dark fantasy

Fantasy with elements of horror and a gloomy aesthetic.
  1. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: The Land of the Vampire Prince

    The Vampire Prince TL;DR: Prince is Big Vampire and rules kingdom. Takes kinda care of the people and people love and fear him. All the nobles very vampire. Much spooky. The world, for all who live within Lescatia, consists of a sprawling length of petty kingdoms, dukedoms, princedoms...
  2. Conner


    So to start off, I didnt really have a fully detailed and fleshed-out world yet, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this first. Basically it would be a group RP probably, with the world being set in a crisis called the great fog, which (very similar to stephen king's "the mist")...
  3. Lurcolm

    INTEREST CHECK The Realms of Lescatia (Vampire RP)

    Lescatia: Land of the Vampire Prince The Vampire Prince TL;DR: Prince is Big Vampire and rules kingdom. Takes kinda care of the people and people love and fear him. All the nobles very vampire. Much spooky. The world, for all who live within Lescatia, consists of a sprawling length of petty...
  4. Spooder Queen

    World of Nibel: "The Stray Cat."

    The events that ensued within that maddening locomotive left more queries than resolutions. The diva discovered herself sleuthing through that enigma. Whether by happenstance or fate, she couldn't say. Regardless, they were all liberated once they had forced their way out and slew the eldritch...
  5. Skella Rose

    21+ DISCORD Daddy x daughter (all characters are 20 or over)

    (Heavy smut) Warnings: Contains some dark themes (ask me about them) Cheating Pregnancy Drama (lots of it) No interracial Daughter is in love with her daddy and seduces him one night when him and her mother get into a fight. But daddy has an obsession with daughters best friend and is just...
  6. Spooder Queen

    The Verdant Dynasty.

    Moved to Iwaku.
  7. QueenObscure

    Thistles In The Alchemy [Original Story Art Gallery]

    A/N: FEED BACK IS ALWAYS WELCOMED :heartbeat: - - - - - - - Thistles In The Alchemy A story about a Princess and her Alchemist ---- MOCK BOOK COVER BY MOE [CHARACTER PROFILES IN FULL RES] (MORE CHARACTERS COMING SOON) HOW IT ALL BEGAN...
  8. rissa

    CHARACTER INDEX The Undying Hunt - Character Files

    The Undying Hunt | Character Files Full & approved character sheets may be posted here for ease of reference. The table of contents will be updated periodically. Cast & Crew bookmark Louis Hayes, played by @Flame bookmark Morgan Owain, played by @Lisianthus bookmark Seren Rhiannon o...
  9. rissa

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The Undying Hunt

  10. Zizikitty

    Looking for adventure and long term rp's!

    Hello! I go by Zizi, I’ll try to make it short and sweet so as not to hit peeps with a wall of text. I am looking to pick up a couple of role plays. Took a long hiatus due to being sick, bogged down with life/work but I’d like to dip my toes back in. I miss writing. I’m really craving...
  11. rissa

    BY INVITATION ONLY The Undying Hunt - Creation Station & Sign Ups

    THE UNDYING HUNTINTEREST CHECK | SIGN UPS | LORE | ICCREATION STATION #darkurbanfantasy #supernatural #adventure #playerdrivennarrative #plspost MuliMiriam Libre Introduction This page will be our "headquarters" until the final cast is chosen and the Discord server goes live...
  12. rissa

    ADDITIONAL INFO The Undying Hunt - Lore

    THE UNDYING HUNTINTEREST CHECK | SIGN UPS | LORE | IC fa-square The State of the World (And Other Things) fa-square The Connected Planes fa-square Playable Races fa-square Map of Pirn fa-square NPCs fa-square Cast & Crew #darkurbanfantasy #supernatural #adventure #playerdrivennarrative #dontpost...
  13. rissa

    The Undying Hunt

    . . ₮ⱧɆ Ʉ₦ĐɎł₦₲ ⱧɄ₦₮ ฿Ɇ₲ł₦₴ Pirn has been chosen. It's residents have been marked. Participation is now the only course of action. Until the Lord of the Undying Hunt is satisfied, their souls belong to him. —the city of pirnis located in wolfpine county oregon, nestled deep in...
  14. Durandal

    Blood Moon Rising(A Vampire roleplay, Fantasy, seeking F) CLOSED FOR NOW

    I have found at least two partners for this interest check, and that is about my limit, sorry to anyone else who is interested. I'll try to keep you in mind though Guidelines I. My main wish is that my partner be relaxed, friendly, and respectful II. I would like for things to be in...
  15. Absyinthe

    Clockwork Hearts

    Clockwork Hearts Interest Check Whoever you were before, that no longer matters. For the Clockwork Creator has plucked you from your original universe, plane, or dimension and has brought you to this unknown land. They explain that you and others will undergo a special surgery to replace your...
  16. J

    Heroes Must Die

    A tall, slightly built figure wearing a purple beanie and a buttoned-up, greige trench coat entered the tavern. The man did not turn his head to look at the people that chatted at the nearby wooden tables but rather sat at an empty barstool. "Will it be the usual? Scotch and soup?" said...
  17. Waffur

    Apparently Doing One Of These Every Year Now

  18. PhantomThief715

    Hey You! Yes, you. Click Me!

    About Me I see you have wondered over into my little domain have you? Oh the joy! The adventure! The crazy! I will show you just what my mind is made of but I should warn you. Entering my mind can be a very dangerous place so grab your weapons and prepare to enter. PhantomTheif715 as my name is...
  19. Spooder Queen

    Looking for RP Partners (Fantasy only.)

    List of my OCs and optionally the original world I crafted. My favorite OC I am seeking partners to start writing narratives with the hopes of forming lasting friendships IC or OOC. I am soliciting after long-term players, and will not stomach ghosting. Real-life happens, but try your best to...
  20. Maalefik

    Lady Maal's 1x1 Search

    A B O U T Hey, good morning! Please call me Maal and I am seeking out some roleplays. Let me tell you a bit about me: I am an adaptable writer and I can produce small posts or long posts, depending on what I feel is needed to say. I've been writing/role-playing for over a decade and I am easy...