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  1. Wyborn

    King of Latun(IC)

    KING OF LATUN Out of Character | Character Index Vadimas took in his surroundings. This was the first time he was able to enter this room in the castle. The oldest and largest room in the entirety of King’s Mirror and it was beautiful. The marble work was exquisite. The elaborate murals...
  2. Hunter of Shadows

    PARTNER REQUEST Hellspawn(Medieval Fantasy, looking for female partner)

    The ancestral enemies of their land came that night for the capitol, they were losing the war and it was the final stand of his country, he fought bravely, as did his father the King, but in the end, his father was slain, and the lines broke. His line's held, but they were cutoff from the main...
  3. Sideris

    BY INVITATION ONLY The Bilge Rats - Prologue [Shadow of the Demon Lord]

    @DarckRedd @Chaka @Hair @Ragoza @Sarky Horrific Murders Baffle Watch: Does Killer Walk Through Walls? Cry the hawkers of Shipping News throughout Freeport this sullen morn. One particularly obnoxious pair of young boys heckle any soul rushing past along this stretch of the Docks, just shy of...
  4. Hair


    Dump your characters here. Dice roller
  5. Huntress

    PARTNER REQUEST Werewolf...for the most part...

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  6. Sideris

    CHARACTER INDEX The Bilge Rats

    Characters here!
  7. Ehb

    GROUP RP AD Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken No Matsuri Expansion

    Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken No Matsuri Story: A long time ago... Aachen Rizen Compile - Ken no Matsuri After being betrayed at the start of the sword festival, journey with Tsubaha Mori as the party braves the dangerous and cutthroat Festival of Swords. Beyond that, face a world of two...
  8. SkittlesAndSpike


    The pipes of Pan. A powerful magic artifact that allows its wielder to control the aspects of nature itself. In the wrong hands, it could be used to bend the world to its wielder's desires. The pipes were split into two parts and given to the twin daughters of Pan in the hopes of keeping the...
  9. CrystalTears

    Rhapsody of the Sea

    Haeju Mizuchi Haeju swam around the water, perhaps a bit too close to the coast. They weren't allowed to go there for numerous reasons that his parents had pounded into his head over and over again. None of them stuck, and despite what they said, the coast had the best and prettiest rocks! He...
  10. v.


    It's hard to feel with cold h̵̠͛a̸͇̒͘n̵̝̙̄d̵͇͒s̷̪̰͆̀. "H̷̡̧̨̡̲̺̝̘͕̼͖̳̫̞̯̖̥͙͇͕̣̮͔̻̰̗̠̦̪̼̱̘̲̅̃͌̾̋͗̈́̀͒̌͊̎̓͜͜ͅȉ̶̧̧̡̢̨̧̨̻̥̖̳̜̣̭̺̩̼͙͈̣̝̹̠̤̫̺̻̣͕̞̟̜̤̭̯̻͔̗͇̖̯̺̗͉̰͖͓͇̩̙̥̱̹̗̭͚̣̻̪̯̯͒̆̃̚͜͝ͅͅͅͅͅ.̴̢̢̣̻͓̖̯͉͖̦̙͈̬̮̟̮̠͖̹̰̳̮͔͔͔̻̠͔̳̝͚͇̥̠̠̰̺̮̻̽͌̈́̔̒́̈́͗̌̿̀̐̓̄͆́͛̔̅̿͋̊̾́͛̄͊̑̒́͘̕͘͜͝...
  11. Nayanna

    OPEN SIGNUPS Nayanna's desperate search for allies (Seeking group RP)

    Location: The Mansions Study A pocket realm between worlds set in Nayanna's universe. Nayanna found herself short of allies. Staring down at the short list of who remained loyal to her name was disheartening and laughable at the same time as she sat in her study and brooded over the past...
  12. koshka

    ☆*:.。. koshka’s 1x1 partner search .。.:*☆

    helloooo everyone, welcome to my thread. before I begin just know I am typing EVERYTHING on my phone so this thread probably won’t be dolled up. I’m actually extremely lazy and I don’t wanna access my PC right now. I’m koshka, the gumdrop guardian. and I’m ready to RP. mandatory reading (stuff...
  13. Yanaike

    PARTNER REQUEST Yanaike's Bottomless Plothole! (Adventure)

    *…lights a candle* Uhm… Hey, hello there! It seems you’ve fallen into my bottomless plothole! Now you’re trapped here! You only have two options to escape. First of all, you could start an epic adventure with me in a quest to escape this pit! Either that, or you could just click away and go...
  14. Ghanima

    PARTNER REQUEST Wanted: fantasy RP partner.

    Hi there! I am a woman in my thirties, and I am looking for a female roleplaying partner of over 25 years old. (Sorry for the men, I'm sure there are nice men out there but I had some bad experiences...) I am looking for someone who likes to do original roleplays. I do fandoms now and then but...
  15. Wyborn

    OPEN SIGNUPS King of Latun - Sign Ups

    Hey, hello, hiya, how’s it going? I’m Wyborn and this finally the sign ups for King of Latun. I’m a big procrastinator if you can’t tell. I’ll be the GM for this RP and pretty much here is where all of the info you need is here. For those that may be seeing this for the first time, here’s a...
  16. mr_pibbs

    The Ninth Age of Aerath: Magic Returns (An Original Medieval Fantasy Adventure, See Inside for Details)

    Mood Music ------------------ Welcome everyone, to Aerath; the land of Myths and Adventure. But sadly; no magic. Not since the Magistar's War all those years ago... But I'm getting a little ahead of myself. First; the basics! - This RP is an action-adventure story set in a Fantasy world...
  17. Sketching101

    Map and Compass - Chapter I [Apocalyptic/Fantasy]

    || Roster || IC || Character Index || Expanded Lore Index || OOC || Welcome, vessels of the Creator! Credit to merl1ncz What is “Map and Compass”? Map and Compass is a fantasy-adventure RP where the characters are thrust in journeys to unravel the mystery surrounding the world of Plateau...
  18. CobaltBlue

    Looking for some new stories!

    Hey, just want someone to really check things out and make some new friends! I hope you'll look over my profile and decide I'm a good partner to work with! Happy writings!
  19. Falcon

    OPEN SIGNUPS Fire Emblem: Seal of Ages

    The OOC Thread The continent of Jedica is divided into seven nations: Stanislav, Thalia, Ufral, the Islas de Abaroa, Midori, Eshil, and Atrea. These countries, albeit different, have generally observed a standing peace, at least since the end of the great war. Now, hoping to insure future eras...
  20. mr_pibbs

    ~ Our Hearts Entwined, We Fight On ~ (Video Game Crossover RP, See inside for details)

    ((Play me, it takes a few seconds to get started -->)) Since the dawn of time, there has been one universal truth; Balance must be maintained. Without it, the universe would succumb to chaos and swiftly collapse in on itself. Darkness must be allowed to spread, to corrupt those who seek power...