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Based on or borrowing elements from an existing manga.
  1. Thugisa


    Hi, I'm Thug! I'm 21 and looking for someone to do a Naruto Roleplay with! My Roleplaying info: I'm a literate writer with over ten years of experience with roleplaying. I do prefer male x male plots but I'm open to anything! I only do third-person point of view. I tend to match whatever...
  2. AnemoVictorious

    GUARDIAN ANGELS - a shugo chara inspired group role play

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  3. swordstray

    Daemon Weapons { soul eater X his dark materials, 1x1 Search }

    fa fa-swordfa fa-firefa fa-pawplease be sure to read through the introduction & expectations sections of my roleplay info! here's the general cliff notes; posting speed & frequency can be kind of all over the place depending on my energy levels, but i try to do at least 1 - 3 replies per week...
  4. yeonjmn

    𝐝𝐢𝐯𝐢𝐧𝐞. | manhwa/webtoon partner search

    Hello! I'm Sarah (she/her) and I'm a 20yr old college student who is just trying to vibe. I've been roleplaying since 2015 and have many interests. This time I have am interest in Webtoons. I read a lot of them, but only rp a select few. That being said, this interest thread is about Webtoons I...
  5. Xenotrix Metamorph

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Ties That Bind

    (IC can be found here: IC) The world was taken by storm when game designer Maximillian Pegasus created Duel Monsters. Though his inspiration for this game was strongly tied to ancient games of great and terrible power, this card game he created was, at first, simply a popular pastime. Then, it...
  6. Xenotrix Metamorph

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Based Rp Brainstorm

    Hey, guys. Sorry for the informal and unorganized approach, I promise with some interest and discussion, if this picks up I will make a much more organized and professional OOC. So, I grew up playing card games with my brother, so they are a huge part of my childhood and hobbies, the main one...
  7. Neoia

    Looking for an OC x Canon rp partner!

    Hello there everyone!! The name's Willow and I'm currently looking for a partner to do some OC x canon with me. I prefer RPs where we both have some fun ex. OC x canon for myself, but perhaps you'd like to do another rp at the same time with your OC/Self-insert and a canon character. I feel bad...
  8. Celestial Speck

    ArcRift: Tale I - Divine Rot

    Divine Rot Ashina's time was due-- that was a reality that even the proudest of its citizens could not deny. Entropy and its claws dig deeper into the weakening land with every passing day; sickness, rot, and death all but common. With the rest of Japan and its clan bending a knee to the...
  9. Celestial Speck

    ArcRift: Tale I - Divine Rot

    Shadows Die Twice Divine Rot ArcRift: Tale I It began before humanity first drew breath-- the grazing of the Divine Dragon, settling in from the West, to the land of Ashina. It was a thing beyond mankind's humanity's wildest imagination. One single entity driving out the influence of...
  10. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift Special I: Be My Valentine (Sign-Ups / Info)

    This RP is a part of ArcRift. Please view our Discord / Wiki for further info. It had entered the month of February... well, wherever you were from. The month of love... giving... compassion... and of course buying shitty tasting corporate produced candy with messages on them. That's...
  11. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift I: It's So Wonderful

    Howdy, Iwaku Peeps! I've got a brand new RP cookin'! It's a multi-fandom RP based around character interaction, epic plots, deceit, drama, comedy... and all the other stuff that comes with the territory. If you've ever been in a multifandom, then you get the gist. This multifandom in particular...
  12. thatguyinthestore

    ArcRift I: It's So Wonderful (Sign-Ups/Info)

    ArcRift Arc I: It's So Wonderful So... you died. Doesn't really matter how. Or why. You could've been a terrible person who was killed after a six year long manhunt. Maybe you were just an average joe who got into an unfortunate car accident. Regardless of the how, all you knew now...
  13. Waffur

    Apparently Doing One Of These Every Year Now

  14. Azurian Dream

    My Hero Academia: Blackout

    "The lineage of those before must be burned down to ash to pave the road for the next generation" IC Channel The legacy of heroes like All Might, and Deku are long since gone those from the past villain or hero a mere blink in time to the world these days. Japan has since had many taken the...
  15. Moonbow

    Attack on Titan RP!

    Hello! I'm interested in starting an Attack on Titan roleplay that more or less follows the same events of the anime-- as in, we'll start off right before the fall of Wall Maria and then skip to our characters' training days in the 104th Training Corps. Even though your characters are free to...
  16. Topless

    Battle of Armageddon (A Multi-Fandom Arena RP)

    It has been decided. Mankind will fall. The gods have decided that everything they have built shall be destroyed. But then came one god who disagrees. A "Hyper God", a being more powerful than the others. He proposes that humanity should have their saying. A gambit that will determine the fate...
  17. Rainier Ashton Bernhardt

    Fullmetal Alchemist: Burn it Up (Roy x Riza)

    I am looking for a female partner who has a firm grasp on the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, who can play the role of Riza Hawkeye. The story will be centered around hers and Roys developing relationship, and eventually them having a family. I have several ideas about this storyline. If you...
  18. TerraLion

    New thread for the decade from this new guy!

    Hello reader (or readers if more than one are reading this)! If you are reading this then I welcome you to my first ever thread on this site. I thank you for taingn time out of your day (or night) to look through it for a mutual interest for the both of us. Before we begin on the kinds of...
  19. XMadnessLoverX

    XMadnessLoverX's Anime Characters

    This shall be my list of OC's, which I monly use for anime OC's. If requested OC information, it will be easier for me to go and get my OC and show my roleplay partners my OC. May I ask that you don't comment on this as I will be commenting with my OC's information down below.
  20. Darog

    A Nest of Ideas and Stuff!

    Greetings and thank you for checking out my thread! It's well appreciated even if you've only glanced over it! I'm looking to maybe start a roleplay, so I thought I'd take a few small steps in the right direction. Some of my ideas will have a fantasy like element to them, whether it's Sci-Fi...