original characters (fandom)

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Focusing on/seeking characters which do not exist in canon and are original creations.
  1. pumpkinpatch

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST hazbin hotel 1x1 search!

    Hello everyone! Welcome to another1x1 search thread! I've got that Hazbin Hotel brainrot still. This is solely focused on Hazbin Hotel. In the future, I'll likely add Helluva Boss but right now I'm specifically seeking Hazbin Hotel! - You can call me Juniper or Anthony, I have no preference...
  2. Majade

    INTEREST CHECK GROUP RP PLOTTING A Madness of Multiverses!

    Who here enjoys DC and/or Marvel content of all kinds? Ever wish to rp as an OC from the MCU, from the Arrowverse, or from an alternate reality you created yourself? Have trouble trying to find someone to rp such content in order to fully enjoy rping as the character in question? Then this is...
  3. Ligerbitez

    CHARACTERS Ligerbitez caravan

    Basic Information Name: Elliot "Shade" Matthews Age: twenty-seven Gender: Male Sexual Orientation: Homosexual Role: Proxy Species: Human Appearance Elliot stands at an imposing 6'1" with a lean, muscular build that speaks to his physical agility and strength. His jet-black hair, typically tied...
  4. anka

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST ꒰ ꒪ 𓂂 ⠀ looking to roleplay lost ( 2004 )

    ꒰ ꒪ 𓂂 ⠀ hello! my name is anka and i'm twenty years old, use they/her pronouns and reside in gmt! i know that this is a long shot but i am desperately craving a lost roleplay, i know that i'm like twenty years late to the show, but, y'know. anyway, i'm looking for a partner who would be willing...
  5. BonesAndQuills

    ALWAYS OPEN A x A F x M Fandom and Original RP Search!

    Hi! I’m BonesAndQuills, another Quotev refugee, and I’m looking for friends to RP with! I mainly do romantic MxF storylines for my OCs, but with doubles I’m open to whatever and however! Please only 18+, I don’t usually do smut but I’m 20 this year, so I’m not comfortable RPing with minors...
  6. xxindiscriminatedshockxx

    NEW ARRIVAL Coming from Quotev

    Hello, everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve roleplayed anything, but I was very saddened to see that Quotev was getting rid of that aspect all together. I was on that website for eleven years and it’s what got me into writing. I’ve been writing and roleplaying for well over twelve years and i’m...
  7. LilaBlack

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Looking for Black Clover 1x1

    Hi, I'm looking for 1x1 Black clover rp, feel free to send me a message.
  8. Regulus

    Marauders Era OC Hoard

    A thread for all of my Marauders ocs Currently completed ocs to be paired with: Evan Rosier James Potter Working on ocs paired with: Regulus Black Remus Lupin Barty Crouch Jr
  9. spiritmeadow

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A meadow’s search for fandoms and originals

    Hello everyone! This thread will be my masterlist of all of my fandoms and original pairings that I would love to do some roleplays about! ABOUT ME you can call me meadow! I am a 22 year old trans man who uses he/neos. I live in the EST timezone. Like many others. I'm a Quotev survivor. I...
  10. C

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST F x F F x M M x M searching for roleplay partners!! (oc x canon, doubles)

    hi guys! my names chloe and i'm a quotev survivor lol. since quotev died i'm looking to learn more about this website, but for the moment i'd prefer to rp on discord. don't let the new profile scare you lol, i've been roleplaying on and off since wayyyy back in the day haha. • i'm looking for a...
  11. spiritmeadow

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Search!

    Hey everyone! Spiritmeadow here! I’m new here and still navigating this site but I come from Quotev since it’s getting rid of groups and messages. I am currently super hyperfixated on Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss and would love to get some roleplays going! things about me You can call me...
  12. edevanes

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST F x M looking for 𝟭𝗫𝟭 fandom 𝗢𝗥 original roleplay(s)!

    greetings! ︵‿︵‿୨♡୧‿︵‿︵ hello everyone! my name is chase, i am eighteen years old, and i use it/they pronouns! forgive me if this looks a little sloppy as this is my first time posting here! anyways, before you read any further, please take a look at my carrd and go through my roleplay rules...
  13. emotionaldamage


    & Howdy! Back at it in the correct thread this time (thumbs up). Quick intro, my name is Erin and I'm looking for new roleplay partners. Preferably 21+ as I, myself, am twenty-five so I'd like to roleplay with people close to my own age. I'm primarily looking for Genshin Impact or Fire Emblem...
  14. Samooseling

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST A x A Fandom 1x1 or OCxOC and Original oc x oc!

    Hello everyone! My name is Sam, I go by she/they pronouns, and I am 25 years old as of writing this! I'm originally from Quotev and have 10+ years of roleplaying experience, though I'm not that skilled with this site just yet- I've started rping on Discord as well, but it's still something I'm...
  15. Lir-The-Witch

    ALWAYS OPEN F x F M x M Rockstars Bully scholarship edition [oc x cannon character] anyone?

    Hello I am Lir, I am 23, looking for an rp partner who wants to do a Bully Scholarship edition oc x canon the game is legit about brawling and keeping the peace, so, I guess more like game level of violence and cursing I am back on my BS folks! I have an oc I would adore to do an rp with, his...
  16. BerriesAndCream091


    Hey!! I'm currently fixated on One Piece and looking to roleplay some of it! I'm on Fishman Island as of right now (Anime) but I'm totally okay with spoilers from further arcs. As for the plot, I'm looking for people who are interested in Oc x Canon one on ones (preferably people who can do...
  17. kresniks

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST fandom rps anime/video games

    hi im new to this site! i only do oc x cc double up. for example: i play your love interest and my oc and you write for your oc and my love interest. only descriptive rps please. at least two paragraphs minimum per character. i mainly like to rp anime and video games. so just list what you're...
  18. bubblegumz

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST rp partner search!

    hiii I'm Jupiter, I'm looking for fandom or oc rp! will most likely have angst and sexual themes but fluff as well :3 I rp: Casino Cups QFTIM Cuppa Trouble (popfizzles au) Bendy and The Ink Machine Poppy Playtime Obey Me! Shall We Date? FNAF most aus are okay too!
  19. T

    18+ DISCORD Kingsman | The Secret Service - Canon x Oc + some other fandoms

    Hello hello hello! 🙂 First time posting an ad here! Hoping to catch someone’s interest 😊 **Basic info and writing preferences** 26, she/her, **I am 18+ so all characters and partners must be 18+ too!** I have been roleplaying since 2010 but have just recently came back after a bit of a...