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Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of Europe's Middle Ages, which began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century and ended with the beginning of the Renaissance.
  1. Willow Rue

    ALWAYS OPEN A x A ☆ ✨ found family but it's fantasy !!

    fa-play fa-pause "You saw through me, all this time -- I'd forgotten people are kind." ❤️ Current Plot Cravings ⭐ A child is born with/given a gift from the gods, making them incredibly valuable. Fleeing from those who would exploit that gift, they're met with a variety of characters with their...
  2. Natalya Rostova

    Looking for a little medieval romance~

    Hey there! Thank you all for coming by. It's been a long time since I've conducted a search, but I have a bit of free time and I'd love to fill it with one or two fun role plays! Please PM me rather than commenting here! As the title suggests, I'm looking for a bit of romance, but I also love a...
  3. Fae_visionary

    Faerie troubles

    The Kingdom of Ebralen has always faced troubles within it's own walls,but when illegal fight clubs and plants are being sold,what do the citizens do? Please note this Roleplay will have violence! It is set in a medieval fantasy era I hope that you enjoy reading this and please consider joining...
  4. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: War of the Vampire

    OOC THREAD: Lescatia was never a land of vibrance, but it was still a land of morbid beauty. The morning was heralded by the gaunt roosters crowing, crows squawking, and dogs barking. The Border City was...
  5. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: The Land of the Vampire Prince

    The Vampire Prince TL;DR: Prince is Big Vampire and rules kingdom. Takes kinda care of the people and people love and fear him. All the nobles very vampire. Much spooky. The world, for all who live within Lescatia, consists of a sprawling length of petty kingdoms, dukedoms, princedoms...
  6. Conner


    So to start off, I didnt really have a fully detailed and fleshed-out world yet, I wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this first. Basically it would be a group RP probably, with the world being set in a crisis called the great fog, which (very similar to stephen king's "the mist")...
  7. World of Nibel: "The Stray Cat."

    The events that ensued within that maddening locomotive left more queries than resolutions. The diva discovered herself sleuthing through that enigma. Whether by happenstance or fate, she couldn't say. Regardless, they were all liberated once they had forced their way out and slew the eldritch...
  8. Iwaku Guest

    Chronicles RP - a medieval fantasy roleplaying forum This is another xenforo based forum roleplay, and it looked really neat so I am sharing! It is medieval fantasy and developing this lore rich world, very cool.
  9. Itari

    Thieves and Secrets

    Anika sifted through the reports, frowning. Break ins taking place in the middle of the night across the country with nothing stolen. Merchants and travelers attacked by mysterious figures, their items ransacked but left intact. Something was happening. Someone was looking for something. She...
  10. Huntress

    Trying to shake off the rust

    Hello everyone, Huntress here! I am attempting to slowly come back into this, cause, well...I've missed it a little. So first things first, I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. Alrighty, so, onto the first...
  11. fatalrendezvous

    Iskiela: Unity | Signups and OOC

    CLICK HERE to be taken to the IC! Iskiela: Unity is a player-driven roleplay (inspired by an old Iwakuan, Murasaki-sama) that takes place in a low-fantasy world called Iskiela. It occurs right around the time of a ritual called The Unification, a time-honored peacekeeping tradition that...
  12. Zizikitty

    Looking for adventure and long term rp's!

    Hello! I go by Zizi, I’ll try to make it short and sweet so as not to hit peeps with a wall of text. I am looking to pick up a couple of role plays. Took a long hiatus due to being sick, bogged down with life/work but I’d like to dip my toes back in. I miss writing. I’m really craving...
  13. JJPD2004

    Blood & Ruin (A Fantasy Roleplay)[OOC/Sign-Ups]

    At first the world was nothing - a blank slate, void of all colour and life. This blank slate was a canvas for The Creator, painting his world with whatever he had desired. Lush forests, vast valleys, and endless oceans, there was no limit to what The Creator had envisioned. Once the landscapes...
  14. Wotanaz

    Broacien: Wotanaz' Search

    The world of Broacien, as far as we know it. There exists more lands to the north, east, south and west, but this is as far as the titular kingdom has explored it's surrounding realms. Where will you strike your mark? This RP will be based off of Broacien, so reading the linked thread is...
  15. muffinphobia

    muffin's partner search! semi-lit & medieval or victorian era

    muffin's partner search! Hi, everyone! I'm muffin and I've been RPing on and off for the last 12-ish years. I'm 28F and live in the Central Time Zone, and I can post two to three times a week, maybe more if the muse strikes. ;) I can usually write at least two to three paragraphs per post...
  16. The land of Clova

    Hello! I'm looking for someone to RolePlay with me in a fantasy world that I'm developing called Clova [link here for a 2000+ word info page]. All the other information you could need is either on my profile, or on the info page.
  17. B

    🌸 Dragonari 💫

    - A Long time ago where dragons, existed.. there was this one dragon who was blessed by the Hallowed council Upon the skies. There are different, Types of dragons like, The Blossom dragons, The Spade dragons, The Herbage dragons, The Scarred dragons, The Heavenly Dragons, And the Lightning...
  18. Decadent Darkness

    [F4 A playing M] Who doesn't love a royal romantic affair? (Royal Romance RP Search)

    Hey! My name is Anna and I am looking for some good ol' fashion royal romance! Basically, I am looking for someone to roleplay with some of my princess characters. I have a slew of them, one for every occasion. I am primarily seeking romance roleplay but a little bit of adventure tied in is...
  19. Thugisa

    Dystopian/fantasy/cyberpunk AndroidXPrince Roleplay!

    Okay so I'm not gonna put my whole starter here, but this is the general idea! It's been hundreds of years since the world ended in an atomic hell flame. Society has rebuilt itself but not to the point of modern day. The people in your character's city have no idea if there's even any other...