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  1. Cloverhand_reader

    INTEREST CHECK I'm in the mood to RP if anyone is interested

    As you may have seen from my other few posts on here, I'm new so please do tell me if this isn't right I've been wanting to get back into RPing on here and was wondering if anyone would like to RP with me, I'm interested in so many things so chances are if you ask for something I'll most...
  2. Cloverhand_reader

    FIRST RESPONSE Obitine RP (Satine needed)

    I'm not entirely sure how this site works since I'm new to it (I joined in 2019 but I only started RPing here today) I'm looking for an Obitine RP since I've been watching Clone Wars and I'm obsessed with them I have two different RP starters which I'll put in spoilers below and you just tell...
  3. Flame

    ALWAYS OPEN Welcome to the SRO! | OOC

    So, you've died. Harsh. What's even harsher is that you've ended up in the underworld... Who knows what you did (or didn't do) to end up down here? It doesn't matter now, because the reaper in charge of your soul has offered you a second chance. And what would that be? An application for the...
  4. WinterO

    [ D A N G E R O U S ] - A Cyberpunk Roleplay

    The Yutani-Kandel Corporate Monocity, Southwest of Vladivostok, Russia. The clock has just ticked over to the year 2050, and what's left of the world is trying build itself back up after years of consumption following the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus led to vast socio-economic collapse and a...
  5. nyctonova

    [searching for partners...]

    hey hey! i’m rain (she/her), and i’m a high schooler in an unspecified american city looking for some partners on this lovely site. i’ve been writing as long as i can remember, but rp-wise i’ve been frequenting sites like iwaku for about 4-5 years. i’m a huge science nerd, a caffeine addict, and...
  6. The Morrighan

    Tokyo Ghoul : Rise of The Spider

    Hi! I’ve had this storyline / character saved up for quite some time now, and I really want to find a group of people who want to help me bring it to life! This RP takes place in the Tokyo Ghoul Universe, but in an AU where none of the events from the anime / characters from that anime exist...
  7. Absinthe

    desert daydreams - an experiment

    Hey peeps! I've been thinking about putting together a RP for a while and I'm looking to find out how many people would be interested. || So Absinthe, what's the experiment? I'm experimenting with using more traditional RPG elements in a forum RP setting. This will include character stats...
  8. Mollisol

    Heavenheld: A Homestuck RP

    It turns out that for humans on Earth, there is an afterlife. For teenagers, it's a purgatory high school to prepare you for the afterlife. Where you go is determined after you graduate. It's peaceful - dare you say boring? Six friends think so. When a game called Sburb releases, promising...
  9. Mollisol

    Multi-Character Persona RP [updated 21 Sept]

    Hello and welcome to my search! You can call me Quin or Molli. I'm 23 years old, and in the midst of the hype for Persona 5: The Royal, I am craving a Persona RP. Who is this search for? Partners of any gender. Partners who respect that I do not want to RP romance. What genders of characters...
  10. neptune

    some cravings.

    hello i'm neptune and i'm looking to possibly knock out some cravings that have been floating around in my head for a while. i have to warn you that i'm garbage and i never come with fully formed ideas. i can offer you an aesthetic, some feelings that will (hopefully) inspire an eventual plot...
  11. Pangoblin

    Ya'll want a good ole doggo adventure rp?

    Aye yo fam remember that one time when you were in middle school and rp'd as bunch of warrior cats, foxes, wolves, and maybe even hawses? Im having chicken smoothie flashbacks god help me Was wondering if anyone would be interested in dog adventure rp. Do note, despite the main cast being a...
  12. Luminosity

    Fire Emblem: Requiem | ooc

    Character Thread | IC Thread It is a dark time for the Realm. After seven years of fighting, King Roidnell II of Yveltskr has finally been usurped. In his place rules King Leonhardt II, a man who Yveltskr men and women hope brings peace and prosperity to the country. Under the banner of the...
  13. PhantomThief715

    Cirque de Gothique

    In this world of secrets, nothing is as it seems, and the price of misplaced trust may even be worse than death. Those of us watching Cirque de Gothique from the outside could say everything seems splendid and admirable, however things are not always as they seem. What happens behind the...
  14. Adrian

    Hogwarts 1975 (Closed)

    MetamorphousWELCOME TO HOGWARTSx1975. A time of struggle for muggles and wizards alike. While the cold war is at its height, the wizarding world is faced with a war of its own. The Daily Prophet has reported nothing but bad news as of late. Whispers say this has all been the work of the Dark...
  15. neptune

    take a sip.

    about neptune Hey there! I'm neptune and since I'm looking for a few new writing buddies, I figured I'd make a shiny new search! Please send me a PM or post here if you see something that you like <3 - I have been roleplaying for about ten years. It started off with Harry Potter, then branched...
  16. Thor

    Thor's Partner Search

    thor's partner search hello everyone... Hi! My name is Thor. Here's a little bit about myself just to help you better understand who I am as a person and if you think we would mesh well together. I am an avid writer and just creative person. I have an imagination that is bursting...
  17. Rebornfan120

    Seeking New Partners! - Open

    Hello! I've decided to do a new roleplay search from Reborn! Seeing some posts with rules I have decided to at least show my rules, don't worry it'll be short since I normally don't have many rules, to begin with normally. 1. 1-4 paragraphs are preferred but compromises can be made through...
  18. Adrian

    A Sin of No Name

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra SIGN-UP IC LORE DISCORD fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica
  19. Adrian

    A Sin of No Name

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra SIGN-UP IC LORE DISCORD fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica
  20. Adrian

    A Sin of No Name (Pls join. Free memes.)

    Alfa Slab One Eczar Ramabhadra fa-play fa-pause  Man With a Harmonica THE HIGHLAND TIMESVOL. LXXV.—NO. 1    THIRTY-FOUR PAGES    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3, 1879    PRICE 2 CENTSA BRIGHT FUTURE FOR HIGHLANDHighland, UT. 1879 -- The proud and virtuous citizens of Highland will be elated to hear the...