Including elements of magic, strange creatures, fantastic beings, and/or imaginary worlds.
  1. Tahira Quilkovesh

    SEEKING PARTNER Looking for long-term writers.

    Greetings, I'm seeking a long-term partner to weave a narrative. As a writer, I prefer to engage only with existing OC's that have character sheets. The plot we will construct will depend on the creations, as I feel considering both characters before writing the actual outline yields the best...
  2. Siren77

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Serenades and Side Quests

    Greetings Everyone! After a long night of plotting and schemes, I have a batch of plots that I’m hoping to bring to life with you glorious people!! A little about me; I’m a 21 year old writer that’s been in this hobby for about ten years now! I personally prefer to play male characters, and...
  3. ImaginationGoneWild

    PARTNER REQUEST Imagination Gone Wild

    Hello Iwaku! Please do not post in this thread, PM me instead. I'd like to stay organized. : 3 About Me I'm IGW, or Wild whichever you prefer, and I've been roleplaying for a good decade now. But I haven't roleplayed or been in the communities since before Covid so I am not feeling very...
  4. lemonkween


    Hello! I'm new to this platform so I don't have a lot on my profile yet-- but I'm not new to roleplaying! I've been doing this for about 5-6 years now, but I did end up taking a break for a bit. I decided I wanted to hop back into this!! I'm open to any ideas, but right now I would preferably...
  5. moffnat

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Elden Ring anyone? Not spoiler-free!

    ▌welcome. ▌ Hello, friends! It's Nat. I haven't been here in a million years, but Elden Ring has sparked my interest for new stories again. My preferred role will be highlighted in gold. Don't know me? I used to be Sansa Stark on here, back in the first few years of my time on Iwaku. I was...
  6. AnemoVictorious

    ALWAYS OPEN OPEN SIGNUPS ASTRAL DREAMS - a fantasy rp (sign ups and OOC)

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] Code by Jenamos | Inspired by MaryGold
  7. Thugisa

    Dystopian/fantasy/cyberpunk AndroidXPrince Roleplay!

    Okay so I'm not gonna put my whole starter here, but this is the general idea! It's been hundreds of years since the world ended in an atomic hell flame. Society has rebuilt itself but not to the point of modern day. The people in your character's city have no idea if there's even any other...
  8. Thor


    As the myth goes, in the beginning, there was King Magnus. He was given rule over everything under the sun as a gift from the Gods. At first, he was a just and kind ruler. For many years, everyone lived in peace and prosperity under his rule. Then, as if a sign from the gods, Magnus' three wives...
  9. Thor

    By Leave of the King

    For more content, lore & characters please view the extras.
  10. ItariChan

    Divinity (Mglo X Itari)

    @Mglo The ship swayed gently back and forth, rocking Sasha in her hammock. A crew member shook her shoulder, “Sasha get up! We’ve got work to do!” The voice sounded like Senna She groaned, “You don’t need me. There’s enough of you to take it down. Plus you have Cody.” Senna unceremoniously...
  11. Cyberelite2k

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Shield Hero needs assistance, guess we're chosen for this job (Rise of the shield hero crossover rp) sign ups

    Story The kingdom of Melromarc has summoned the four heroes of legend, The Spear, Sword, Bow and the (lesser liked) Shield. These four will save this world drom the waves. Events where large amounts of monsters invade the world to seemingly just cause mayhem and death. They will need to amass...
  12. Diana

    A Parade for a King (gummyDiana)

    Excitement was in the air in the Kingdom of Cyrus as for the first time in many years a royal ball was to be held. An announce decreed stated that every eligible unmarried person across the Twelve Kingdoms was invited to the Castle Maddox for a parade that'd be like none other. For it's King...
  13. MaryGold

    A Journey Out

    Philosopher; Crimson Text; x Tian Bo The Wandering Warrior Through the valley wildflowers, across the bridge over the river full of flying fish, and over mountain tops where a goat waits, bring a bottle of wine sweeter than apples and offer it to the man who will guide you. Bow your head...
  14. Grayyy

    Gray's Partner Search

    ∘₊✧── I only wish to sit upon a sea of stars and bask in their light Just with myself or with someone who loves me equally ──✧₊∘ ╡About me ╰☆╮Hi there! Call me Gray and thanks for stopping by. ╰☆╮I'm extremely friendly and hopefully can make some new friends here. :)) ╰☆╮First off, I'm new...
  15. T

    Looking fantasy and science-fiction role- players for original creation

    Looking for a role players who enjoy Game of Thrones type role play with science-fiction fantasies I'm posting that topic here because I'm looking to build an original Fantasy role-play but I'm taking it to the next level this isn't just going to be strictly a text role play anybody who has Ark...
  16. T

    The matrix reborn

    Due to the matrix update that happened after the Machine Civil War the world of the matrix changed The analyst son of the architect and the oracle had usurped his father's place as the core of the new matrix Machine The Machines are currently splintered into Factions Sub organization The analyst...
  17. Reanimator Spuds

    BY INVITATION ONLY Academy at A.R.M.S OoC (A Future Fantasy Roleplay)

    CR | IC Fine Day Recruit We call upon you as a member of Civilization. You have tested positive for high levels of Prima Brain Waves, thus stating that you are capable of Magic. As a wielder of this chaos, either by birthright or by chance, we request you uphold you Civil Duties and...
  18. Reanimator Spuds

    INTEREST CHECK Academy at A.R.M.S (A Future Fantasy Knight Academy Roleplay)

    Fine Day Recruit We call upon you as a member of Civilization. You have tested positive for high levels of Prima Brain Waves, thus stating that you are capable of Magic. As a wielder of this chaos, either by birthright or by chance, we request you uphold you Civil Duties and protect your...
  19. Diana

    After the Fall (Loveandhate & Diana)

    She stood outside the largest gates she had ever seen. Two ginormous figures holding swords carved of stone blocks frame, equally as heavy stone doors. Even the gates of her own homeland had not been quite so imposing. Maybe if they had been, Sibella wouldn't be standing there now. Blending in...
  20. Absyinthe

    Absyinthe's Quest

    Absyinthe's Quest Main Proposal I am on a quest to find more partners who don't mind that I am slow. I have a lot of real-life obligations, but I will always let you know if I can't reply for longer than a month. I am open to a lot of ideas, but my favorite thing to do is worldbuilding and...