An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, or other major life undertakings.

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  1. Luminosity

    INTEREST CHECK A Persona Interest Check!

    In 2011, Japan was hit with a devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake that would later be called the Great East Japan Earthquake. Not only did the earthquake cause a lot of destruction, but it also caused a massive tsunami that flooded more than 200 square meters of coastal land. The natural...
  2. CloudyBlueDay


    x WARNING: If you have not seen The Hollow on Netflix, there are MAJOR spoilers in this roleplay’s premise. Enter with caution. It is not required that you have seen the show to be in the roleplay, but if you hate spoilers, we must part ways here. :( August 15th, 2043 Silow Town This was...
  3. conman2163

    ALWAYS OPEN OPEN SIGNUPS Herald's of Change

    Click here for Group IC Herald's Of Change An Ageless Empire brought together through blood, and through blood it must be shattered... Since time immemorial, the Old Empire has ruled the all of the sunless thundering lands of Eruvia and her people, kept together by the strength of it's...
  4. Rainier Ashton Bernhardt

    Star Wars RP Partner search

    So, I'll make this a brief as possible, I am searching for: - A female companion whos is well versed in the lore and mythology of the Star Wars. - A very literate who can give as much as she gets; I am a very detail-oriented writer. I like to be thorough in writing which can make me write...
  5. Tia

    ✮ Looking for quick short term (or long term) role play partners!

    Hi, I’m Tianna and I’m looking for a partner who is interested in doing a simple rp nothing really long term since I suck at staying committed. prefrences: At this moment I’m more interested in doing short term plots/storylines. as I want to practice getting better at writing. I’m looking...
  6. Novama

    ALWAYS OPEN OPEN SIGNUPS Apostles of The Way (OOC/Info/Signups)

    Contacts and Chats Feel free to post here, direct message me, or join our discord server if you wish to chat with me and/or the rest of the gang. We are a pleasant bunch that enjoy new faces. To clarify: the rp will be on Iwaku and will not be on discord. Discord Link: Discord Beasts and Preists...
  7. Nathchi

    FIRST RESPONSE An Adventure to the West

    In the early morning of Dunswile the sun rose from the horizon. The morning fog hovering over the green and yellow fields, ready to be harvested, moisted the air as small water drops rested on the leafs. A cold fresh wind that drives over the land wake up reminisce of last years winter that is...
  8. Luminosity

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Fire Emblem: Crestfallen | IC

    IMPORTANT LINKS: SIGN-UPS AND OOC THREAD | CHARACTER THREAD DATE: 28th of the Traveler Moon, Divine Year 781 TIME OF DAY: Early afternoon WEATHER: Warm, sunny and clear skies MENTIONS: @Solace [Mael], @Rouge Rogue [Leonid], @Psyker Landshark [Theodoric]. @Jessica2477 [Lapis], @Nim [Laila]...
  9. PhantomThief715

    OPEN SIGNUPS Becoming Gods.

    Character Signup Derrida Andrea De Luca - Hades @PhantomThief715 Coral Rose Jenkins - Artemis @Star Searcher Anna Green - Artemis @ChrisClark13 Chloe Thanes - Persephone @Olissa Ethan Ryan Ashworth - Hephaestus @Keelash Oliwa Peri - Dionysus @The Legate Cayden Cadman - Ares @LuckycoolHawk9
  10. Astrometry

    A special plot for a special player [high fantasy: action, adventure, exploring, drama, romance, epic?]

    Hey there, I'm sure you've seen me around before but I am looking for a special roleplay. I recently lost a favorite roleplay of mine and I am looking to replace it. I'll give you a summary of what I am not only looking for in the plot but what I am looking for in the partner for this. If...
  11. mr_pibbs

    The Ninth Age of Aerath: Magic Returns - The Reboot (An Original Medieval Fantasy Adventure, See Inside for Details)

    ((If you think you've seen this thread before; chances are you have. This is a reboot of one of my old ideas that I didn't have time to manage previously, but now want to restart. Some things have changed; others are pretty much the same. But if you're interested, read away!)) Mood Music...
  12. Luminosity

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Fire Emblem: Crestfallen | OOC

    CHARACTER THREAD | IC THREAD A long time ago, when Musentia was nothing more than a fledgling realm, darkness threatened to encompass the world. This darkness took the form of wretched, demonic beasts that preyed on the flesh of men. The people of Musentia struggled to fight against these...
  13. Tia


    Okay so I’m too lazy to write a whole paragraph but I’ve been watching AOT recently and I’ve been CRAVING to rp it so please dm me if interested so we can discuss everything!
  14. Sketching101

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Map & Compass [IC]

    || Lore || IC || Character Index || OOC || Credit to Min-Nguen The Pious Wayfarer - Léonard Thibault The Pious Wayfarer shuddered and rumbled as it trudged its way through the clouds. The Templars’ prized galleon had taken damage during the previous night, when...
  15. Sekushiii

    Currently Searching for my Next Adventure. Mainly M x F. Some F x F.

    Hello fellow RPers ! I'm looking to embark on an adventure or possibly a few. I don't really have many rules so I won't spend too long going over them. - 18 + only. - I'm not too picky about length as long as you give me something to work with, no one liners but it doesn't have to be 5+...
  16. Tia

    Back from hiatus ! :D click me please !

    WELCOME ! Thank you for taking the time to actually click on my post ! Here's a little info about myself and my preferences. ABOUT ME My name is tianna but I often go by tia. I am 17 about to be 18 soon. I recently graduated from highschool. I've been roleplaying for a good 4 years now. My...
  17. Zizikitty

    Egg-cellent Adventure

    This was a somewhat sophisticated town, though the young wood elf only knew the name and where the market and inn were. She was short and lithe, her wiry frame easily weaved through the crowd. Her raven black hair was swept back into a ponytail, although her bangs sometimes obscured vision to...
  18. Sketching101

    The Map & Compass [Steampunk/Fantasy RP]

    Credit to ivanlaliashvili Are you looking for an action filled adventure? Do you want to cast reality bending magic with your pastry skills, or become a dragon? Do you want to explore how societies can be built? Or perhaps you simply want to have a magical jailbreak? Well, then, do I have...
  19. Luminosity

    Lumi's Corner of Curiosities

    My name's Luminosity, and I'm back in business! I'm super ready to roleplay with a bunch of you guys. I'm a twenty-four year old with a job that will be attending graduate school in August, but I still have a bunch of time to write. I have a cellphone that I can also use to write with, but I...
  20. Luminosity

    Medieval Pokemon!

    Gather around, little ones, for I have a story to tell. A long, long time ago, our land, Atlas, knew peace. This was the time of King Cedric and his three princes, when not all of Atlas was yet charted and people thought that the lands to the far east were laden with half-demon, half-human...