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Focusing on the dynamics of a family, whether blood-related or adoptive.
  1. Kawashima Lightning

    Den of Wolves (IC) | Minamoto Lightning & Denali

    Aleksi's Estate Alexis It was a beautiful day in Palermo, Sicily. The sun was shining, flowers were blooming and the skies were clear. Expecting Mother Alexis Ishimoto, was just getting ready for her day. It had been quite some time since her lover, Aleksi, saved her from the horrid relationship...
  2. WaffleCuddles

    Lovers Moon Hotel ( Family and Love hotel rp) OOC/Chat/Relationship talk and etc

    Form : Name: Gender: Age: Crush: Lover: Personality: Skills: Pets ( Optional if you want someone or you to play as your pet):
  3. WaffleCuddles

    Lovers Moon Hotel ( Family and Love hotel rp)

    Before you stands a beautiful place to live. Lovers Moon Hotel. A place for you to care for your family or to fall in love. Many Fall in love here. Many raise children here too. If you live here, you might not want to leave.
  4. FallenAngelKuna

    Looking for Long Term member into a family role play (with lots of messed up themes)

    Looking for individual(s) who are not shy to penetrate into a well established family role play and willing to stir up drama and mess with the status quo. The role play is almost like a whole Greek/ Roman myth, it has the Love and Heartbreak, marriage and cheating, abusive and toxic...
  5. VanceXentan

    Fire Emblem Three Houses - Non Canonical - Dusk Brings the Dawn

    The Year is 1180 of the Imperial Calendar. The King of Faerghus Dane Blaiddyd suffers from a seemingly incurable disease and with his age catching up to him he is not expected to survive much long. As this unfolds his son prepares to attend the academy at Garreg Mach. The Emperor of Adrestia...
  6. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    Family Dynamics ;; Minamoto Lightning x Happily

    ∞ F A M I L Y ∞ ⇢ 1x1 between @Minamoto Lightning and myself ⇠ ⇢ With a population of roughly 7,547; Moore Haven, Massachusetts has always seemed like the perfect small northeastern town to raise a family in. Located about a half-hour from the coast itself and about an hour from both Boston...
  7. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    CHARACTER INDEX What Makes You Country >>> CI

    ... Goodwell, Oklahoma, USA ... ... Present Day [RP in-character date is August 19th, 2019, First day back to school] ... In-Character || Discord || Out-of-Character GMs ;; @~Happily.Ever.After~ || @~Dark Disney~ ..Family Name.. ~ Address ~ >> Full Name {Nickname} .. Age {Birthday} ...
  8. ~Happily.Ever.After~

    What Makes You Country >>> OOC

    ... Goodwell, Oklahoma, USA ... ... Present Day [RP in-character date is August 19th, 2019, First day back to school] ... In-Character || Discord || Character Index GMs ;; @~Happily.Ever.After~ || @~Dark Disney~ No matter where you live life has its ups and downs; and no matter where you...
  9. B

    A Family for the Holidays

    Hello! So I'm looking to play a foster-kid that gets placed with a family for the holidays. I'm looking for someone to play a foster-parent or a foster-sibling and we can share playing any other characters. I'd rather keep just one main character each so we can focus on building the relationship...
  10. S

    Family RPs

    Hello! My name's Jessica. I'm really itching to do some roleplays focused around family. I'm looking to play child/teen characters mostly, but I'm totally up for doubling or tripling up to play adults too. I'll play characters of any gender. If there is a romance involved among the teens or...
  11. Pahn

    Red Leaves in Winter

    Ruthie;Snippet; Red Leaves in Winterx This is an invite-only roleplay. If you are interested in joining, please send me a private message and do NOT post in this thread. Note: most of the invited players are not redstar roleplayers, so while sexual themes will be inevitably present, there...
  12. Pahn

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famously Dysfunctional

    title to be changed maybe cause that IS LONG AS SHIT oop a private rp between @Shizuochan and @Pahn about a suddenly rich dysfunctional family immediate inspirations: les Bougons and the Lavigueur family. WE ARE NOT ROLEPLAYING REAL PEOPLE BUT TAKING INSPIRATION FROM THOSE TWO FAMILIES OF...
  13. Rabbit

    The Ties that Bind Us

    THE TIES THAT BIND US Chicago, Illinois Building Floor plan Map Chicago,+IL,+USA l Jamie2016 Name James Cole Gardner Gender Male Etnicity American/Brittish Occupation Music director/Radio host Date of birth Oct 5 1988 Sexuality Bisexual Place of birth Chicago...
  14. PunkPrince

    Ten Years Later (Idea, Family Drama, Detailed, Literate, Queer Characters Within

    My idea is this. My main character is Eva, a transgender woman. You would play her father, a military man who kicked her out ten years earlier after she came out to him, as well as his new wife and stepchildren (ages 13-17 and maybe one younger one, I don't care about the amount. Could be two...
  15. Macie Melody Lightfoot

    A Star Wars Adventure: The Macie Melody Lightfoot Family Clan Saga...

    Description: A Star Wars Saga... revolving the Bloodline of Lightfoot. I need someone to start it and help me make it a reality. I can not do it upon myself and on my own. I know that this could be alot to ask and persist to ask from you good friends of mine. But if any of you can do it...
  16. Macie Melody Lightfoot

    United States Pokemon Region- A possible Multi-Crossover.

    Joanna: *Voice-over* The last time in our journey's, A Group of us had all gone out to start our Pokemon Journeys. We were set as none other to go on a pokemon Journey and compete in the Pokemon League. The Ultimate Battle arena you can possibly imagine as it'd consist of multiple battle arenas...
  17. Felilla

    Two Plus {Character Index}

    C H A R A C T E R || I N D E X ☞ {you are here} I N || C H A R A C T E R ☞ {over there} D I S C O R D ☞ {over here Family is important and in the “Two Plus” community of Florence...
  18. Esmeray

    Rose Witch Covenant

  19. Gossip

    SPECIAL! FLASH CRAVING! [Naruto] A Very Uchiha Nightime Story (NoPairings)

    Hello people! I'm looking for someone to satisfy a quick craving of mine and who can: Wait a few days between posts. Handle NPCs Don't mind kinda crackish prompts Can pull off a decent Izuna Uchiha Can handle writing between three and twelve paragraphs a post Love to brainstorm and fangirl in...
  20. Gossip

    Will the Real Steppie please stand up? (Aromantic/Platonic Pairings of all sorts)

    This thread is exclusively for my bromances and my enemy-without-benefits cravings, but you'll soon find a romantic version running about somewhere if that's more your thing, so please be patients lovers, and welcome to all of those who are tired of all these damn shipping centred plots! So...