doubled characters

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Indicating that the author prefers, allows, or is seeking players who will create and play as two characters.
  1. QuazisaurtheDinosaur

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Craving Fandom Roleplays! (OC x Canon doubling)

    Howdy! I'm Q, 24, CST. Craving Death Note (Matt), My Hero Academia (Todoroki), and Naruto (Kiba) AUs as always! Willing to split fandoms if you have other cravings and I know it well enough to write. I roleplay in para/multi para lit and would like my partner to do the same! I DO NOT DO CHAT...
  2. RoyalexLuna

    Fandoms, Plots and even Polyamory~ {Doubling + Friendly; Always open to suggestions}

    Hey there, Hi there, Ho there~ Your as welcome as can be! So, my name is Ohara/Luna/Ki whichever you prefer; I go by she/her; I've been at this roleplaying game for- quite a few years at this point. Though how many I have lost track ha~ Most of what I do is Fandoms; But I have a small handful of...
  3. hero.ic

    Rainclouds and Stormy Nights

    ! Hello and Welcome ! It's a pleasure to meet ya! Call me Hero bb C: So, I know you're all here because you too are incredibly bored during this unfortunate quarantine school season. I'm 22 and a college student who happens to be decently busy but roleplay helps me take the edge off so here I...
  4. M

    Partner who Doubles and does Fandoms

    My apologies for posting this at a time when I should be asleep, so it probably won't be the greatest worded request. I'm going to try and keep things simple. ------------------------------------------------------------------ How Much I Write - 400+ to 800+ per side. If I'm feeling good I can...
  5. ThatGuyOverThere

    Back again with my Muse: Looking for Casual Partners

    So it's been a long time since I have been here. Life has an awful way of getting in the way of things. But I am back and plan to stick around for a while. I plan to only use discord going forward but if anything I mention in this thread peaks your interest, private message me and we can...
  6. MandyCandy

    ♥ 1x1, fandom, doubling, email only, fxm or fxf ♥

    About me: You can call me anything you'd like since I don't put my real name on the web! Friend works just fine. I'm a 21 year old roleplayer and have been writing for way too long. I love everything about it, from coming up with characters to world-building to writing the actual story. I also...
  7. Mollisol


    Hello, and welcome to my partner search for a Persona plot! I'm talking about Persona as in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise; I am familiar with Persona 4 and 5, and have played a little of 3. Before we get to the plot, please mind my rules: Only proceed if you are 18 or older. I am 23 and...
  8. Mollisol

    Deschamps Templar of Angelblooded Knights // future-fantasy

    Hi, it's nice to meet you! You can call me Quin or Molli. If you like dynamic character relationships and action-packed fight scenes, and you're 18 or older, you've come to the right partner search. Angels, silvery jumbles of wings and eyes and stingers and flames, have existed since the...
  9. Esmeray

    ~ Jazz It Up, Try My Wares ~

    ~ I just wanted to start off by saying thank you for taking the time to viewing my thread, and taking a look at my requests. ~ _________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ I am 23 years old. I live in Wyoming, so Mountain Standard Time. I have a...
  10. Jealous

    Royalty, Assassins, Romance & all the best stuff

    I am craving a roleplay that involves royalty - specifically some form of royal x commoner. All plot bunnies involve mxf romance and DOUBLING. Also I have a strict no smut rule. As for posting expectation, I "mirror" post the most but prefer to always have over a paragraph. For response time...
  11. Rebornfan120

    Roleplay interest off hiatus

    Hello! I've decided to return and do a new roleplay post/request! After some time to think things through from a hiatus of not posting interest checks for some time I have decided it was time to try my luck again and return with the hopes to find some people to roleplay with. Seeing some posts...
  12. Gands

    Rise 2: There was an idea

    There was an idea: To bring together a group of remarkable people, see if they could become something more. See if they could work together when we needed them to. To fight the battles we never could." This is a continuation of Rise of the Marvels... CLOSED SIGNUPS - Rise Of The Marvels (IC...
  13. M

    Come Fly Away With Me [Originals & Fandoms; 18+]

    Hello, one and all! I've come back from a short hiatus and I'm itching to get back into writing with some of you lovely people of Iwaku! Specifically, I'm seeking semi-lit/advanced, multi-paragraph partners who can play the male role/double for me. :) And also partners who are laid-back/patient...
  14. J

    Partner Request

    Hey guys I am just recently trying to get back into roleplaying since the past few months I have been busy with work. But anyways as far as what type of roleplays I like doing I'm pretty much fine with any idea you have although I don't like doing Harry Potter ones since for some reason they...
  15. Jealous

    Collection of Plots - Seeking Partners

    I'm a 27 year old who, due to the twists and turns of life, had to drop roleplaying two years ago. Now that life has provided me with free time, I'd love to jump back into the fun of everything. I am looking for roleplays with drama, romance {mxf}, action, and just plain fun. If you want to...
  16. C


    Hi there! Call me Storm, 21, someone who spends way to much of her time playing way too many video games and taking way too many pictures of her animals. With the hype of the royal wedding, I’m really craving a royal type of roleplay! I have a few ideas, and I prefer to play the female but I...
  17. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant

  18. Tiger Dragon

    Tiger Dragons Pawsome Plots

    Roleplay Resume Message me if you are interested. Make the message title your favorite thing to do in or out of roleplays! Or Your roleplay Candy! * Current Wants Here * * Current Threads * Last Updated: 21/05/2018 Hi! I'm Tiger Dragon. I'm pretty laid back, curious and up for a lot of...
  19. M

    Seeking Original & Fandom Partners [18+; MxF Only]

    Hello; please to meet you all! I'm here (again) to find a few partners-in-crime to roleplay with. I enjoy just about every genre/setting except realistic high school/college life, Steampunk, Anime, Furries/Anthros, Cartoons, and Video Games. I can play both male and female characters (preferably...
  20. C

    the hunger games?

    Hey there! Welcome to my search thread, and thank you for taking the time to look! You can call me storm. I’m a 21 year old college student, who spends her free time binge watching tv she’s already seen before and playing far too many video games. I’ve been roleplaying for about 7 years now, but...