canon divergence (fandom)

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  1. Gands


    Gotham City. Since everything changed, it went from being just another crime-infested pit of a city to being the capital of New Jersey - and still crime-infested. Only difference now, is some people get paid by the government to add to that infestation. Politicians. People who think that because...
  2. Michale CS

    INTEREST CHECK Epic Crossover - Suicide Squad

    This is a merged comic book universe, drawn mainly on DC and Marvel, but any comic book character, including original characters, will be considered. The character sheets will be written up in the Classic Marvel RPG found here, but all you as a player need to do is rate the seven stats and list...
  3. Michale CS


    A very cool video that captures the essence of Epic Crossover (though not necessarily the plot) Player characters will not be allowed to be "Villains" except on a case by case basis after being vetted by the admins and clan owner. I am aware some really disparate comics are under the umbrella...
  4. Soverign

    Monster Hunter World - The New Generation

    This is set nine years after the events of the game Monster Hunter World. The great threat of the age, the strange Xeno elder dragon was defeated by the best the hunters of the fifth fleet had to offer. But now years have passed and there is a need of new hunters. A Sixth fleet is called to the...
  5. Gands

    BY INVITATION ONLY Rise 2 There was an idea OOC

    Taken from Rise Of The Marvels (AU Marvel RP/Story) alternate timeline World War 2 Era ~Super Soldier Serum developed by Dr. Abraham Erskine in Germany at the start of World War 2. Johann Schmidt takes the formula, becoming the Red Skull. Erskine escapes to America, being involved in the...
  6. Gands

    BY INVITATION ONLY Rise 2: There was an idea

    There was an idea: To bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to. To fight the battles we never could." This is a continuation of Rise of the Marvels... CLOSED SIGNUPS - Rise Of The Marvels (IC...
  7. Pahndora

    Novae Diluculo

    A private roleplay between @Pahn, @Sloth, and @Sunny To be added Character Sheet Code: Dosis; Amatic SC; Roboto Slab; {slide=[ Character Name ]|center}NameXNickname(s)X AgeXGenderX{/slide} Hedwig's Theme - John Williams {slide=1 - personality|center}...
  8. Astaroth

    PRIVATE [STARFIRE] A Child's Game: Plotting and OOC Thread

    This is the OOC thread for a private one-on-one between @firejay1 and myself. Please don't post in it! IC THREAD This is a continuation of the characters and plots originally made by @Astaroth and @firejay1 for the Game of Thrones/ASoIaF fandom roleplay A Season for Snakes by @Jorick and...
  9. Astaroth

    [STARFIRE] A Child's Game

    OOC THREAD A BOY'S FOLLY She looked up at him, eyes wide and grey and lined with smudged kohl, her bottom lip trembling. Tears had left muddled smears down her cheeks. A single word—his whispered name—hung captured between them in a puff of white mist, her breath given form by the chill...
  10. O

    My Hero Academia MxM

    I'm looking for someone who knows a bit about the anime/manga My Hero Academia and who will be willing to play the characters Bakugou, Deku, or Iida while I play Todoroki. When it comes to mxm rps I usually play the bottom/uke character but will be willing to play a switch for these characters...
  11. Astaroth


    A Harry/Luna/Draco Potterverse RP by Astaroth and Pahn OOC "We've got Potter!" Greyback roared triumphantly. "We've captured Harry Potter!" -Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, pg. 455 Two figures sat in large winged-back armchairs before a roaring fireplace. The light from the flames danced...
  12. The Wanderer

    Hellsing's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    Sixteen years after the Zeppelin incident.... The world has moved on from the atrocities that befell them in the form of The Major and his artificial vampire army. Advancing in technology and medicine. And while the world's politics were strained, it was still relatively peaceful. However, this...
  13. Pahndora

    A Season for Snakes (IC)

    Discord | | OOC Table of Contents: The Queen's Invitation History & Lore Houses & Regions Laws of the Realm & Characters The White Book & Current Events A Song of Ice and Fire divergence roleplay, GMed by @Jorick and @Pahn
  14. Pahndora

    A Season for Snakes (OOC)

    Discord | | IC Table of Contents: The Queen's Invitation History & Lore Houses & Regions Laws of the Realm & Characters The White Book & Current Events A Song of Ice and Fire divergence roleplay, GMed by @Jorick and @Pahn
  15. Michale CS

    It is a Double Treat to Deceive the Deciever - Epic Crossover Event

    Atlantic City is a resort city on New Jersey's Atlantic coast that's known for its many casinos, wide beaches and iconic Boardwalk. Established in the 1800s as a health resort, today the city is dotted with glitzy high-rise hotels and nightclubs. In addition to gambling at slot machines and...
  16. Lulunopia

    New Age: Fairy Tail

    Life as a wizard in Fiore is a dream - a dream few get to experience in their lives. As a wizard, you find it your duty to learn and gain more magical knowledge, while helping those around you with task a human might find difficult to complete themselves. Up until this moment, you were a...
  17. Astaroth

    LUMOS SOLEM: Plotting and Additional Content [PAHNSTAR]

    A Harry/Luna/Draco Potterverse RP by Astaroth and Pahn IC This thread is a plotting/fansqueeing/additional content hub for a private roleplay between @Astaroth and @Pahn. Please don't post here! AU mid-DH, starting in Malfoy Manor. Harry ends up separated from Ron and Hermione, with Draco and...
  18. Michale CS

    Get Schwifty - Roleplay in the Rickstaverse of Rick and Morty

    Roleplaying in the Rickstaverse WARNING: You'll have to use a little math to make a character. As in, be able to count to 13. And yeah, I totally am borrowing part of a game system called Fate Accelerated to ensure that all of the characters made are around the same level of power, but this is...
  19. K

    Once Upon a Star

    Please see the wiki for more info. By Midnight Maiden, thatguyinthestore, and Klutzy Ninja Kitty A little longer than a year after the events of The Infinity Parable, Star makes her way to Storybrooke, along with some of her friends, to visit Emma and Killian. Somewhere in the multiverse...
  20. Resoan

    Looking for Shoujo Manga/Anime Fandoms

    Hi there! I'm only in the market for two fandoms right now, Boys Over Flowers (Hana Yori Dango) & The Wallflower (Perfect Girl Evolution/Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge). But wait! Before clicking out of my ad, let me tell you that if you're willing to watch or read either of these for me, I...