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An oppressed, diseased, overcrowded, and/or environmentally-degraded setting.
  1. tapedeck

    PAINTPOCALYPSE | laughter isn't the cure, but it'll get us through this

    [slide] [slide] before i get into anything, my roleplay intro & expectations are hosted on my toyhouse, so please give that a once-over! do note that there's a couple "security questions" to make sure folks actually do read 'em. roleplay location can be threads or DMs, depending on your...
  2. Absinthe

    CYBERPUNK: Night City Chronicles

    CYBERPUNK: Night City Chronicles There's no place like Night City, the infamous city state in what was once California. Depending on who you ask, it's a vibrant, exciting city, a unique melting pot of cultures. A cityscape full of opportunities, interesting people, and home to technology once...
  3. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: War of the Vampire

    OOC THREAD: https://www.iwakuroleplay.com/threads/lescatia-the-land-of-the-vampire-prince.202048/ Lescatia was never a land of vibrance, but it was still a land of morbid beauty. The morning was heralded by the gaunt roosters crowing, crows squawking, and dogs barking. The Border City was...
  4. Lurcolm

    OPEN SIGNUPS Lescatia: The Land of the Vampire Prince

    The Vampire Prince TL;DR: Prince is Big Vampire and rules kingdom. Takes kinda care of the people and people love and fear him. All the nobles very vampire. Much spooky. The world, for all who live within Lescatia, consists of a sprawling length of petty kingdoms, dukedoms, princedoms...
  5. What has Earth come to?

    Starter(?) Ensio crouched behind the trash cans, watching through the gaps at the protoguards scanning the area. Luckily, they couldn't see through the material that the trash can's were made from. They eventually hovered away, and Ensio sighed in relief. He stood up, stretching his tired...
  6. tapedeck

    courier's 1x1 search!

    COYOTECOURIERfa-scroll fa-dice-d20 fa-paw he / thae / they ♦ 23 ♦ writing samples ♦ Howdy, I'm Courier! You can also call me Coyote or Achilles :3 This thread's gonna serve as my permanent 1x1 partner search thread, so stuff may be altered here and there as time goes on. Once you've read...
  7. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A F x M M x NB A Concerningly Cumbersome Chronicle Collection

    The Call of the Wordbinder Hello! I'm Moody. I'm thirty two years old and have been roleplaying since I was thirteen. When I'm not writing or working on character information, I play My Time At Portia or browse for memes to share with my friends, usually while in a voice chat. Hope to hear...
  8. CaffeineFreak

    Kill the character above you!

    This is an somewhat experimental RP, the purpose is to practice fight scenes! Simply 1) Introduce a character and their weapons/abilities, 2) Have that character kill whoever was introduced in the previous post, 3) Watch your character get killed by the next poster and the cycle continues! No...
  9. Shotgun Vigilante

    Fallout Seattle: Hells Point

    It is the year 2292, 10 y years after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam in the Mojave Wasteland in the NCR's favor. Legate Lanius was slain by Courier Six, along with dozens of legionaries. at Fortification Hill. Caesar and what remained of the Legion's forces fled Northwest towards Oregon and...
  10. Blood Lightning

    The Purge: Labor And Delivery

    Looking for a partner to do this with. Quick question: How many pregnant women is too many? About The Purge Franchise The franchise is set in a Dystopian Future where the United States is recovering from a period of economic collapse and social unrest after a Political Organization called the...
  11. N

    [searching for partners...]

    hey hey! i’m rain (she/her), and i’m a high schooler in an unspecified american city looking for some partners on this lovely site. i’ve been writing as long as i can remember, but rp-wise i’ve been frequenting sites like iwaku for about 4-5 years. i’m a huge science nerd, a caffeine addict, and...
  12. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  13. SadistPoet

    Catgirl Paradise (Dystopian Meta Horror RP)

    The Joke An innocent joke among fans of anime: "When are we going to get genetically engineered catgirls for domestic ownership?" Ceaseless idealism and depraved fantasy gestated this idea in the head of one young man, Blaise Burkett, a failed biology student. Or was he a student at all? Was...
  14. Karyra

    Demon Eradication Alliance Department

    Source: Cookiehana on DeviantArt Welcome to DEAD! The Demon Eradication Alliance Department (DEAD) is in charge of the elimination of demonkind by using demons. You are a Demon or a Handler. Either way, you are now a hunter of the Dark Corners of Hollow City. Your job is kill without regret...
  15. Y O M I

    ✮ Looking for quick short term (or long term) role play partners!

    Hi, I’m Tianna and I’m looking for a partner who is interested in doing a simple rp nothing really long term since I suck at staying committed. prefrences: At this moment I’m more interested in doing short term plots/storylines. as I want to practice getting better at writing. I’m looking...
  16. Dark Country

    One in the Chamber

    So, I'm making this roleplay story; it's based in the not so distant future where the world's economy tanked so the countries we know today are shadows of their former selves. Well, the largest manufacturers of guns and weaponry; the U.S, Russia, France, England, China, Germany, Israel, etc...
  17. Ardent

    Altered Matter

    FONT 1FONT 2FONT 3Altered mAtter_ su ooc ic lore fa-play fa-1x fa-pause fa-1x    unstoppable now - the phantoms
  18. Ardent

    Altered Matter

    FONT 1FONT 2FONT 3Altered mAtter_ su ooc ic lore fa-play fa-1x fa-pause fa-1x    unstoppable now - the phantoms
  19. Ardent

    Altered Matter (OOC)

    FONT 1FONT 2FONT 3Altered mAtter_ su ooc ic lore fa-play fa-1x fa-pause fa-1x    unstoppable now - the phantoms They tune in to their television sets, day and night, to watch them. They gather in the streets, braving every cold and hot day, to catch even just a single glimpse. For the people...