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  1. Tiger Dragon

    The Divinity Game

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Signups are still open. There is 1 slot left. Players: @Cabob7 , @Astroblaze , @Lulunopia, @jeshem, @Illumi If you are not these people, please do not write in this thread.
  2. Tiger Dragon

    The Divinity Game - Sign-ups | Questions

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Spots Open: 1 Spots Taken: 5 Spots Pending : 0 Spots Reserved: 0
  3. Cactae_Mae

    An Icy Romance! (God, that joke was bad, I'm sorry)

    So, yeah, since I have watched "I, Tonya" today and I've always loved skating, I decided that it would porbably be a nie idea to have a roleplay involving a figure skater character. My idea would be fairly simple. A young girl with a few dreams, some troubles, pushing herself to get better and...
  4. Rebornfan120

    Rp request! (Fandoms + Originals)

    Hello, your returning post thread from Reborn! After sometime of not posting due to confidence and self-esteem problems (we're all human) I hope i have a thread of interest to people! Just some things to let you know when it comes to writing with me... 1. I am in college so I try to make...
  5. Wolfsbane706

    Idols on Ice! Sign-ups and OOC

    Please fill out the application as though an interview were being conducted. Name: Age: (Younger than 12 is too young, older than 17 is too old!) Height and Weight: (These are required for dress-fitting purposes.) Measurements: (Required for dress-fitting purposes.) How do you feel about being...
  6. I.S. Zero

    Fight School Signups

    So I decided to hop back on Iwaku for the first time in a long while, and I decide to look at some old RPs in the archives, and I found an old RP called Fight School from a couple years back that I would be interested in doing something similar, or even just using the entire concept. I've taken...
  7. ElBell

    Yuri!!! On Ice

    Hello! I'm curious if there would be any interest in a YOI themed roleplay that would involve using a mix of OCs and canon characters. The story would be more focused on the character relationships and tensions than on the skating, and skating will still connect to the character's and what is...
  8. daemon_reaver

    Horne Ideal Athletics Center

    Plot: In the downtown district, there is a certain slightly run down looking gym. It isn't exactly well known and the high density of seedy types around the area. However the place was known to actually have really good athletes and access to pretty good stuff. Also rumors abound of a...
  9. daemon_reaver

    Couple of ideas

    Here is a basic list of some ideas rattling around in my head: A Fairy Tail/Hogwarts based on RP: As it sounds, A place where magic is common enough for Magical Schools and Guilds. They are ruled by a body independent of any nation. However, while the non-magical and magical people stand on...
  10. monopoisoner

       ﹗ENDGAME ⋆◞

    Welcome to Endgame, a 1x1 roleplay between @Bastion and @monopoisoner. Please don't post unless you were given express permission by the two mentioned. This story follows the journey of a group of individuals who play in a new sport called ENDGAME. ENDGAME is a virtual death match between...
  11. ScarletNova

    Boys, Soccer balls and Love triangles (Plot idea)

    I have an idea that may or may not be strange, but I’m going to try and look for a partner anyway. Now, this idea will either involve my partner playing two characters most of the time or making it a small group rp with only three people including me. But, we can discuss and see what happens or...
  12. T

    Wrestling Rp! Open to Players!

    I'm trying to get a couple more people for my roleplay based on the electric and exciting world of sports entertainment. (Ads, right?) The premise is based on legitimate wrestling organizations and promotions, starting at a Local level with player Characters eventually making it the the IC...
  13. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    He Said, She Said ;:; OOC/Signups ;:; Open & Accepting

    ICMain PostSchedulesRulesCharacters {slide=Month, Events, Electives, Languages & Physical Education|center}September - The RP starts taking place on the sixth day of September. I will post The date/time at the top of all of my IC posts. - Calendar will be updated every rp month, so check...
  14. H

    Dangerous Wrestling Federation (Roleplay)

    Cast: CEO: Me (HakuUzumaki) Pay Paper Views: January: NXT Royal Rumble for both Divas and Superstars from NXT & King Tournament and Queen of the Hill. February: Money in the Bank & Against all Odds March: Bound for Glory & Night of the Champions April: Wrestlemania May: Living Dangerously...
  15. IceChateau777

    ~ H2O Academy ~ (WIP | Do Not Post!)

    Sign Ups are currently open! H2O Academy "If at first you don't succeed, just keep swimming!" people like Michael Phelps would want to get into a swimming course. With the vast, beautiful waters beckoning the students, who could say "no" to dipping in the water? With the love of swimming also...
  16. SharkSkin

    Eyeshield 21!

    Hi, I'm looking for someone to rp Eyeshield 21 with. I'd like to do OCxCannon. I'm cool with playing either side, and any of the characters. The ones I want to do most are: Kazuki Jumonji Koji Kuroki Rui Habashira Takami It's been a long time since I've written, so I don't have any real...
  17. BlueVanishingDrive

    MxM OC Sports Team RP request

    Introduction : Hiya~ You can call me Blue ^o^ I'm fairly new on this site, but I'm an experienced roleplayer and I'm looking for 2-3 new rp partners. I love sportsrelated animé and manga and I've got a couple of idéas that I wanna try out. First off, my rp guidelines to see if we're compatible...
  18. BlueVanishingDrive

    MxM Sports Team RP request

    Introduction : Hiya~ You can call me Blue ^o^ I'm fairly new on this site, but I'm an experienced roleplayer and now I've decided to post my first rp request here on iwaku. I love sportsrelated animé and manga and I've got a couple of idéas that I wanna try out. I guess I'll stop rambling and...
  19. redblood


    Test thread for tags.