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  1. Caracal

    OPEN SIGNUPS Black Magic and Golden Hearts

    Under construction, please PM me for details. The masquerade is well and alive in the small suburban city of Aldenburg, Pennsylvania. Humans are oblivious to the true nature of their neighbors - the pale, red-eyed woman who likes to deliver the morning paper before sunrise, the wolfish family...
  2. Caracal

    OPEN SIGNUPS Black Magic & Golden Hearts OOC and Sign-up

    Under construction, but feel free to post! The interest check is here: INTEREST CHECK Why appropriating cultures for profit is bad: A Roleplay Sorry the thread isn't very pretty, I'm kinda in a rush to get everything posted before it all falls out of my head, and in case the hurricane changes...
  3. The Mood is Write

    ALWAYS OPEN Moody's Miniature Manhunt (plot currently in discussion) ME BITCHES Hey! I'm Moody. I'm twenty-nine years old, and pretty much have a reputation as one of the more messed up people on the site. Today I come to you with a singular idea that has niggled at my mind for the past few days...
  4. Jack Robinson

    INTEREST CHECK Strategic Earth Defense vs Demons

    CRISIS TRANSMISSION: CODE BLACK (URGENT) Hello. You are receiving this message because you are a trusted member of the World Security Association. As you all know by now, the demon invasion of earth has been classified as a CODE BLACK or WORLD ENDING event. Without the prompt response of the...
  5. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    INTEREST CHECK There Beneath Your Husk

    How long ago has it been since you've last seen anyone? How long ago has it been since you've last seen anything other than that painting? How long ago has it been since you last heard it? It’s still there isn’t it? As you as you lay prone, strapped to this hospital bed you have to realize...
  6. Ace of Angels

    ALWAYS OPEN Search Thread for More Exposure (Updated 08/22)

    Angel's Search Thread Posting Expectations: Adept - Prestige Posting Length Requirements: 4 paragraph minimum - full out novel Posting Speed Requirements: once a week at least “Make it dark, make it grim, make it tough, but then, for the love of God, tell a joke.” *makes room in my trash...
  7. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    OPEN SIGNUPS ~[OoC] Run, Prey, Run.

    <~<★>~> K welcome to the RP from your GMs Boo and DaFie!!^^!! Accepting 2 More!! Apply within^^!! We goin' IC'ly this weekend!! ~Just do Step 3 to Charrie Completion!! ~Check out what happens when done Step 3! <~<★>~>
  8. Violet

    PARTNER REQUEST Violet's Shiny New Partner Search

    Violet's One x One Search Thread About Me *I was active on Iwaku a few months back and took a break due to personal reasons* Hi there, and welcome to my search thread! I'm currently looking for more one x one role-plays! I plan on keeping this thread and updating often. Anyway here are a...
  9. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    GROUP RP AD Run, Prey, Run.

    >Wake.< >Wake Up.< Tap-tap-tappity-tap-tap-tappity. It is like someone is repeatedly poking your left temple, but without actually touching you. Wait. You know that annoying 'tapping'. It was that panther again. But what was her problem? Why Big Cat Code? Couldn't she just speak? And wait--...
  10. Wondering Soul

    Looking for 1x1 Partner(s)

    Hiya there! I'm pretty new to this sight, so you might want to take that into consideration about some things. That being said, I have several years of roleplay and even more in just general writing experience. However, all of my roleplay experience has been on a very strict family-friendly...
  11. BioshockRP

    The Underground City (Bioshock/Ribofunk Inspired) (1920s)

    B I O S H O C K : F E R V O R Welcome to my Bioshock, Ribofunk, and 1920s roleplay interest check! The concept of this roleplay is to have a group of characters explore the city of Fervor, an underground city underneath late 1920s America. Along the way, they'll discover secrets about the...
  12. ailurophillic

    Looking For A Romance

    what i'm looking for someone who replies weekly someone who posts a minimum of one meaty paragraph (no limit) someone who doesn't mind playing the male in a mxf romance someone who will help contribute to the plot preferably a person who enjoys talking ooc, but it's not a requirement what you...
  13. Astroblaze

    Crossed Paths

    Crossed Paths A little encounter that @Huntress and I thought up between two metahuman characters who wouldn't otherwise interact. Characters: Eve Rowley/Ether Anastasia Kestner/Aegis Shockwave Andrew Hawthorne/Pythagoras Carson Pierpont/Uranium
  14. Felilla

    BY INVITATION ONLY Two Plus {Character Index}

    C H A R A C T E R || I N D E X ☞ {you are here} I N || C H A R A C T E R ☞ {over there} D I S C O R D ☞ {over here} is important and in the “Two Plus” community of Florence...
  15. Shinku⭐Kun

    CLOSED SIGNUPS GenderBend!

    OOC Thread ----------------- Prologue - ONGOING A brief introduction of our Omega God, Perseus, and the goddess of all deities of the Devine Real, Kami. The story will start in the middle of a judgment to Perseus after being accused of perverted deeds and unpleasant pranks on some female...
  16. Tiger Dragon

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Divinity Game

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Signups are still open. There is 1 slot left. Players: @Cabob7 , @Astroblaze , @Lulunopia, @jeshem, @Illumi If you are not these people, please do not write in this thread.
  17. Tiger Dragon

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Divinity Game - Sign-ups | Questions

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Spots Open: 1 Spots Taken: 5 Spots Pending : 0 Spots Reserved: 0
  18. Vio

    OPEN SIGNUPS Rose Witch Covenant

  19. Elle Joyner

    Vox Populai - The Voice of the People

    || FIGHT THE SYSTEM || Open Sans;Rationale;Wire One;Roboto; {slide=1|center} VOX POPULIthe voice of the people can never be silenced. our city is called PAX. but we know as long as those in charge continue to oppress the ones beneath them, there will never be peace. we are a dying breed. the...
  20. Tiger Dragon

    The Divinity Game

    ***May be subject to roleplay name change*** Ione, the self-proclaimed god of play. A mass of energy and lost magic gathered in the void to make a living being. Endless amount of power and a very bored and childlike personality, Ione has picked you to play a game with him. Scooping you up...