An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience. It may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome. Adventures may be activities with some potential for physical danger such as traveling, exploring, skydiving, mountain climbing, scuba diving, river rafting or participating in extreme sports. The term also broadly refers to any enterprise that is potentially fraught with physical, financial or psychological risk, such as a business venture, or other major life undertakings.

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  1. Luminosity

    GROUP RP AD "Fire Emblem: Requiem" Recruiting Thread~ [18+]

    HELLO! Fire Emblem: Requiem is currently looking for one more person to join its ranks! While the roleplay has already started, we are only halfway through the prologue and nearing the arrival of a major city. This allows for smooth transition for any new characters. But wait, we have more...
  2. Zizikitty

    Shadows of Gone

    The town of Rat's Den was at its usual pace of hustle and bustle. Travelers and merchants alike filled the streets, shops, and tavern. The quaint town was not the finest city the orc has been in. It was just rough enough for him to feel comfortable yet not so dangerous that he’d need to break so...
  3. V

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Looking for MxM roleplays!

    𓊆ℋ𝓔ℒℒ𝓞𓊇 Hello! My name is Mako, and I’m a literate/semi-literate/advanced literate roleplayer. I am 20 years old. I’ve been roleplaying for over 4 years and I’m currently looking for MxM romance roleplays. However, you must be okay with mature themes and me playing a transguy. Besides that, I’m...
  4. Zizikitty

    PARTNER REQUEST Looking for Adventure! (Updated 6/12)

    Wow it’s been a while since I posted one of these but I feel like I’m dying a little inside without rp. For more detailed stuff you can read my bio but for the short version: Hi! I’m Zizi. Crazy cat lady and gamer who loves to draw and write. Thanks to my crappy health I have tons of time on my...
  5. Darog

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A Nest of Ideas and Stuff!

    Greetings and thank you for checking out my thread! It's well appreciated even if you've only glanced over it! I'm looking to maybe start a roleplay, so I thought I'd take a few small steps in the right direction. Some of my ideas will have a fantasy like element to them, whether it's Sci-Fi...
  6. MaryGold

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The Losers Club || IC

    OOC THREAD The Losers Club Montserratchapter i "OPEN YOUR THIRD EYE" Date: August 18th, 2018. Saturday. Time: 7:15 A.M Summer vacation was over. No one was particularly happy about it. After all, it meant it was back to school with all of them. Back to Ravenwood Academy, one of the many...
  7. Pangoblin

    OPEN SIGNUPS BY INVITATION ONLY Path of the Stars ( A Dog Adventure RP OOC )

    ╔═══━━━━─── ◥◦◤ ───━━━━═══╗ ◦Path of the Stars◦ ╚═══━━━━─── ◢◦◣ ───━━━━═══╝ Link to Character Creation and Index Thread OPEN SIGNUPS - BY INVITATION ONLY Path of the Stars ( A Dog Adventure RP ) The world as the animals' know it is changing. The humans have...
  8. Pangoblin

    Ya'll want a good ole doggo adventure rp?

    Aye yo fam remember that one time when you were in middle school and rp'd as bunch of warrior cats, foxes, wolves, and maybe even hawses? Im having chicken smoothie flashbacks god help me Was wondering if anyone would be interested in dog adventure rp. Do note, despite the main cast being a...
  9. ༺ ʟɪʙᴇʟʟᴜʟᴇ́

    ⊱ •̩̩͙ savage, solitary soul •̩̩͙ ⊰

    CURRENT CRAVING Post apocalyptic { zombies or other } WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR Someone okay with darker themes occasionally Someone who can post a 3 - 4 para MINIMUM. Someone dedicated to quality posts and comm. ( aka communicating with me ) WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT A partner that writes as both...
  10. hannsthemanns

    Original RP Prompts | Master Thread [ONE LEFT]

    Original RP Prompts | Master Thread Last Updated: 4/28/19 Found partners for most of these so I plan to close this thread soon But before I do, I'd love to find someone to do the Windsor Awakening prompt! MERAKI (A.) | Greek The soul, creativity or love put into something; The essence of...
  11. DinoFeather

    OPEN SIGNUPS Heart of the World - OOC and Signups

    Heart of the World Discord | In Character | Relationships | Timeline Aetheria: an ancient world wrought of mystery and magic. It is said that, during formation of the tiny planet, Aetheria was in turmoil. Unbalanced magic tore the world apart, pushing up mountains, shifting continents, and...
  12. MaryGold


    IC THREAD The Losers Club They will never be good enough. Even when the impossible happens. STORY The Nerd, the Queen Bee, the Outcast, the Loner, the Cheerleader, the Freak, the Jock and the New Kid. Eight teens. One huge mystery. When eight teenagers from different cliques, backgrounds...
  13. Bellatsakha

    Supernatural Adventure RP Partner Needed

    I've had an idea for a supernatural RP where the 2 main characters are friends and they're a half-human half-supernatural creature. However, the human race doesn't know the supernatural races exist since they're good at fitting in. The main characters were born from a couple who didn't know the...
  14. DinoFeather

    Heart of the World [Fantasy/Adventure]

    As a supporter of the rebellion, you're well aware of the dangers that await, should you be discovered. Two months ago, a celebrated rebel leader was apprehended by the Imperial Guard. The man, Magister Kiernan, was a well-known scholar and one of the visionaries behind the rebel cause-- and...
  15. Pellegrino

    Big Iron, Dead Men | Interest Check

    Big Iron, Dead Men "Gather round folks, gather round. Got word from Sheriff's boys out west," hollered the man, stepping onto a small crate. "The dangerous, bloodthirsty fugitive known as Iron Clad Carl has been driven off. Some twenty miles west of town the lawmen confronted Iron Clad Carl and...
  16. Sailor Moon

    Goddess 6 (An original magical girl story)

    Goddess 6 - An original magical girl story Legend tells that when the flames of ocean, heaven, sky, sun, love, and spirit have been extinguished that new fires will spark in worthy souls to take their place. As the souls of the Goddess 6 are always drawn to each other, they never spawn more...
  17. Luminosity

    Bound by Blood | A Pokemon Gijinka RP

  18. Melon Kid

    The Holy Dragon Empire (Asian Fantasy Adventure)

    [The Story] Locked deep underneath the hidden city of Llyolin, there exists a legendary vault that shelters six artifacts of unmatched power from an era long past. At the height of civilization, each of the six nations was granted a single artifact as a blessing - or perhaps as a curse - from...
  19. Novuskai


    YOUR HERO ACADEMIA Arc I: The Entrance Exam It all began in Keikei City in China with the news that a bio-luminescent baby was born! After that, "Exceptional" individuals began popping up all over the world. Japan, United States, England, Brazil, and wherever else there was people. The cause for...
  20. darkmaster006

    Asuna x Hanako - In Process