Containing or focusing on characters who embody ideal traits, especially bravery, in the course of fighting for the greater good of the universe.
  1. Lore Magus


    The Heroes' Secret [tabs width=450px]IntroHeyo, it's been a while since my last group RP venture around here, but when the itch returns so do I. This is a sort of spiritual reboot of a plot I tried to run a while back that unfortunately wasn't able to get far. It's an RP focusing on my character...
  2. Robyn Mizore

    PARTNER REQUEST Looking for Fire Emblem Fates or Heroes Roleplay

    Trying to find someone who can play Takumi specifically. I do oc x canon double ups. I play your crush and you play mine ^-^
  3. Crow

    Earth Protection Legion: Junior Division [OoC & Signups]

    A good long time ago, the Monolith, an great, evil arcane being from a different dimension, used its power to control many a human across the planet, making them its mindslaves. This crisis was so great, it forced the heroes of Earth from all across the globe to unite. Ultimately, they defeated...
  4. Thor


    It's been many years since superheroes rose up to protect the Earth and its inhabitants. It all began with the creation of Captain America during WWII, and since then more heroes, and subsequently, villains, have made themselves known. Some heroes such as the Avengers and Justice League have...
  5. Thor


    For more content & characters please view the extras. Private RP between mombie, barnes & thor
  6. Cyberelite2k

    Welcome to UA, ready to become heroes? (Hero Academia rp) sign ups

    Info This rp is about a alternate version of the hero academia world that involves new or alternate versions of various heroes and villains including the UA class 1-A. This class will be the focus of the rp as they go through their experiences at the school and dealing with various events. The...
  7. J

    Heroes Must Die

    A tall, slightly built figure wearing a purple beanie and a buttoned-up, greige trench coat entered the tavern. The man did not turn his head to look at the people that chatted at the nearby wooden tables but rather sat at an empty barstool. "Will it be the usual? Scotch and soup?" said...
  8. Cyberelite2k

    Welcome to UA academy students! (Hero academia rp signup thread)

    In this world where most of the population have a power known as a quirk there is a well known and highly regarded school known as UA. This is where students are taught in the ways of being heroes, mastering their quirks and developing as people. With their goals of becoming heroes they'll have...
  9. Cyberelite2k

    Its time for the new generation of heroes to shine! (Teen titans inspired superhero rp)

    Superheroes are quite a common sight in this world, you sometimes see those with powers helping out everyone they can or fighting vile villains. They bring hope and justice to the world... sort of. There is in recent years distrust to these individuals as more and more damage occurs during their...
  10. Azurian Dream

    My Hero Academia: Blackout

    "The lineage of those before must be burned down to ash to pave the road for the next generation" IC Channel The legacy of heroes like All Might, and Deku are long since gone those from the past villain or hero a mere blink in time to the world these days. Japan has since had many taken the...
  11. Cyberelite2k

    Time for the next generation of Avengers (Avengers/Marvel next gen rp) sign ups

    Plot The world will always need heroes as such it's not too surprising that the kids and apprentices of the countless heroes and villains of this world are continuing to carry on the mantle of their families. A group has been formed from some of the heroes. The New Avengers. Or more accurately...
  12. Lir-The-Witch

    The speedster is not as stupid as you think they are m/m (superheros)

    kay so I am working on a speedster character (someone with super speed) and I like the idea that everyone sees them as 'jokesters, clowns, and silly' based on a lot of the famous ones, my dude HATES it because they need to be thinking faster than they move, which is like pretty fast maybe we...
  13. H

    Rainclouds and Stormy Nights

    ! Hello and Welcome ! It's a pleasure to meet ya! Call me Hero bb C: So, I know you're all here because you too are incredibly bored during this unfortunate quarantine school season. I'm 22 and a college student who happens to be decently busy but roleplay helps me take the edge off so here I...
  14. Rainier Ashton Bernhardt

    Battlefield 1917

    Welcome to my World War 1 Campaign! I need at least 4 recruits of the Allied powers: Brittain/ Canadian/ Australian, France, French Foreign Legion, and of course who can count out the Americans?! Now, women can be apart of this as well--and not just as nurses or secretaries. The French Foreign...
  15. noodle

    1x1 Emporium

    Hey there guys! I'm noodle. I've been an active roleplayer for about five years now and I'm looking for some active, long term partners. I'm back from a bit of a crazy summer, and some of my RPs ended up getting dropped or put on hold- if I have roleplayed with you before and it didn't work out...
  16. Xerxes

    Chaos Theory: Teen Titans RP

    CHARACTER SHEETS & OOC "Let The Hunt Begin~" Chaos theory said things fall apart, chaos theory said everything is random, everything is atrophy and unknown and there is no way you will ever control it or understand it. That it's all just guessing, you can't even count the possibilities you...
  17. Small Foxx

    Marvelous Madcaps [OOC]

    Premise Madcap. Adjective and Noun meaning amusingly eccentric, zany, eccentric, ridiculous, unconventional, weird, madman/madwoman, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, oddity, hothead, daredevil, crackpot, loony, nutjob, cuckoo, dingbat, wackadoodle... You get the picture. Once upon a time, there were...
  18. Xerxes

    A Young Justice/Teen Titans DCU RP: Characters & OOC

    "I don't know who started this war...but i do know who will end it. Go now, little ones. It's all up to you now~ " - Alfred Pennyworth IN CHARACTER THREAD Approved Character Slots Bloodhound Helios Technokind Phoenix Red Queen Alias Here So, i don't know about ya'll, but for me i think...
  19. D

    The 10 PM Chronicles (Drifter and Mglo)

    In a dilapidated motel room at the end of the world, an antiquated television hummed to life. Its picture was choppy and made worse by the stilted delivery of the solitary figure who adorned the screen. He wore a navy blue suit jacket and a black tie, the corners of his mouth besieged by...