original characters (fandom)

Focusing on/seeking characters which do not exist in canon and are original creations.
  1. Auden

    INTEREST CHECK A roleplay based on my webcartoon

    Ok so im working on a web cartoon and i got inspiration from other roleplays I did back in amino. How would you feel if I made an official roleplay based on the show that takes place inside of an uncanon version of the world's events?
  2. Mortis_7

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST F x M Whopping Interest Check

    HELLO, THERE! First, I would like to say thank you for clicking on my interest check. Even if you decide nothing here is for you and you move on, I appreciate your curiosity all the same. I'm new to this site and am hoping to land one or a few roleplays with different partners, so I'm going to...
  3. Barbie

    18+ 21+ DISCORD Coming of Age South Park Roleplay w/ my OC! (DISCORD ONLY!)

    Ooc: Hi, I'm Yui! ☆ I'm currently looking for a modern, coming of age South Park Storyline with my OC Barbarella. She's inspired by Barbiecore and Bimbocore. She's also based on the 'dumb blonde' stereotype with a love for makeup and fashion. I have an idea where my character recently moved to...
  4. hleenajwir

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST M x M Looking for Partners (OCs and Canon Characters)

    Hey, guys! ૮꒰ ˶• ༝ •˶꒱ა ♡< I am Jwir, 25, male. I am not going to lie, I am very new here and have not quite figured out how everything works. So, my apologies for not being very active up until now, I am just majorly shy in the beginning! I am looking for role play partners, hehe! About...
  5. luxrayblues

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Lux's 1x1 partner search!

    Hi there! I go by Lux, Tea, or Sav I'm 28, they/she US/EST I have been roleplaying for 15+ years! I'm looking for a long-term partner and hopefully friends to RP with! !!What I'm looking for!! - Any level roleplayer is fine. If you've never done an RP before but want to start, that's totally...
  6. The Wanderer

    OPEN SIGNUPS Star Effect [Mass Effect/Star Wars Fusion rp]

    In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... Or rather, in a different version of a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Where two different galaxies merged into one, events playing out far differently over the course of history. Along with the Droid Army of the Separatists from the Outer Rim, the Turian Fleet devastates the...
  7. Goonfire

    ALWAYS OPEN X-Men: Eve of Apocalypse

    X-MEN EVE OF APOCALYPSE Xavier's Institute for Gifted Youngsters... For decades, this small, private New York academy and research institute has stood as a bastion for the cause of human-mutant equality. People of all ages come and go on their lifelong journey to control amazing powers...
  8. bighitbabie

    Shameless-ly searching for a Canon against my OC!

    Hello, hello! I started rewatching Showtime's series Shameless, and now, like lots of other fandom roleplayers, am looking to play my female original character against a male canon (In this case, I'm looking to play her against Lip Gallagher). I'm mainly looking to write on Discord! I...
  9. Evenstar

    Seeking Marvel/Avengers Stories {AUs; CanonxOC; Plots Inside}

    *Please don't reply here; contact me via PMs instead! Thanks, loves! :)* Hey, everyone! I am back from a much-needed break to recharge my creative batteries, and I'm currently craving to do some Marvel/Avengers AU (action-packed/romantic) stories with anyone. With that said, I'm hoping to find...
  10. Zylios

    Roleplay Search

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] fa-play-circlefa-pause-circle Anecdote of a Divine Kitsune Guujicode by wren.
  11. AnemoVictorious

    GUARDIAN ANGELS - a shugo chara inspired group role play

    Guardian Angels[slide] [slide] [slide] Templates by Ardent
  12. swordstray

    Daemon Weapons { soul eater X his dark materials, 1x1 Search }

    fa fa-swordfa fa-firefa fa-pawplease be sure to read through the introduction & expectations sections of my roleplay info! here's the general cliff notes; posting speed & frequency can be kind of all over the place depending on my energy levels, but i try to do at least 1 - 3 replies per week...
  13. humanalien

    Twisted (pvllingteeth&humanalien)

    Serenity Price x Lilia Vanrouge Riley Kojima x Leona Kingscholar //The most effort I think I've put into much of anything. Lord help me if it doesn't look good I tired idk formatting and what not.
  14. Orestes

    Calling for Undertale or Fnaf!

    Good day to you! I'm Ore (Tes is also acceptable). She/her pronouns only, please. Forums are an unfamiliar writing tool for me, but I've roleplayed off and on since Quizilla was a common fandom name, from Email to Tumblr to Twitter and a scattering of others. My hyper-fixations are Undertale -...
  15. swordstray

    More Than Meets The Eye [ transformers search!

    COYOTECOURIERfa-scroll fa-dice-d20 fa-paw he / thae / they ♦ 23 ♦ writing samples ♦ Howdy, I'm Courier! You can also call me Coyote or Achilles :3 I've got a whole mess of Transformers OCs that I'm always itching to develop and use. Most all of these characters were made with the...
  16. swordstray

    courier's 1x1 search!

    COYOTECOURIERfa-scroll fa-dice-d20 fa-paw he / thae / they ♦ 23 ♦ writing samples ♦ Howdy, I'm Courier! You can also call me Coyote or Achilles :3 This thread's gonna serve as my permanent 1x1 partner search thread, so stuff may be altered here and there as time goes on. Once you've read...
  17. pvllingteeth

    love is a violence || bnha [pvllingteeth&error606]

    this thread is a continuation of a deleted thread from a different site. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to HOURS, hours to d a y s. Little by little, the wound in her chest stitched itself closed, leaving nothing but scar tissue in its wake. She glanced down at it as she shed her hospital...
  18. Anne Boolean

    Persona 4 Inspired RP

    So my friend showed me some Persona 4 fangames, and after playing them, I'm once again obsessed. I wanted to do a RP with the themes from P4 (as well as some ideas from P3 and P5) with our own original setting and cast of characters. Here are some things I'm looking for in the RP and in my...
  19. pvllingteeth

    healing auras || bnha [pvllingteeth&humanalien]

    (this thread is the continuation of a deleted thread from a different site.) One of the first things Kanae had learned about Izuku during their first year at U.A was how openly expressive he was. His heart was always on his sleeve, much too large for one body to possibly contain. His feelings...
  20. zantetsukenss


    idk if i can delete threads i've made so uh. I AM NO LONGER LOOKING. i don't like the partner search on here and will be sticking with quotev to find partners, and then moving over here if they want to. ah, hello!! just to make some stuff clear, you can call me either Matcha or Lavender, i use...