dark fantasy

Fantasy with elements of horror and a gloomy aesthetic.
  1. Absyinthe

    Clockwork Hearts

    Clockwork Hearts Interest Check Whoever you were before, that no longer matters. For the Clockwork Creator has plucked you from your original universe, plane, or dimension and has brought you to this unknown land. They explain that you and others will undergo a special surgery to replace your...
  2. J

    Heroes Must Die

    A tall, slightly built figure wearing a purple beanie and a buttoned-up, greige trench coat entered the tavern. The man did not turn his head to look at the people that chatted at the nearby wooden tables but rather sat at an empty barstool. "Will it be the usual? Scotch and soup?" said...
  3. Waffur

    Apparently Doing One Of These Every Year Now

  4. PhantomThief715

    Hey You! Yes, you. Click Me!

    About Me I see you have wondered over into my little domain have you? Oh the joy! The adventure! The crazy! I will show you just what my mind is made of but I should warn you. Entering my mind can be a very dangerous place so grab your weapons and prepare to enter. PhantomTheif715 as my name is...
  5. Tahira Quilkovesh

    Looking for RP Partners (Fantasy only.)

    List of my OCs and optionally the original world I crafted. My favorite OC I am seeking partners to start writing narratives with the hopes of forming lasting friendships IC or OOC. I am soliciting after long-term players, and will not stomach ghosting. Real-life happens, but try your best to...
  6. Maalefic

    Lady Maal's 1x1 Search

    A B O U T Hey, good morning! Please call me Maal and I am seeking out some roleplays. Let me tell you a bit about me: I am an adaptable writer and I can produce small posts or long posts, depending on what I feel is needed to say. I've been writing/role-playing for over a decade and I am easy...
  7. ArtisticArmoury

    Interested in Medieval Fantasy?

    It’s been a while since I’ve done RP haha, so I’m trying to get back into it. I have a medieval fantasy setting I was hoping to do it in if anyone’s interested. I’ve got a few plots we can go with: -you’re a member of the highking’s court (doesn’t matter the position), even if you’re the...
  8. Moonbow

    A Genshin Interest Check!

    A sprawling, awe-inspiring world, the realm of Teyvat runs rich with magic and mystery. Many types of peoples can be found in all corners of the world, ranging from the wind-swept fields of Mondstadt to the icy cold tundra of Snezhnaya. For centuries, such individuals have thrived under the rule...
  9. The Dapper Mog

    Two Little Words

    Humanity's history is best described as a cautionary tale. It is rife with despair, misery, and tragedy. Wars have been waged for petty and selfish gain. Entire cultures eradicated in a single fell swoop. Populations left barren, condemned to death by conflict or famine. In my time, my near...
  10. honeyumbrella

    looking for a roleplay.

    well, it's been a while no doubt ! I think about a year. I lost my password and don't remember my username.whixh besides the point ! my name is astro, I go by they/them & I am looking to get back into roleplaying. I mostly prefer bxb and a submissive role, in a dark sexual fantasy roleplay - if...
  11. Skelebro

    MxM rp search

    Hey! I'm looking for active MxM, long-term RP partners/friends. (Not to mention, I'm new to this site). I'm open to any kinds of interesting plots, no matter what the genre is. However, I'm more familiar when it comes to more realistic/modern settings. I love dark/thriller plots with romance...
  12. PuddingDragon

    Partner search

    Hello there you can call me Pudding. This is my first partner request so I hope I can do this decently enough. I'm looking for a rp partner, but more importantly im hoping to make a new friend(s). I have no preference on gender or anything like that honestly, because if you're a good and caring...
  13. Shayla

    Rebirth: The Final Stand

    RebirthCan good exist without evil? Can there be light without dark? An unceasing question. Serin, once the domain that embodied true darkness had long laid dormant since the cataclysmic wars. Bound by rune magic, the city had been sealed away to never allow another soul to enter such an...
  14. Waffur

    Yet Another Search Thread

  15. Moonbow

    Attack on Titan RP!

    Hello! I'm interested in starting an Attack on Titan roleplay that more or less follows the same events of the anime-- as in, we'll start off right before the fall of Wall Maria and then skip to our characters' training days in the 104th Training Corps. Even though your characters are free to...
  16. cam

    The Sword-Scholar from Khitai

    An old man straightened at the edge of a field, and shielded his eyes from the morning sun. In the pale halo, a rider approached. The silhouette was slender and unfamiliar. His weathered thumb twitched reflexively. Nobody ever approached from the east, as Turan stretched beyond with scorching...
  17. cam

    Seeking F/F partners. Original plots and obscure, outdated fandoms inside! [Updated 12/12]

    Introduction I'm Cam. Been roleplaying since the AOL chatroom days. I have fond memories of staying up late with close online friends and getting lost in our worlds together. Would love to find that connection again, and I have come close a few times, but sometimes the cookie crumbles just so...
  18. TheColourlessRainbow

    Before the Garden of Eden

    Little intro information: Hello! I would first like to say, thank you for clicking on on my RP. Now, this is a prequel Roleplay to the book that I am currently writing on Wattpad, so it is a work in progress and heavily based on lore and activity. I would also like to mention that this is a...
  19. Lir-The-Witch

    The Red Wolf and the Townsmen (M/M)

    OKAY SO I HAVE THIS IDEA: I was inspired by this song: setting is fantasy, has old wild magics in it but nothing high fantasy like, kind of dark fairy tale vibes for the setting and such. My character is a famous hunter, the Red wolf, his childhood was in the town where your character would...
  20. A

    Wings Of Freedom

    100 years ago, there was a war between the shadows of the kingdom of Ikana and the kingdom of Elmer. The smoke from the fires reaches for the heavens as it clouded the clear blue skies. The emerald grass tainted with the blood of the innocents. Two other kingdoms one of the elves and one of the...