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  1. Hamliton trash

    Hello there!

    Hi I'm Hamliton trash aka Ham I'm looking for a partner to rp I'm mostly interested in the following: girl/girl ,werewolves, royalty, fantasy but open to whatever ideas you might have
  2. N

    Searching for a Miraculous Partner!

    Hello! Name’s Nico (obviously) and I have an idea that I’d like to try. Before I get to that, I believe there’s some formalities to get out of the way! When it comes to length, I am an adaptable person! I’d like to try to match what I’m given so my partner feels like their efforts are...
  3. supertinycanadian

    [Discord] Cyberpunk, Lovecraft, Sci-fi, Lets get Philosophical. ♥ FxF Preferred

    Hello~, my name is Sam. I'm an avid writer, gamer, hobbyist, nerd, etc. I haven't been on the site lately due to real life events, but I'm looking to get back into some lovely discussion/writing with you fine denizens of Iwaku. ♥ First and foremost, I use Discord to do all of my writing. This...
  4. Cactae_Mae

    ALWAYS OPEN Easy As Pie Partner Search (Discord mostly)

    :heart:Hello There!:heart: So, here I am again, looking for roleplay partners and decided to put some more thought into my thread and just to try to make it look pretty. Now, before you go on and head over to the plots and cravings under all this, please, check out my rules. Thanksies! :earth:My...
  5. Mahou-Shoujo

    Mahou's Long Term Scifi Requests

    Greetings all! I am Mahou! This here is my request thread! Here you will find requests of the scifi type, I like to think I am a creative girl, and hope that you take interest in something here! Rules: Let's keep this simple and brief. Posts: I would LOVE to have several posts a day, though I...
  6. mikeyymoo

    looking for a rp partner ! [mxm, fxm]

    finally... it's summer, which for me means staying online and drawing for a whole two months. for the summer i'd enjoy finding a reliable rp partner who's open to roleplays and becoming good friends! about me! my name is mikey or moo! whichever you want to call me. i'm from canada...
  7. Morgana

    FxF Partner Search

    Hey guys! I am Morgana and I've been roleplaying for 7 to 8 years (I guess, not really sure). Although lately I've been spending more time on Tumblr playing in Brazilian RPGs communities - since it's easier for me to play in my mother language - , I've decided to come back to play in forums and...
  8. Peregrine

    Wish (Peregrine x lxngdon)

    The Snyders dressed Avila in a silky grey turtleneck, loose-fitting black jeans, and flat-heeled boots for her first day of school. She'd tried to head downstairs with the fluffy purple pajama-bottoms she'd been wearing for the past three days, but was immediately caught by Amanda, her foster...
  9. Felilla

    BY INVITATION ONLY Two Plus {Character Index}

    C H A R A C T E R || I N D E X ☞ {you are here} I N || C H A R A C T E R ☞ {over there} D I S C O R D ☞ {over here} https://78.media.tumblr.com/18215354722350edc5a8d51ae482deef/tumblr_p9zf6q7PYk1wtb5awo1_400.pngFamily is important and in the “Two Plus” community of Florence...
  10. cronygrl

    One x One [F/F] Romance

    Hello. You can call me Crony. I’m 21+. I love RP. I am looking for some females to write with. Romance is my favorite. I don’t mind drama, angst and the whole slice of life genre and what it brings. I just don’t expect to write in cheating and things like that because I want our couple to be...
  11. Cactae_Mae

    50 Shades of 4th Wall Breaks

    I take back everything I said. I'm literally okay with anything at this point.
  12. Venere

    Long term partners? [M x F or F x F]

    Hello~ my name is Venere! I am 17 going on 18 but I don't mind what age you are as long as you have constant posts, grammar, and decent length posts. About me Like I had said before I am 17 going on 18, so I will be an adult soon! (According to this site at least haha) I am going to be a...
  13. Sjöfn

    Looking for Advanced M/F Long-Term Fantasy Partner

    Yo. I'm tired and bored so I'll keep it short, like a good tinder profile (that's a joke...). Looking for long-term, advanced writer for epic story writing. I am looking to write low/high/medieval fantasy stories. I like to read, so I like writing with a partner who loves to write. I also love...
  14. Venere


    Hello~ my name is Venere! I am 17 going on 18 but I don't mind what age you are as long as you have constant posts, grammar, and decent length posts. About me Like I had said before I am 17 going on 18, so I will be an adult soon! (According to this site at least haha) I am going to be a...
  15. Cactae_Mae

    Yet Another Creative Title (mostly romance)

    Hello, so, since I am finally able to breathe as I have survived the more stressful parts of art school, (I still have two more less stressfilled weeks to go, but after those it's gonna be straight up Hawaii for me) as of right now, I decided to post yet another search. A little warning before...
  16. Philosopher

    Philosopher's Original Plots and Curiosities

    Greetings, Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Philosopher, a twenty-something university student from England who enjoys wasting time on the internet whilst listening to terrible music. I've been roleplaying for several years now, and am coming off of a rather long break. I'm looking to ease...
  17. Monica Monroe

    Steampunk Role play (M×F or F×F)

    Hello I have been looking to do a steampunk styled role play for a long time. I have noticed that it is not a typical setting a lot of people do. I have a rough idea for a plot that I thought could be good. It would take place in a steampunk world where the cities and and other landmasses would...
  18. Wing


    Ok here's the deal I watched Avengers: Infinity War on opening day in Imax. Now I need some Avengers roleplays in my life. I do have plots and ideas. So feel free to ask me about those. I'm also open to hearing yours. My ideas are all over the timeline. So it's not just at the Infinity War...
  19. Huntress

    Looking to fill and expand a single plot.

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in RPing with me I currently only have a single rough idea for a superhuman plot that I would like to expand on with someone. So without further adieu I shall give you some...
  20. Ysolde

    Seeking female characters for female romance

    Hello there I am redoing my seeking thread to entice new players and request older players to see if they might be interested in playing with me again. About me: - I am a 44 year old transgender lesbian woman. - I only write FxF plotlines - I usually post at least once per day - However I...