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to. To fight the battles we never could." This is a continuation of Rise of the Marvels... CLOSED SIGNUPS - Rise Of The Marvels (IC...
  17. DrVitalePHD

    Ghostbusters: The Return

    All Original Characters. Of course with the originals in place but looking to play, additions to the story, ideas and whatever else! Feel free to hit me up with any of your IDEAS! Here is the plot: After the Event of Ghostbusters 3 (The Video Game, Based in 1991) Dana Barrett had been out of...
  18. Forevveru

    Literate Fandom Search

    Hello again to everyone out there! It's been an extremely long time I'm sad to say. To not veer too far off subject I've been gone from roleplaying for awhile now due to life and all that fun jazz ~~ I have one longterm partner I've kept up with but now I'm looking to hopefully add a for more...
  19. Cheek

      * summertime searching | plots & fandom galore

    * status: 0/? * craving: fandom * updated: 7/2/18 * summertime searching.Hello there, my name is Cheek and I am a twenty-two-year-old loser with a non-existent sleeping schedule and a severe gaming addiction. I have been in the role-playing business for about twelve years now so it is safe to...
  20. DrVitalePHD

    Ghostbusters 2018 (Roleplay)

    After the Event of Ghostbusters 3 (The Video Game, Based in 1991) Dana Barrett had been out of the Picture for some time. Peter had continued working for the Ghostbusters and all 4 had made it big! The Ghostbuster name and each individual name, respectfully, had become household words! Months...