dark fantasy

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Fantasy with elements of horror and a gloomy aesthetic.
  1. Absyinthe_Artica


    https://i.imgur.com/V5h9tM6.png OOC Signups [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Be weary, be ready, and watch your back as you travel through the realm of the Eventyde Festival. {/slide} [slide] [slide] Sinister Intentions With these two factions...
  2. QueenObscure


    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, originally starting off as nothing but social constructions, within the minds of humanity with only one true purpose... The Apocalypse, an event that would ensure the destruction of all humanity and begin a new era on Earth. Then 'Death' began to grow a...
  3. Ardent


    MASSIVE SHOUTOUT to @Ghostly Boo for helping & cheering me on. I couldn't have done this without you. Thank you! 🖤 Font 1 Font 2 Font 3 fa-play-circlefa-pause-circleL'alba Dei Morti ViventiGRIMSWORTHSomewhere in our world, in a little known valley shrouded in mist, lies the sleepy village of...
  4. Gladis

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the Crystal [OOC]

    The Knights Arcane: Wardens of the crystal In the dawn of ancient times, the Aetherian empire rose to a technological providence that was unmatched by all. Their mastery over innovation and advancement knew no bounds, yet within the grandeur of their achievements lurked an insatiable thirst...
  5. tapedeck

    Soul Eater cravings

    a sound Soul dwells within a sound Mind and a sound Bodyboxbefore i get into anything, my roleplay intro & expectations are hosted on my toyhouse, so please give that a once-over! do note that there's a couple "security questions" to make sure folks actually do read 'em. roleplay location can be...
  6. Juni_Tootie

    A Simple Search, Made by yours Truly. (1x1, Fandoms/Non-fandoms, includes an OC Masterlist + Writing Sample)

    hi! i'm juniperr, my pronouns are they/them! i also use neopronouns so if you'd like to know what they are ask me, i don't mind! I am 16, and going to be a junior in high school (i am currently on summer break). i consider myself literate, for i can comfortably write around three beefy paras...
  7. Manna Beast

    What's your Hallowe'en Name!

    FOR FUN! What's yours from this, and if you can find a better one, link it! Let's got ham! Currently my name is: Cursed Pumpkin Crafter.. I think I made Headless Horseman's head then!
  8. Tsundere_AraAra

    RP Revival

    Hey Everyone, It's nice to meet all of you, my name is Ari (or Ara if you prefer). I'm both thrilled and a little apprehensive to be joining the Iwaku community. It's been quite a while since I've indulged in RP, but I'm back and looking to dive in once again. A little OOC: I've been immersed...
  9. Ardent

    GRIMSWORTH | An 80s dark fantasy role-play

    FONT1 [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Coded by Ardent
  10. Apparition

    Mostly Seeking Fantasy—Horror, High, Dark etc.

    Hi! I'm Apparition! My pronouns are he or they and I'm in my twenties; I only one-on-one RP with people who are 18+. I don't usually communicate using Discord with people I don't know well but feel free to PM me anytime! Throw all your ideas at me! They won't hit me, considering that I'm a...
  11. Excession

    Righteous Fiends

    I'm seeking five players to take on the roles of warrior-priests to an enigmatic cult, serving their god and working to protect their people from destruction by their enemies. The system is quick enough to learn, a dice-pool system that's easy to use but has mechanical depth if you want to...
  12. Excession

    A Time of Monsters

    The old world is dying. The king is dead, his son is a halfwit heretic, a dozen dukes raise armies to contest the throne and bark like caged hounds on the borders. Foreign powers decry every side as a heathen and barbarian and back their favourites for promises of land and treasure. Schismatic...
  13. Excession

    A Time of Monsters - Signup, OOC

    I may have posted this in slightly the wrong place and can't delete so uh I guess I'll edit as we go. A summary is no bad thing to have. The old world is dying. The king is dead, his son is a halfwit heretic, a dozen dukes raise armies to contest the throne and bark like caged hounds on the...
  14. Spinda

    Just a swirly guy looking for my next obsession

    Hi! I'm Spinda! I'm new here and I'm going to throw my hat in the ring! I am looking for experienced, quick rp partners who want to be homies while we write our silly little stories and hurt our precious little guys. What I'm looking for in a partner: 💫 18+. I'm Internet Old so I like to rp...
  15. ThatGuyOverThere

    Some ideas I have been thinking about

    Hey everyone, I am back again looking for some partners for some rp ideas I have been thinking of. I will preface this by saying that I mainly use discord for rps. I don't mind setting up like a bare bones server for us to rp with. I mainly do FxF pairings but open to MxM (as long as a Femboy or...
  16. ImaginationGoneWild

    ADDITIONAL INFO CHARACTER INDEX WORLDBUILDING A Collection of Goodies about the Group Roleplay Lescatia - War of the Vampire

    Lescatia - War of the Vampire Link to Our Sign-Up Page This thread will be to keep track of my characters (currently two) and to keep notes about the Lore and Storyline. Coming Soon in this Thread: Character Sheets Information about the Blockhouse gifted by the Vampire Prince Information about...
  17. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: War of the Vampire

    OOC THREAD: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/lescatia-the-land-of-the-vampire-prince.202048/ Lescatia was never a land of vibrance, but it was still a land of morbid beauty. The morning was heralded by the gaunt roosters crowing, crows squawking, and dogs barking. The Border City was...
  18. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: The Land of the Vampire Prince

    The Vampire Prince TL;DR: Prince is Big Vampire and rules kingdom. Takes kinda care of the people and people love and fear him. All the nobles very vampire. Much spooky. The world, for all who live within Lescatia, consists of a sprawling length of petty kingdoms, dukedoms, princedoms...