Containing or focusing on the royal family of a monarchy or multiple monarchies, e.g. kings, queens, princes, or princesses.
  1. StrangeVsWeird

    Finders Keepers

    The flames seemed colder, the stone it was encased in made of ice. Warm blood hasn't flowed through the Queen's veins in centuries and the vampiress should have been used to the cold by now, but the once golden-haired monarch had always been fond of the grand fireplace within her castle walls...
  2. StrangeVsWeird


    "Is everything to your liking, your highness?" Every morning began the same in the beautiful kingdom of Aventa. The sun rose over the twin peaks standing guard to the east, casting golden rays over a land lush with trees, plants, animals and waters. Those rays stretched over rolling hills and...
  3. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  4. PhantomThief715

    Night of the Crimson Snow

    I would like to start out by saying this is an actual story I have been working on since 2010 but I more or less keep deleting all and staring over. So I figured why not let other people jump in since it could go pretty much anywhere. There's blood, blood everywhere. Pure snow tainted by the...
  5. Blackwater

    A Tale of Two Kingdoms

    A Tale of Two Kingdoms Two countries fight continuously, surrounded by rumors of war. A prince and a princess are finally 21. Engagements have been broken and new ones placed in hopes that war can be avoided. The kingdom of Helios will offer their princess to help calm the storm. When the...
  6. Cassy Kina

    Partner Search!

    Edit: I'm adding another idea. I quite literally just thought of this, after watching a movie n Netflix called The Endless. Basically a small group stuck in a time loop. They each retain their memories, or retain only certain ones, every time they reset. They're basically trying to figure out...
  7. Pahn

    Red Leaves in Winter

    Ruthie;Snippet; Red Leaves in Winterx This is an invite-only roleplay. If you are interested in joining, please send me a private message and do NOT post in this thread. Note: most of the invited players are not redstar roleplayers, so while sexual themes will be inevitably present, there...
  8. Melonious

    Witchy Cravings

    Hello all you lovely people, my name is Wicca (but I typically go by Melon) and I am craving some roleplays! Before I get onto the plots and pairings, why not share a little about myself, eh? ABOUT ME I am a socially inept twenty-year-old female who probably spends far too much time on the...
  9. Fallen Star

    Fallen's Eternal Search(Updated! 11/10/2018)

    Thread Updated: 11/10/2018 Drem yol lok, or in other words, Greetings! Welcome to my Search Thread. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about me, what I expect from my writers, plots , pairings, genres that I love, and of course my list of characters that is updated with a new...
  10. Beast of Lores

    A World Without Man(Or With It, I Don't Know What Y'all Prefer)

    Imagine a world where there exists no man, no elf, no dwarf, nor any variation thereof. In the absence of man, monsters fill the void. And they've their own cultures, their own identities, their own lives. I've developed in this world many things, and plan to develop many more, but in truth...
  11. D

    Let the Story Be Written

    Hello lovelies! My name is Laurana, but you can also call me Laur or Tink, anything really as long as it’s not negative. As for some information on me, I’m a twenty-five, year old single mother to two children. I also, unfortunately, have a medical disability called Multiple Sclerosis, so...
  12. Hufflepug

    Pug's Partner Petition

    Pug's Partner Petition Hello! I'm Pug and I'm on a quest to find some partners to help me realize my plot cravings! I have so many ideas and plots I want to give a try but I also like to branch out and I'm very open and receptive to other ideas! I'm in my late 20s and I'm a wife and mother...
  13. The Astronaut

    King of Latun

    Hello, I'm Wyborn and this is my first rp Idea launch thingy, I don't know what to call it. Anyways, as you can see the rp I have in mind is called the King of Latun, an rp center around royalty, nobility & magic, and pretty much damn near anything that sounds cool. Pretty much the world is...
  14. potassiumboron

    A Blessing and a Curse

    For the three centuries he had been alive, most of that time had been spent with the same person, doing the same things day in, day out and taking it for granted. Being the Familiar to one of the more renowned witches in the magic community brought with it a small sense of delusion. While...
  15. H

    Hello there!

    Hi I'm Hamliton trash aka Ham I'm looking for a partner to rp I'm mostly interested in the following: girl/girl ,werewolves, royalty, fantasy but open to whatever ideas you might have
  16. V

    Violet's Shiny New Partner Search

    Violet's One x One Search Thread About Me *I was active on Iwaku a few months back and took a break due to personal reasons* Hi there, and welcome to my search thread! I'm currently looking for more one x one role-plays! I plan on keeping this thread and updating often. Anyway here are a...
  17. Jealous

    Royalty, Assassins, Romance & all the best stuff

    I am craving a roleplay that involves royalty - specifically some form of royal x commoner. All plot bunnies involve mxf romance and DOUBLING. Also I have a strict no smut rule. As for posting expectation, I "mirror" post the most but prefer to always have over a paragraph. For response time...
  18. Rebornfan120

    Roleplay interest off hiatus

    Hello! I've decided to return and do a new roleplay post/request! After some time to think things through from a hiatus of not posting interest checks for some time I have decided it was time to try my luck again and return with the hopes to find some people to roleplay with. Seeing some posts...
  19. noodle

    Looking for Active Roleplayers!

    Hey there guys! I'm Neo. I've been an active roleplayer for about five yeears now. I'm a seventeen-year-old female who enjoys watching people play video games because I can't afford to buy them myself :) Requirements/Expectations -Post at least once a week, more often if possible. I am a...
  20. QueenofCats

    Trapping is a habit.

    Well folks. I doubt anyone responses to this, but I am looking for someone that is comfortable role-playing with my rpc that is a royal prince, but he is a trap (boy that dresses and acts like a girl). Pm me if you're interested.