The Sleepy Tavern: Reopened for another night!

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Welcome to The Sleepy Tavern!
We have REOPENED! Another night for all sorts of activities, drinks, food, bar fights and sleep. I welcome all former employees to join in with the fun, as well as new employees. I hope to see old and new faces in my tavern.
Original Intro:

Welcome to The Sleepy Tavern! The name is Leah Dawnson and I am the owner of this establishment. We have many options here at my humble hole in the wall. All races, species, sexual orientations, and well....beings, can find a safe haven here. So go ahead and have fun! Stay the night, ponder over a drink, enjoy the ever changing nightly shows, or ask me for the latest available adventures to part take in. I really don't care, I make money off of you either way! I look forward to your visit.
The Sleepy Tavern : fully equipped with a small stage, rooms upstairs, bar and a fireplace. Please locate the link at the bottom for a simple idea of the tavern if needed. Don't be fooled by it's look, it has had to be repaired many times. To many bar fights to count.
**This is a jump-in style RP, a character sheet is not needed. If you wish to post a character sheet or provide some character info, that is up to you.** Please note, cursing is allowed and alcohol will be served. Link to the Interest check section: The Sleepy Tavern OCC!
Current Employees only:
Leah Dawnson: Tavern owner
Q: Cleaning Duty

The Sleepy Tavern : fully equipped with a small stage, rooms upstairs, bar and a fireplace.​
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Leah let out a huff. A loose curl that had wickedly escaped it's leather binding tickled her forehead. Her hair was once again pulled up and away from her face, she was manning the bar. Her eyes pierced through the tavern floor on a familiar scene. It was another night, she had opened the door no less than an hour ago and this fool was at it again. Attempting to do adult things with a minor female.

"Dear Spirits, he wants another love potion? Will this man ever learn?", she hissed not caring if she was heard.

The last time this patron was here, he had attempted to woo an underage female. Leah may for the most part care less for the adults acting as adults do. However, she can't have bad juju placed on a her tavern because she failed to assist a minor fae. Lets see, last time she made a potion that would have made the male sick, masking it for the love potion he had wanted. A love potion....

"If the man wants another love potion he will have one..", she spoke to herself.

Her hands gently slide over her beloved bottles just bellow the bar. Perhaps she will finally allow the male to find some love. The corner of her lips pulled up into a little smile. A stool would make a descent enough lover for this fellow. A grin formed on her face, her hands began to move quickly. Almost to difficult for the average eye to follow, yes she was enjoying herself.
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Moving Quickly...

Not everyone in the Tavern's vicinity enjoyed what they were doing. Inside the Tavern, a distant, rumbly "boom" could be heard. Perhaps a faint, liquid sploosh! shortly after the boom. Perhaps other noises even more faint and questionable. A minute or two's passing... perhaps five or so minutes later, a sudden THUMP! against the Tavern's door, like a slab of wet meat slapped against wood. A scrabble... a desperate turn of knob. Then.......
... click!...
... whoomph!...
... squelch!...
... SLAM!
It looked like a very large, drowned mutant rat-thing. Yes... yes. Rats only have fur and bare tails to go with their buck teeth. Very well known fact. This creature had fur, feathers and scales. No bare tail. No buck teeth. No shirt. No shoes. No pants. Very obviously a he, due to that lack of last. Not an "it". Or a her. Yes... yes. He. Wide green eyes to go with green scales. Large, expressive ears, currently slicked back. Wince on face showing a bit of tooth. Drip... drip... drip. Nice floor, all wet, trail of drips and toe-claw clacks as he rushed the bar...
... "Might be a good idea to lock the door now... then... heh... could you get me a towel?" Sheepish grin... "And a large mug of the darkest roast, hottest black coffee you can brew...?"
... drip...
... drip...
... drip.......
A woman walked into the tavern, and virtually everyone stopped to stare. Not surprising, considering the fact that she was quite clearly a walking corpse. Her red hair looked like straw, her eyes were milky white, and half her face had rotted off. And she really didn't seem to care in the least.

"Hello, do you have any Kalasian spicewine?"
Leah paused and stared at the Rat like individual for a moment. Her eyes trailed down to the floor, dripping. Why can't it ever be a individual that is dripping gold in replacement of bodily fluids. Yes, she heard the request to lock the door. However, would she do it? Well..

"You are making quit a mess in my tavern...Sir.", she said avoiding looking down at the naked individual.

"Your suggestion on locking the door will not be done..", she reached under the bar and placed several towels in reach of the individual. "Regardless of what may be following you, others find this place as their only escape. There is no way I will deny them that, simply because you have decided to bring your own personal issues here." She looked sternly at the rat creature.

While she was talking she heard the door reopened. Noting the walking dead entering the room. Indeed, her looks were notable as proof of the other patrons second pauses to look at her.

Leah smiled as the girl approached the bar. "That being said. Welcome both of you to The Sleepy Tavern. I am Leah Dawnson the owner of this fine establishment.",she said with a lighter beat to her voice.

"If you need anything more than a drink. Please don't hesitate to ask.", she said with a routine tone to it.

She placed a hot black coffee in front of the male coupled with the towels and a Kalasian spicewine in front of the female.
She always had a pot of coffee brewing, but Kalasian spicewine now that was something she noticed only individuals of it's region of origin tend to order. Interesting.
...And then a shorter fellow entered.

They were dressed in a dark blue coat with lighter blue embroidering on its edges and similar pants, both of which had seen some use. They were bare footed yet one of their hands had a black glove and their face was hidden by the shadow of a broad-brimmed hat. All else that could be seen of this individual was a single pale hand and long midnight hair that trailed behind them as they quickly entered the bar.

Whoever it was was at least a head shorter than the majority of the bar's patrons, something that could be noted as she passed the undead and the soaking freak and climbed onto a bar stool. A young lady's voice came from the shadows under the hat, directed at Leah, "I assume you're the owner of this place mam?" She hesitated, then continued, with evident embarrassment, "Have you... Had any rain recently? Around here."
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The undead took a sip of her drink. Fortunately, her body hadn't yet decomposed to the point where she started to leak. "Ah, that hits the spot. Reminds me of home."

She smiled at Leah. 'I'm Rebecca. It's a pleasure to meet you, Madame Dawson."
Splish, Splash...

The "Rat-like individual" winced a little at the verbal rebuke. For a moment or two, hesitant to take the offered towels. Arms crossed over chest, ears and tail drooped, he just stood there, staring back. Winced again as the door opened... turned... but it wasn't what he was expecting. Just a female zombie. Who asked for "Kalasian spicewine"... not "Braaains!" He still didn't sigh with relief. He could still feel something coming. So he sighed without relief, prepared to deal with whatever happened. If a dead girl with half a face could order a casual drink here, then he could calmly collect himself and...
... "I'm Peet, of the Bloodline Ahvviyinn... owner of my own hide." Grin... "Sorry about the mess..."
It was probably not only the zombie garnering attention from other patrons. Probably not often they'd seen a dripping wet, "naked", alien creature in their midst... no matter how many other "creatures" may have visited this tavern. At the very least, curiosity as to the reason why he was dripping wet. After all, "personal issues" could very well... spill over. And this looked like a lot of spillage.......
Peet dried his hands on a towel. Downed a gulp of coffee. Then took up a quick pose, clawed hands clasped, forehead "badge" (yes, he had this crystal "stone" embedded in his forehead)... yes, this "badge" shimmered slightly... then the water soaked into fur gathered itself up and "walked" towards his hands. Didn't take more than five seconds to gather water this way. What with shaking it off being obviously off the table, indoors, he had to get most of the wet off somehow! So, water gathered into hands, he set its spheroid form down on the bar, away from coffee and towels... towels now in hand, as he dried off now just damp fur.......
....... splish.......
....... splash.......
....... THUMP!
Something wet hit the Tavern door not long after another female patron entered. Peet couldn't help yet another wince. Or the sigh. A gloopy, burbling sound as the doorknob rattled. Then the door slopped open, and an even bigger glob of water slid inside, much bigger that the one Peet had set on the bar-top. Leaves. Bits of debris. A few stones, even. And two trout, making up what appeared to be a pair of eyes. Two trout, looking straight at Peet, mouths agape, fins waving, gills flapping. Two very unhappy looking fish, who apparently had brought a very generous portion of their lake with them.......
Perhaps humorous, that Peet had just been drying his "private" parts at this moment...
... "Leah... I think you have someone else to welcome......."
As the door stayed opened from this watery mass, another would be patron appeared. This large man stood behind the mass of water as his entrance was impeded. It was still hard to make out distinct features of the man as he still stood outside in the dark, but he did have a lantern with him that provided a dim light. It was obvious to see that he set the lantern down and was now waving something. A moment later a hook and fishing line cut into the water and snagged the left fish by it's jaw. The fish suddenly jerked back and flew out of the bubble. The other trout turned around and stared outside, but after a few seconds the hook flew back in and lodged itself in the fishes spine. Similar to his counterpart, he rapidly flew out of the bubble. As soon as the fish exited the bubble, the water and all of it's contents fell to the floor in a splashing mess.

A moment later the man picked up his lantern. More lights began to form and spread from the lantern as he walked in with two flapping fish in his wiry fingers. As he stepped into the light of the tavern his features became much more apparent. The man had a large structure, but looked as if nothing hung to that structure. The thin man wore a torn hooded cloak and a white mask. A thin white armor could be seen covering his exposed appendages and touches of grey cloth were even more rarely seen from beneath the white armor. He carried a door on his back that came up to his shoulders and a staff with a ring on the end. The staff had a reel near the handle and now carried the lantern from the ring. The multitude of colorful lights that followed him turned out to be wil-o-wisps. The wisps began to sweep and dry up the resultant mess. The wisps returned to the lantern and disappeared when they were finished.

He began to walk over to the bar and examined the taverns current patrons as well. A few certainly stood out amongst the rest. He noticed an undead woman enjoying some certainly foreign drink to him, but he wasn't very familiar with drinks. He next noticed a rather short patron. At first assumption it could have been a child and that didn't help the case of what he saw next. A very strange creature was standing naked and drying itself. It's nudity would not have been that bad except for it's gender was quite apparent now. He continued to walk toward the bar and after he stepped next to the creature, his next step had a little extra swing in it and came up between it's legs. "Cover yourself up. It's indecent." He set the fish down in a nearby water bubble that looked very much to small for them. He then removed his cloak from under his door and tossed it on top of the creature. It was now quite evident how large and wiry the white armored man was. Messy grey hair stood behind the mask that still hid his face. His armor had strange lines and almost runic carvings in them. He sat down at the bar between the short one and the creature, and waited for the short one to finish before he order a pint of Black Lake Ale from Leah.
Leah pondered on that question. Rain? Perhaps the question was needed to be asked if the female was afraid of water. She pulled out a cup of water for the female as she went about answering her question. A cup of water was free, other drinks however will be paid in coin or other means if any patron is a no good dead beat.

"Of course we have had some rain. In fact the pass few weeks there has been strong rains. It was rather relaxing, to listen to.", she smiled at the female.

"However, we haven't had any rain since 2 nights ago. Does it bother you travel in the rain? if so, please know we have rooms here if you so need one.", she leaned into the bar. Her body relaxed in the conversation.

The other female mentioning her name, Leah tilted her head in the walking corpse way.

"Hello Rebecca, I am pleased to make your acquaintance. Have you experience any rain on your way here? This young lady is questioning the weather.", at this moment Peet also seem to make his name known.

"It is also a please to meet you as well Peet. However, perhaps next time you should enter in a fashion that would at least leave us with something for the imagination.", Leah gave him a wink. It meant nothing, simply humor.

"As for the mess Peet, why do you think I gave you so many towels?", she said in a playful tone. No she did not really expect him to clean it all up. Well she was only half serious.

Leah stood up straight quickly when the door rattled and opened to a water glob. She was about to make a smart ass comment but unfortunately she didn't have enough time to do so. The other patron that was right behind the glob had taken matters into his own hands. Leah's eyes had open wide in surprise as the once fish eyes now sat on her bar in a small water glob.

"You took care of the water glob rather quickly.", she said to the male. Leah turned and reached for a large glass. She filled it to the brim with the liquid requested. " One Black Lake Ale. Welcome to my humble tavern, my name is Leah Dawnson. If you need anything more, ask away.", she placed the glass in front of the male.

Leah grabbed a clean rag and began to wipe the bar space clean. Perhaps she should get Emma out here soon, there are enough people in here that she may need to start some entertainment. After all, the longer they stay, the more they drink. Finally the more coins in her pocket.
Cheap Nutshot...

It's a biological fact most male mammals keep their "assets" on the outside. There for all to see, in whole or in part. For Peet, the parts he kept on the outside just so happened to be the most vulnerable. The most sensitive to... blunt-force trauma. Another fact? Wearing armor tended to also blunt sensitivity, as to just how much force was used. Didn't help that Peet had also just started to step forward when armored knee met vulnerable groin. So much for thanking this unexpected samaritan. And to be perfectly honest, wearing pants wouldn't have helped... but yes, for just a moment, Peet wished he'd been wearing a cup. Or had at least anticipated having his family jewels assaulted, so he could tuck them into a safe, secure place.
Ahhh, hindsight!
Peet fell to the floor just as the cloak and "advice" passed over his head. Curled up, hands to crotch, so much in pain he could barely breathe, let alone make any sound...
... but when the sound came, it wasn't very masculine. More like the squeak of a mouse caught by a very hungry housecat. Then all four nostrils a-flare as he huffed out a high-pitch whine-grunt. Yes, at the impact, his shroudruff feathers had gone fully erect and spread, his ears fully back and down. And yes, in this impact's aftermath, a musky scent touched the air... an earthy, vanilla/cinnamon smell. Which didn't make Peet feel any better as his chest rose and fell with every deep yet ragged breath, till the pain faded enough, he could finally move.......
On all fours, staggering a bit as he got his senses back, he almost tripped on the cloak, which helped him remember the words "Cover yourself up." Peet wasn't much in the mood to take such advice, but still, he took hold of the offered cover, made sure to thoroughly mark it with his scent, then somehow managed to wrap himself in it as he somehow managed to stand, the pain pretty much a memory now, though... well, even without the cloak, Peet made sure to keep things tucked away, rendering him visually neutered. Yes, hindsight.
However, he still sat on the barstool very carefully. Wrapped tail over toes as two fish glared at him. Cloak secure as possible on narrow shoulders, hood up, he took another gulp from his coffee mug. Then turned a toothy glare of his own on the tall, thin, armored humanoid...
... "Don't do that again."
A third gulp of coffee... "Indecent to one is perfectly decent to another." Peet licked the residue from inside his empty mug, then held it out for more... "If some ogre brought his talking donkey in here, I don't think you'd insist the donkey needed pants."
When Peet realized what he'd just said, he chuckled under the hood.......
The short patron nodded and mumbled to herself before taking the glass and draining it. They seemed to quietly observe the goings of the other patrons, appearing to tense at the interaction between the man and Peet. She shook her hidden head and motioned for Leah to come closer.

When she had the bartender's attention, she would lean in and say in a hushed, serious tone, "Its not the rain I'm afraid of. After the rain have you had any nearby reports of missing persons?" She very carfully removed the glove on her hand, placing her arm so only Leah could see. "Or someone turning up with something like this?" The hand looked dead and, although it functioned fine, had what looked like heathy wood writhing in and out of the skin with a plantlike bulb inserted in the palm, faintly glowing a alien green. She let Leah look for a solid twenty seconds before returning to her original position and putting the glove back on.
"Rain, no, but the wind was kicking up something fierce. Must have just beat the storm." Rebecca's joints creaked as she rested her head in her hands. "Are there any rooms available? I don't have much in the way of gold or silver, but surely you have some work that needs doing."
"Yeah." He blandly said to the comment about taking care of the fish quickly. He took a couple swigs of his drink. "Thank you Leah. My name's Rak." He sat quietly at the bar looking at the fish. He overheard a bit of the short one's conversation, but just something about a missing thing and then he noticed a faint green light. It came from her, but before he could really notice anything it went away again. He went back to his drink and looking at the fish.

The creature managed to right itself again. It did take a pretty dramatic fall. Although he may have hit it a bit hard too. Whatever the deal was it wasn't happy. With a vile glare it told him not to do that again. It then lectured him a bit on the principles of decency. "Sorry about that. I guess sometimes I just react to things." He took another couple of swigs. "As for the donkey, I probably would insist if he was waving his junk around." He stared back at the fish again who were quite obsessed with the creature. "What's the deal with these two? They don't seem happy."
Just Reaction...

Not one to hold a grudge, Peet relaxed a little at Rak's "just react" confession. He still kept his jewels secure, just in case, but...
... Waving his junk...?
Peet looked down at his lap... smirked... then looked back up, shook the hood off his head, and looked sideways at Rak...
... "Those two called me a fish eater... I was only looking to bathe in their lake." Peet poked the water globe with a claw... "Yes, I eat fish... I was thinking of supper after my bath, then sleep. Wasn't intending to catch any fish. Next thing I know, huge water balloon, dropped right on my head. And these two declaring themselves Guardians and threatening to Drown the fish-eater! Ran away, but that didn't keep them from following. But then again, they are steelheads." Peet grinned at the two, and they looked even less happy in their tiny prison...
... "About the whole waving junk thing... I do not wave my junk. I keep it neatly tucked away, as you may have noticed." Grin... "Though I'll admit, with such large targets to aim for, you may have missed that detail......."
Yes, Rak couldn't have missed. And no, Peet wasn't bragging.......
Leah placed her the rag down and cleaned her hands on her thighs as she approached the rain questioning female. As she approached she refilled drinks that were in need. Leah listened the female.

"Missing people? I do not believe there has been anyone missing of great importance. Just a few runaways or your regular individual leaving because they found this area to not what they had expected.", she said.

Leah looked down behind the bar, perhaps she would have a newspaper lying around. Granted it may not be todays paper, but it can't be more than a few days old. Leah's eyes looked up the Rebecca. Her hands still searching as she addressed the female.

"We do have rooms and they are 15 coins a night. However, I do need work done around here. I do need someone to provide entertainment, waiter and a cleaning crew. Those are the only jobs I can think of that the moment. However, if you wish to provide entertainment I will have to let our stage leader Emma introduce you.", she smiled as her fingers find the paper.

She returned to the questioning female, "here we go", she placed the newspaper before the rain questioning female. She doesn't really read the missing person section, she focus more on trading goods.
The shadowed patron took the paper and appeared to scan it up and down before breathing a sigh of relief. She put the paper back on the counter and removed her hat to place it next to it. Her eyes were a glacial blue and her expression was that of a plain, observant look. She watched Rebecca and Leah converse about work before speaking up in the rather matter-of-fact manor that she did. "I would like to work here as a employee until I can get back on my feet. May I take clean up duty? I know a bit about housekeeping," she pointed at the mass of murky water on the floor with a slight smile, "And how to mop."
"I can work as a waitress, and can also serve as a house witch if you need it." Rebecca rolled a kink out of her shoulders. "So, could you show me to the kitchen? I'd like to get started right away, if I could."
Rak looked back and forth between the creature and the fish. He felt bad for the two now. Maybe if he had come a little bit earlier he could have hooked this thing instead. If it wanted to bathe in water he used for any reason, he certainly wouldn't be happy either. It did look like it could make a meal out of fish too, so that was to their defense as well. He didn't quite understand why they would follow the creature, but as far as he cared, he believed the creature. "I'd probably get mad if you were bathing in my water too. Maybe we should get them some more water." He said as he looked at them with a grin.

Evidently this creature thought he had himself hidden well. As per his first encounter, he was obviously wrong. "If I'd noticed you keep it tucked away neatly, then I wouldn't have noticed anything."

Rak saw as some of the patrons were taking jobs. Rak thought about the pros of this opportunity, but he didn't really need a job at the moment. Perhaps tonight would just be best spent relaxing. It was interesting watching an undead start waitressing.
Leah positioned herself between the two females to speak with them both. She leaned onto the bar as she spoke, frankly it must be her lucky night. With a grin and tapped her nails against the wooden bar top. Leah was not an easy boss, however she was not mean unless there is a reason to be.

"Well well, looks like we have two lovey ladies ready to work.", she pushed back a curl from her face.

"I must say, I do not tolerate individuals who slack away in my tavern. So if you wish to work here, you will do just that. If there is non to be had I care not of what ways you chose to pass the time. I do not take kindly to employees who are incapable of accepting all individuals into this tavern. Many who come into this tavern come from all walks of life. From paper pushers to strippers and at times worse. This a place is a sort of safe haven, and I have rightly fought for it to be so. If you cannot accept that, your ass is out wether you like it or not.", after she had finishing speak she stood up straight and clapped her hands with a wicked smile.

She addressed the onced shadowed female first.

"With that being said ladies. The position of cleaning duty pays 30 coins. If you need a room, it is 15 coins a night. However as employees it comes with 2 free meal. The position is yours, I would appreciate if you clean up the mess Peet and his food made. Though before all that, what name shall we address you by?", she asked while pointing over to the left next the door entrance. Where a broom and mop leaned against the wall.

Leah moved her attention to Rebecca a witch. She quickly glanced over to her beloved bottles under the bar. She was no stranger to witches.

"A witch? Now you will be someone to share information with. This tavern is also known for the selling and creation of specialty drinks/potions. Ones separate from those typically sold, they go for a pretty coin.", she placed her hands on her hips as she spoke.

"I could use a waitress, but what are your witching abilities focused on? Also, for waitress it pays 35 coins and the same goes for room and meal.",she asked her tone curious. Perhaps it would help her tavern to have a waitress who could also defend herself as a witch. You never know what madness might come pounding at her tavern door.
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