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Taking place in and around a vacation spot, especially a commercial establishment catering toward tourists and vacationers.
  1. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    OC Tournament & Resort OOC Thread and Player Signups

    TOURNAMENTS THREAD DUNGEON THREAD RESORT THREAD CHARACTER THREAD COMBAT TEST THREAD Welcome! In addition to the Iwaku rules, please follow these of my own: No discussing real world hot-topic issues, such as politics, religion, or other things that may cause arguments. Do please respect your...
  2. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    OC Tournaments - Combat and Lounging! (Interest Check)

    Hello there, and thank you for finding your way here. Have a seat, because have I got a pitch for you! Do you have droves of character ideas, and not enough RPs to play around in them with? Maybe you want to play around with them in no-stakes combat, and maybe you want to explore their...
  3. DarkiusHeavenstein

    (s)Ex on the Beach {closed}

    Introducing the first episode of... Love in Paradise Fourteen singles have signed up or (are signed up by family/friends/etc) for their perfect summer holiday. They shall be spoiled at a tropical island, everything available to them and everything will be paid for. Why? Because they will be...