Containing or focusing on magic users—especially female—who draw power from occult or mystical sources.
  1. elysian

    Looking for Writing Partners

    Hello!! I just joined and I'd like to find some friends/people to write with! Just know that I'd prefer a long-term roleplay and a patient partner. The following are some guidelines for roleplaying with me: I'm not interested in playing out romance between our characters; you won't be able to...
  2. UniqueChance

    Plenty of Ideas - Slice of Life, Fandoms, Kpop

    First things first; This list isn't exhaustive, I just couldn't think of anything else to add. Feel free to message me at any time about ideas or pairings that aren't listed. Secondly; There are going to be times when I can't reply because I'm too low or in the middle of a...
  3. Maalefic

    Vᴏx ɴɪʜɪʟɪ - 1x1 partner search

    Ay how you dooin? I'm the friendly(?) neighborhood Viking of legal age out looking for some long-term roleplay's to occupy my thoughts with, you may call me Maal. I'm always around one way or another (I get email alerts and am always near one of my devices) and I am a versatile writer. I can...
  4. potassiumboron

    A Change of Fortunes

    It had been an emotional few months for Indigo. The young witch had undergone a major loss, which in itself was bad enough, but then had somehow been given the duty of tracking down the next ruler for the realm; a duty that nobody wanted but, because of his inability to really say no, Indigo was...
  5. Melonious

    Witchy Cravings

    Hello all you lovely people, my name is Wicca (but I typically go by Melon) and I am craving some roleplays! Before I get onto the plots and pairings, why not share a little about myself, eh? ABOUT ME I am a socially inept twenty-year-old female who probably spends far too much time on the...
  6. Thetis

    Masquerade Academy (Sign-Ups)

    Sign-Ups are finally here everyone! Please post your characters here so I can look them over and gauge how many players we're going to be having. Don't worry, I'm not going to be too harsh. Just follow all the rules and don't make perfect people and everything will be good. Do make sure to read...
  7. Thetis

    Masquerade Academy

    In the year 1692 the infamous Salem Witch Trails took place in colonial America, staining the country in the centuries to come. Salem was meant to be a theocracy, a haven on earth to follow the word of God in every way a human could, until of course witchcraft infiltrated the Puritan society...
  8. potassiumboron

    A Blessing and a Curse

    For the three centuries he had been alive, most of that time had been spent with the same person, doing the same things day in, day out and taking it for granted. Being the Familiar to one of the more renowned witches in the magic community brought with it a small sense of delusion. While...
  9. Lulunopia

    Lulu's Search for a Partner

    Hello~ I'm Lulunopia though you can call me Lulu or Lu if you would like. First off I'd like to say thank you for looking at this thread and I hope that after reading through this you would like to rp with me. Now onto a little about me. I turned 18 slightly recently and am so happy to finally...
  10. TGG

    More info, as promised

    Hello! I'm looking for a new RP partner or two. Brace yourselves for a long read. Apologies in advance What I need from you: Literacy - I need at least a good length paragraph or two from you, as I can't keep a roleplay going when I only have 3-6 sentences per post, if that. Also I need...
  11. Quetzal

    Save me from this boredom (1x1) (Updated Aug 13)

    Please just save me from this boredom. Otherwise I'll have to tip the chair over and hang myself on this metaphorical noose of utter boredom. x.x (I have a morbid sense of humor, apologies...) Minimum Requirements Preferably be over 18 2-3 Average post, but nothing novel size. Be active enough...
  12. IgnorantDaydreams

    Quest For RP Buds

    Hey!! I'm Ignorance or Iggy and I'm looking for some rp partners right now. I have been rping since before 2012 but just joined this site in the last week or so. I try writing longer length posts for rps that can range from a handful of sentences to multiple paragraphs depending on my muse in...
  13. Rendons2

    [MxF] Looking for Edgy romance

    Hey there, Thanks for coming! I'm looking for a chance to use my character Iyo in a depressing, edgy romance. I really want something that fills the sort of depressive themes I've been wanting recently. Some things to note! I'm not into flat out Cybering, I'd much prefer that there was some...
  14. Angelic_Huntress

    Panda's Search For Friends ( Seeking Males)

    Hi! I am Pandilicious, and need people to roleplay with. Some things you need to know about me.... I reply about the same amount I am given, or at least I try. I don't like novel-like posts, but I also don't like one-liners. I play females, only. (I'm going to try to try others... but like I...
  15. Rabbit

    Rabbit's partner search!!

    Rabbit's search thread Hello! Since it's summer I'm looking for a couple of people who'd want to start something. I guess I'll start off by telling you a little about myself? I'm nineteen, almost twenty years old. I started roleplaying when I was around the age of nine, and kept it up for a...
  16. D

    Let the Story be Written

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  17. Astaroth

    My New Parents Are Vampires!!!

    Journal Date Friday IDFK Stuff like this isn't supposed to happen in real life. My friends and I always made fun of this kind of thing, y'know? That nobody girl in movies who was shy and clumsy with a classically tragic backstory that left her alone and miserable. The one nobody ever noticed...
  18. Alma

    Summer Requests!

    Hello everyone who reads this! My summer break finally started and I have a few months until I have school to get back too. So in the meantime, I'd love to take on a few RP partners. I'd prefer to RP with people who are 18+. I have a basic grasp of grammar, but I understand we all make...
  19. Jinx

    Three Whole Plots!

    Hey I'm Jinx, and I usually bother with some formatting and coding, but honestly it's late and I just want to get these plots out here. Below I'll post the obligatory 'about me' section and you can request a writing sample if you're really that ambitious. Thanks for reading! Without further...
  20. skylar

    Searching for Roleplay Partners