Taking place in and around a school/university setting, usually with a focus on classes and life on campus.
  1. Rithas

    Writing Club IC

    OOC STATUS: OPEN! "If you think about it. We're the ones who can truly bring things to life! So that they can see it without ever being there!" "Isn't that what television is for?" "That's not the point!" “Hello? Hel- Is this on? Oh, it is. Great. It’s your Principal Slews here. Here to...
  2. Rithas

    Writing Club (Interest Check)

    OOC LINK IS UP "Aistri Academy. Where far-off dreams are turned into reality. Or at least dreams that are slightly closer." You've clicked on the page! I'm already succeding expectations! This is the interest check for ‘Writing Club’. A SOL mixed with drama and comedy. You are one of the...
  3. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  4. ThatGuyOverThere

    Our Time at Olympus: An Action Romance School Life Bio and Jump In RP

    Two centuries ago monsters crept through portals that littered the world. The alien creatures wrecked havoc across the world leaving destruction in their wake. So much so the end of the world seemed near. Nothing could harm them and most of the world was wiped out. Nations across the globe came...
  5. Glass

    The Magical School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

    Been craving a Harry Potter RP for a long time but never found one that got going. All the usual rules of the site and RPs: No being a dick or god modding. No breaking site rules. No full sex scenes. You can be a teacher or student and students can be part of the quidditch house teams if you so...
  6. Usenu

    Her true love?

    The popular and prettiest girl in the school (you) is having a problem... Every boy wants to date her and do aaanything to win her heart which, gives her a lot of power, and with it the girls are bullying her because she made them lose their boyfriends. Day after day after day, the boys always...
  7. Ushikeu

    Highschool Roleplay partner needed!!

    Hi! I’m hopefully hoping that someone will come around for this story, and if you do what I need is a roleplayer who can play a loner girl at the school! Story Alan Shicho was one of the popular boys but loved to help whenever he could, he loved to be around his friends and girls always...
  8. Usenu

    The Voice of the Ignored

    What I need is a roleplayer who is okay with rping as the popular girl at a highschool who gets too much attention! Message me if you’re interested! Character Requirements: Half-Human Half-Cat, 14 - 17 years old, can act cute, and is a loving and caring person! Deadline for Prom Frost Church...
  9. Shinku⭐Kun

    A White Bunny meets a Dark Wolf: Phase II (with ScarletNova)

    A White Bunny meets a Dark Wolf PHASE II: the Dark Wolf falls in Love with the White Bunny ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Once upon a time, there was a very mean, and cruel Dark Wolf that ruled a school with an iron fist. He loved to bully and torment all of its students just for mere entertainment. The Wolf's...
  10. WaffleCuddles

    The Friendly Neighborhood

    This isnt any neighborhood, no, it actually had special people in it. who? you may ask? well i shall tell they have a whole town to themselves, a mall, market places, like an old fashioned neighborhood, they have a highschool, a middle school and a elmenatry school all separated, Now about...
  11. Jessica Stansell

    Ouran High School Host Club RP 11 - (Retry) - (Jessica and Roses)

    Honey and Mori have already graduated from the Ouran Academy High School the year before. But the two of them still are members of and attend the host club with their other 5 friends who still go to the high school, their friends and fellow host club hosts being Haruhi, Kyoya, Tamaki, Hikaru...
  12. WaffleCuddles

    . .you say you love me...but i dont are my love. .1 on 1 search

    . .mellow here. .i love to roleplay. . 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗺𝗲 + I’m a woman who has things during the day Tuesday through Fridays. I’m on mountain time as well. + I only do mx f and m/f. I also typically write 1-2 paragraphs depending on how much I’m giving or how inspired I am. + Doubling is something I am...
  13. ThatGuyOverThere

    Back again with my Muse: Looking for Casual Partners

    So it's been a long time since I have been here. Life has an awful way of getting in the way of things. But I am back and plan to stick around for a while. I plan to only use discord going forward but if anything I mention in this thread peaks your interest, private message me and we can...
  14. AngelNinja2018

    Within the Shadows

    It all started with the messages. Students at Highland Academy would receive cryptic notes from a group known as the Congregation of the Black Hand. At first, it was considered a prank from a few students that shouldn't be taken too seriously. That was until the disappearances began. It all...
  15. VanceXentan

    Fire Emblem Three Houses - Non Canonical - Dusk Brings the Dawn

    The Year is 1180 of the Imperial Calendar. The King of Faerghus Dane Blaiddyd suffers from a seemingly incurable disease and with his age catching up to him he is not expected to survive much long. As this unfolds his son prepares to attend the academy at Garreg Mach. The Emperor of Adrestia...
  16. VanceXentan

    Fire Emblem Three Houses - The Darkness That Is to Come

    The Year is 1180 of the Imperial Calendar. The King of Faerghus Dane Blaiddyd suffers from a seemingly incurable disease and with his age catching up to him he is not expected to survive much long. As this unfolds his son prepares to attend the academy at Garreg Mach. The Emperor of Adrestia...
  17. Luminosity

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Fire Emblem: Crestfallen | IC

    IMPORTANT LINKS: SIGN-UPS AND OOC THREAD | CHARACTER THREAD DATE: 28th of the Traveler Moon, Divine Year 781 TIME OF DAY: Early afternoon WEATHER: Warm, sunny and clear skies MENTIONS: @Solace [Mael], @Rouge Rogue [Leonid], @Psyker Landshark [Theodoric]. @Jessica2477 [Lapis], @Nim [Laila]...
  18. Luminosity

    A Three Houses-esque Fire Emblem RP!

    A long time ago, when Musentia was nothing more than a fledgling realm, darkness threatened to encompass the world. This darkness took the form of wretched, demonic beasts that preyed on the flesh of men. The people of Musentia struggled to fight against these monsters for many years, but they...
  19. WitchyMinerals

    Anime Style Highschool Life, Supernatural{?} 1x1

    Seeking a male or female for a non-sexual highschool based rp, romance is accepted. Plot: We can either have known each other for year or one can be a transfer student. We find an item which is magical or lost and seek to find its purpose or its owner! Honestly I am open to anything!
  20. Lore Magus

    Cyberleaf City OOC Discussion

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