magical girl

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  1. Kurogane86

    GROUP RP PLOTTING Kuro's long term RP ideas

    It's your friendly neighborhood Kuro here looking for a few good RPers for a long term RP. I have three ideas, please vote for your favorite. I'm also looking for a co-gm. Go ahead and vote for your favorite. 1. Student council vs. Trouble twins - everything is going well for the most famous...
  2. Eccentric-senpai


    I’m Eccentric-senpai, a fellow roleplay enthusiast! I roleplay to escape the daily stresses of my life like anyone duh! Speaking of stress! I’m full-time college student and employee I work about 32+ hours a week. So, I’m online maybe twice or thrice! a week depending on how I’m feeling...
  3. Wolfsbane706

    ALWAYS OPEN In the Name of the Company (Corporate Magical Girls)

    What year is it, anyway? 2020? No, that's not it. 2025? Nooo, it's later than that. 2050, that's it! Yeah. It's February 2050, and megacorps are about as common as ants. Only the most influential corps use magical girls as their enforcers, however. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: magic's...
  4. Wolfsbane706

    Corporate Magical Girls

    Not magical girls that run a corporation, but magical girls in service to corporations. Magic is real, magical girls are common knowledge, and they get their powers by signing on with a corporation. Breach of contract involves removal of powers and possible consequences involving loved ones...
  5. Mahou-Shoujo

    Long Term Mahou Kagami! (long Term Magical Girl Rp)

    So, I have created a VERY large magical girl themed world, sprawling what could easily be years of rp and with enough lore, plots and surprises to last years, I am looking for a partner who is passionate about the Mahou Shoujo genre as a whole, who is willing to talk lore for ages and willing to...
  6. Quincunx

    Neon Shadows // virtual reality magical girls // reboot

    This place was once Japan. Now its name is Henzai no Kuni. The computer system Henzai controls everything - people are genetically engineered to best serve Henzai, all information is known by the program, commerce operates within its boundaries. While children are docile and adults are...
  7. Asuras

    Invocatem - Dark fantasy, Magical girls

    Co-GM: @ERode Status: Interest check Positions Available: ???/??? Step by step, the King rose upon Ivory Until the Heavens stood within Slice by slice, He cleaved apart the Stars Until the Heavens stood without One by one, the Stars fell down Dashed upon the Wretched One by one, the...
  8. Rebornfan120

    Rp request! (Fandoms + Originals)

    Hello, your returning post thread from Reborn! After sometime of not posting due to confidence and self-esteem problems (we're all human) I hope i have a thread of interest to people! Just some things to let you know when it comes to writing with me... 1. I am in college so I try to make...
  9. Mahou-Shoujo

    I Just Wanna Tell a Story!

    So! I will keep this introduction simple, I have recently discovered a new favored style, I play as the world and many characters, with story mostly created by me (though I will ask for your input of course) while you play one or two characters to go through the story, if that seems like...
  10. Asuras


    The Ages of Men started with a lull, and then a boom, and then a long decay into war and madness. Where once the gods and goddesses had bestowed autonomy and power to every human being, arrogance gave way to inequality and with it, a hunger for more. Kingdoms rose and fell until not else besides...
  11. Nahellion

    Army of Women: The Never-Ending Journey (FxF, and FxM)

    (I got permission from @CrystineLucarnia to format my 1 x 1 search like this. Please do look at her search threads if interested. She does MxM and FxF:
  12. Daz

    Dazzled and Bewildered: Magical Boys!

    Aelis hummed cheerily to herself as she flew over the town of Ecrin, not seeming to care about the imminent threat of a Demon invasion upon this Earth. Rather, Aelis was excited that she had been given the honour of bestowing the Divine Jewel upon the human the angels had decided would be the...
  13. Quincunx

    Post-Apocalyptic Sailor Moon RP

    Post-Apocalyptic Sailor Moon RP After the disappearance of the original Sailor Soldiers, and before Crystal Tokyo, four Sailor Soldiers have been reincarnated in a post-apocalyptic Tokyo. The landscape is tech, steel, and junk, and it's ruled by magical gangs, tech worshipers, and...
  14. maxie-poo

    AREA 51 ( Seeking partners! )

    Area 51. a little foolishness now and then is relished by the wisest of men. -roald dahl Once upon a time, in the land of Area 51, lived a very small Goof named Max. Max was a good person...
  15. Quincunx

    Neon Shadows - IC

    Umbra's center was a city of pearlescence, neon lights reflected off of the shiny pastel bricks of skyscrapers. Cars drove down the deep blue roads, and the sun was purple in the light sky. People walked the streets as well, chatting, laughing, drinking tea, in their colorful clothing. Not a...
  16. Quincunx

    New Moon // Sailor Moon, post-apocalyptic, F/F 1x1

    New Moon A new millennium was supposed to come, one that shined like silver. A millennium of peace, protected by girls whose magic could transform them into Sailor Soldiers. What we didn't know about that millennium is that before it could come, there would be an era marred by destruction. That...
  17. Rebornfan120

    1x1 anime or game roleplay request

    Well after being left hanging at a planning phase of a roleplay I decided to try to look for a RP again even though part of me thinks I should take a step back. Well here are my guidelines: posting expectations: Beginner to adapt Posting timetable: Daily to semiweekly, flexible Posting...
  18. Rebornfan120

    Anime or game?

    I have decided to 'resurrect' a rp thread i once put up. I will give thanks to those that look at this thread because i appreciate the time you're taking to read this along with any of my RP partners because they deserve it. It may not be often like daily but i appreciate what time they cut out...
  19. Quincunx

    CHARACTER INDEX Neon Shadows - Character Index

    Hi, everyone! Signups for this RP are open. Please keep the character sheet divided into groups like the ones I have here. Other than that, feel free to customize this with bbcode, or not. Also, OOC chat (including chat regarding character completion and acceptance) should go in the Chat...
  20. Quincunx

    Neon Shadows - OOC

    Hi guys! @Boo Girlie BoomBoom @Wolfsbane706 @Blighted_Agent @daird this is a place for y'all to chat. While I'm working on the character sheet (shouldn't be long), feel free to chat here and check the lore.