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Fantasy, romance, slice of life, anti-hero stories, "you're our only hope", fandom non-canons, soft scifi, transhumanism, magical girls, horror, suspense / mystery, detective noir, fractured fairytales

Pahn's Partner Search Thread

Thank you for clicking this absurdly Seether-inspired thread title!

What I'm looking for

Plotting: I write my best when I'm excited, so when I'm looking forward to your contribution. If I'm plottingg this thing all by myself, or if the most you can contribute is "I like to do anything", then we're gonna have a hard time moving on. It's okay if you don't have much of an idea of what you want, but being very passive this early in the RP is a turn-off for me.

Posting: Speed. I can be both super slow or super fast. My posting speed can range from one day to two weeks. However, unless you tell me that you don't mind waiting two weeks, I always try to post within 7 days of your post. If I get crazy hyped about our roleplay, and anticipation is making me sleepless, I'll post more frequently. Don't take it bad if that's not the case -- if I'm still writing with you, it's because I'm enjoying our story!
Length. I can write from 400 words to 4000. In average, my posts are between 800 and 1200 words. Of course it depends on the scene, if we're having a massive dialogue scene, I certainly won't put out 800 words, that's just silly. I have very descriptive writing, and I enjoy long posts. However, quality is definitely not necessarily quantity. If you write 1000 words and leave me nothing to respond to, well that sucks. Words have purpose, make it so; 300 words and lots to reply to will be a lot better in this case. I'm a wordy fucker, and if that intimidates you, maybe we're not compatible partners!

Writing: English is somewhat my second language, so sometimes I write things that might not make sense. I get idioms wrong, or synthax is a bit off. I definitely appreciate being told about it, and I expect the same from you. If your post is impossible to read and comprehend because there are so many grammar mistakes or weird synthax or whatever, things you could've fixed with a second reading or a spell-check, that will turn me off.

Talking: We're gonna be writing together, so it's very important for me that we actually chat and talk outside of the roleplay. I know it sounds weird, but I'm also writing for my partner's pleasure. Knowing that you really enjoyed reading what I wrote, that my character is giving you feels or making you laugh... Bruh, I need this kind of feedback. I'm HUGE on feedback, so I will also be telling you all about your posts too. We bond over the mutual enjoyment of our roleplay, and that increases my hype about it :D If you think you won't be able to post for X amount of time, I'm 100% okay with putting our roleplay on hold for as long as you need. Just don't come to me saying "I'll post today" and then never post for three weeks. Be honest with me and with yourself.

Sharing: I have a handful of roleplays, some to which I reply to right away, others that take me longer. It's important that you don't get jealous or start making passive-aggressive comments about this. It's happened to me in the past, and I got so anxious about not upsetting my partner for this, that I ended up stopping writing altogether. If you're uncomfortable seeing me talk about other roleplays, or if you want ALL my attention... Perhaps we're not meant to be partners. I'm not exclusive bby ;) <3

Smutting: Smut is my favourite thing. BUT, it doesn't need to happen. I am proficient at making smut into a core element of the plot. The reason why I'm posting this thread here rather than the redstar partner connection is because I think a roleplay can do without the smut, even though I think it's ridiculous to completely black out one person's entire sex life. I will not roleplay with bluestars. I'm sorry, but I feel more comfortable this way.

I hope you've read all my wonderful points here! Those are very important for me, and have been accumulated over failed roleplays and bad communication and incompatible partnerships. I'm a wordy fucker, I probably come across as elitist as hell, and when I'm proud of something I definitely seem conceited as shit. But I can promise you the time of your life and the best writing experience you've never had >:] I'm good like that ;D

Now, onto more fun things.


  • You will see the tags in the thread -- they are legit. If it's there, I'm willing AND I like that particular thing.

    As far as kinky stuff goes, I'm open to everything BUT yaoi-type of pairings (MxM is fine), bathroom stuff, and gratuitous violence. Talk to me about what you like, and I will be happy to share with you! There is also a link to my kink-list in my Roleplayer profile thing, that re-directs to my Litphoria. Please be advised that it contains NSFW shenanigans. PM me for questions about it!

    I play multiple characters most of the time, and I really enjoy it. We may start off with only one each, but gradually we'll expand the universe and doubling or more might be required at some point. Please let me know right off the bat if that's not something you're comfortable with.

  • Content Tags

    Just a list of the important tags that I'm very interested in:

    Alternative history - Taking place in a setting where historical events took an alternate turn and diverged from the historical timeline at some point.

    Ancient world - Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of ancient civilizations- particularly Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient China.

    Antiheroes - Containing or focusing on characters who do not have conventional heroic qualities.

    Apocalyptic - Taking place during a catastrophe or cataclysmic event which has eradicated modern society as we understand it.

    BDSM - Containing/seeking some or all elements of Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, or Sadism and Masochism.

    Coming of age - Focusing on/dealing with characters in adolescence learning to become independent and grow up.

    Crime drama - Drama focusing on legal cases, criminal activity, forensics, and police procedure. Characters may include detectives and cops, lawyers and judges, criminals, and/or victims.

    Cyberpunk - Speculative scifi set in a future where computerized technology has in some way overpowered humanity.

    Dark Ages - Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of the Dark Ages, an era that lasted from the fall of Rome in 476 for around 500-700 years and which characterizes the bulk of the Middle Ages as a period of intellectual darkness.

    Dark fantasy - Fantasy with elements of horror and a gloomy aesthetic.

    Drama - Focusing on or dealing with emotionally-charged situations.

    Dystopia - An oppressed, diseased, overcrowded, and/or environmentally-degraded setting.

    Evil characters - Focusing on/seeking characters who are sadistic, murderous, or abusive.

    Fairy tales - Fantasy settings dealing with simple moralistic themes, enchantments, and creatures from folklore.

    Fantasy - Including elements of magic, strange creatures, fantastic beings, and/or imaginary worlds.

    Fractured fairy tales - Based on or borrowing elements from one or more classic fairy tales, especially those of the Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen. Usually adds a grown-up, satirical, or dark twist.

    Game of Thrones - Based on or borrowing elements from the Game of Thrones TV series and/or book series.

    Gothic - Blending elements of horror, romance, and a mix of romantic and morbid sensibilities.

    Grimdark - Containing extremely gritty, depressive, and edgy tones or themes.

    Heroic fantasy - Fantasy focusing on the destinies and character development of the protagonists.

    High fantasy - Fantasy set in a world unlike our own, with heavy emphasis on fantastic elements such as magic and imaginary races or creatures.

    Historical fantasy - Taking place in a historical setting with added fantasy elements such as magic or fantasy races.

    LGBT - Focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and/or other characters who fall under the umbrella of Gender, Romantic, or Sexual Minorities.

    Low fantasy - Fantasy that takes place in a world like our own, either a modern-day world with light fantasy elements OR an imaginary world that has little to no magic or fantasy elements.

    Magical Realism - Taking place in a realistic world where magical or fantasy elements are subtly present and are treated as unremarkable.

    Medieval - Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of Europe's Middle Ages, which began with the collapse of the Western Roman Empire in the 5th century and ended with the beginning of the Renaissance.

    Modern - Taking place in the modern-day world, no more than 25 years before or after the current date.

    Modern fantasy - Taking place in a setting that resembles the modern-day world, but with fantasy elements such as magic and/or paranormal beings.

    Modern scifi - Taking place in a setting that resembles the modern-day world, but with science fiction elements such as futuristic technology and/or alien beings.

    Monsters - Containing or focusing on creatures which inspire fear or present danger to humanity.

    Multiple characters - Indicating that the author prefers, allows, or is seeking players who will create and play as two or more characters.

    Mutants - Focusing on characters with extraordinary abilities that resulted from experimentation, exposure to radiation, or other scientific means.

    Mystery - Focusing on the investigation of a crime or strange/unexplained happenings.

    Mythic - Including elements and/or themes from myth, legend, and folklore.

    Noir - Crime drama that focuses on gritty themes, cynical worldviews, and often romance- especially taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of the 1940's-1950's.

    Occult - Dealing with spiritualism, witchcraft, voodooism, and other strange phenomena that fall outside mainstream religion.

    Otherworld fantasy - Fantasy in which characters travel to another world OR which is set in a universe that exists parallel to our own and is theoretically accessible in some manner.

    Paranormal - Dealing with phenomena as yet explained by science but which is assumed to have a scientific explanation- such as ghosts, UFOs, cryptids, and psychic abilities.

    Pirates - Containing or focusing on outlaws who sail the open sea in search of riches and treasure, often stealing from other vessels.

    Political intrigue - Containing or focusing on the inner workings of political systems- especially dealing with underhanded affairs, diplomatic negotiations, betrayal, succession, and/or power struggles.

    Post-apocalyptic - Taking place after or during the fallout from a catastrophe or cataclysmic event which has eradicated modern society as we understand it.

    Psychological - Horror that relies on fear and emotional instability to build tension.

    Rape - Dealing with themes or instances of at least one character being forced or coerced into sexual acts.

    Renaissance - Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of Europe's Renaissance era (14th-17th century). It was a time period in which literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, science, religion, and other aspects of intellectual inquiry prospered.

    Revolution - Taking place during a time of turmoil and political change for a nation, especially roleplays set in or influenced by the events of the American or French Revolutions.

    Romance - Including/focusing on romantic relationships between characters.

    Science fantasy - Scifi that contains staple fantasy elements, OR a blended scifi/fantasy setting.

    Scifi - Including elements of the speculative future such as advanced technology, extraterrestrial life, and travel to other planets.

    Sexual themes - Containing references to sex, innuendo, and mild depictions of sexual situations.

    Slice of life - Containing or focusing on events from everyday life and mundane scenarios.

    Steampunk - Speculative scifi where the predominant technology functions on steam power, especially associated with influences and fashion from the Victorian era.

    Superhumans - Focusing on characters with extraordinary abilities, often gained by luck or terrible circumstance and which necessitate having secret identities.

    Supernatural - Dealing with phenomena which defy scientific explanation- such as vampires, werewolves, miracles, and unearthly beings.

    Suspense - Focusing on contrasting hopeful and anxious scenarios to create tension and a winding plot

    Thriller - Focusing on plot twists, tense scenarios, and villainous plots.

    Torture - Including depictions of extended physical or psychological harm to the point of sadism.

    Tragedy - Focusing on human suffering and misfortune.

    Urban fantasy - Fantasy taking place in an urban setting, often in modern-day and often including elements of the supernatural.

    Vampires - Containing or focusing on beings who feed on the life force (usually blood) of the living.

    Vikings - Taking place in or heavily influenced by the events, social behaviors, and/or fashion of Northern Europe's Viking Age (793-1066).

    Violence - Containing explicit descriptions of violent acts.

    Weird fiction - Blending horror, supernatural, and scifi elements to create uncanny tales.

    Witches - Containing or focusing on magic users- especially female- who draw power from occult or mystical sources.

    Wonderland - Based on or borrowing elements of Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, or any derivative works.

    Worldbuilding - Indicating that the author is seeking partners/players who are active participants in creating a setting.

  • Pairings I'm interested in
    * : More asterisks, higher craving
    ♥ : Romance potential
    ○ : Smut potential

    Teacher x Student [** / ♥ / ○○] (college level)
    Prominent political figure x Younger rising figure [*** / ○○○]
    Vampire x Vampire Hunter [*** / ♥♥ / ○]
    Student x Student [** / ♥♥♥ / ○]
    Married person x Boyfriend/girlfriend [**** / ♥ / ○○○○]
    Deity x Human [* / ♥ / ○]
    Princess x Prince (arranged marriage) [*** / ♥♥ / ○○]
    Queen x Maid/servant [*** / ○○○○]
    Guild members [** / ♥♥♥ / ○]

    I'm lazy, I'll probably add more along the way!

    Gender pairings:
    I like to play any kind of gender pairings. FxF, MxM, FxM. I enjoy playing gender non-conforming and non-binary gendered characters as well!!

    Yes, BUT ONLY OCs!! No canon. Just ask o_o

  • 75e2b9fdeb.png

    Sometimes, heroes don't win.
    The princess is raped and killed,
    while her prince is made to watch before being beheaded.
    Kingdoms fall and evil rises.

    I have had a craving for a twisted retelling of a fairytale! Whether it be Cinderalla, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland... Basically all those happy endings, I just want to ruin them! >:3

    I can play either male or female. Hell, it can even be a gender-bender tale if that's what would be a deciding factor for you! All sexual orientations also welcome.

    You gotta enjoy worldbuilding, cause I'm a nutcase and I need to set all the limitations of the setting before being able to delve into character-making. I like things like this to be shared, so giving your input and participating in the worldbuilding and plotting is essential!

    It will be dark. There will be blood and gore and sex and perhaps all of them together o_o so obviously the kinks I would like to include here are far and wide. Anything BDSM related is definitely high on the list, along with humiliation/degradation; possibility of non-con, dub-con. I'm veeeery open so if you're wondering about something, just ask me.

    I like pretty things that are uuuugly.

  • Low fantasy. Medieval. Supernatural. Multiple characters. Man with a curse (werewolf, vampire, other mythical man-beast) is terrorizing a small village. Local witch coven try to capture the beast, humanize him? At least make him harmless.

  • Pirates. Fantasy races. Supernatural. Multiple characters. Pirates on a hunt for an infamous treasure, gotta fight sea monsters and curses, shipwreck, diseases. When Captain dies, political shenanigans ensue along with a fight for being the next greatest pirate captain.


  • I have a handful of characters I've created in the past that I wish to either re-use, or use for the first time. They all have their own little stories, and most of them are adaptable. But I won't bring a fantasy-based character into a modern setting, or vice versa.

    They could be combined with pairings or plot ideas as you'll see below, but they can also spin their own stories from what I have in mind already.

    Please note I mostly play strong leading ladies, more on the dominant side. I also play male characters, and feel entirely comfortable playing them. Having a preference does not mean I dislike everything else :)

    There might be some characters with a note on the top -- this means they were most likely created for a group RP that either didn't work out, or died. I loved those characters very much and if they're there, it's because I wish to re-use them. In the particular case of Box Copter, I will only play her if we do some world-building to create a post-apoc universe. Please diregard locations and the like, they were specific to the roleplay she was created for.

  • [bg=#000000][fieldbox="マキ リン, #B90034, solid, 15, Lucida Calligraphy"]
    Name: Rin Maki
    (Americanized, typically Maki Rin in the traditional Japanese way)

    Age: 48

    Appearance: Japanese, 5 feet 4, 120 lbs. Dark brown eyes, long black hair usually in a tight ponytail or bun. Often seen dressed wearing perfectly tailored pantsuits, Rin enjoys wearing more casual clothing in the comfort of her home. For formal occasions, she will often just wear black silk dresses.

    Bio: Rin Maki became mayor of [city] two years prior to the current events. She was born in America, but her parents are first generation immigrants from Japan. She speaks fluent Japanese, English, some Mandarin, and Spanish. She was never married, but had a daughter who passed away a decade ago, from a mysterious but violent crime. The mainstream story is she got mugged and was accidentally killed by the mugger. Rin’s mind has never been to rest about this unresolved murder, and it was one of the reasons why she began campaigning for mayor a couple years ago. When she was finally elected, she swore she would bring to justice even the pettiest of criminals, and does not condone vigilantism. She works closely with the police force and will do anything to make sure crimes like the one that took her daughter away are never loosely attended to. She leads a busy yet lonely life, and most of the time her work comes before everything else.

    Hexcode: #AF8690

    Face claim: Ryoko Yonekura


  • Please note this character is adaptable in terms of location and spouse name.

    Name: Vivienne Alexander

    Age: Thirty-five

    Apperance: Vivienne stands at an average of five foot five, but her favourite footwear (high heel shoes) make her reach a good five foot seven on good days. She has long, wavy ginger hair, combined with light freckles across her cheeks and nose; her eyes are a piercing khaki green.

    Superpower: None

    Occupation: CEO of Iskandar International, A super-corporation that focuses on Military Tech and Pharmaceuticals.

    Vivienne has always lived in the suburbs of Voltapolis, in one of those rich, colonial style houses. Her parents and their parents before them were part of the bourgeoisie, and so the woman grew up a single child with nothing to worry about. As the single daughter of the family corporation Iskandar Int., with traditionalists at the head of the board, it was no surprise that she would be next in line for CEO.

    She attended Voltapolis University in Business Management after spending two years in Germany in a trading program. Her father insisted she should see more of the world, and when she chose to continue her degree at V.U., Vivienne was met with a year’s worth of reprimanding silence from him and passive aggressive comments from her mother. Nonetheless, the program was reputed across the West Coast to be one of the best, and when she finished her first year at the top of her entire year of classmates, it was difficult to remain on bad terms with her parents. She met [YOUR CHARACTER] in a common Communications class, and they got along pretty quickly. He was charming and funny, and very different from the pool of boys she was expected to pick a potential husband from. Her parents disapproved once more, but as soon as she carried him around like the arm-candy he was, how he presented himself to more high-class folks, Vivienne knew she would never let him leave her side.

    Once they both graduated V.U., Vivienne’s parents bought them a house in a close-by neighborhood, and within months, they were married. Not even a few years later, her father passed away and despite her young age, she was ready to take the reins of Iskandar International; she had been groomed for this career ever since she was a teenager. She proved to be a much better CEO than her father, and elevated the company with amazing deals and impressive contracts all over the world over the course of nearly a decade.

    Living her life with the intensity of her career, Vivienne began to grow distant from her husband, cheating on him until she got caught. She wasn’t sure why she was doing it, or why she kept doing it. Two months later, they’re still in therapy, and the businesswoman isn’t sure if they will ever go back to what they had when they were younger. She promised Michael she would try, and so she will.

    Hexcode: #CC4400

  • Name: Petra Jager

    Age: 40

    Occupation: Adventurer, about to retire

    Fighting style: Ranger / Rogue: Petra is an exceptional archer. She can hunter and set traps for either enemies or small game. She knows a lot about the flora and fauna across most of the continent, as she has travelled more than any commoner could imagine. She is skilled with daggers, and thanks to her hunting skills, sneaking is something she is good at. She can both make poisons and “healthy” potions. She is not very good in face-to-face melee combat.

    Appearance: Petra is known to be an incredibly beautiful woman. Many think she might even have elven blood, but none have ever gotten proof of that. Her body is slender and tall, her hips relatively prominent with breasts to match. She has an ugly scar on her cheek, grazing above her jaw but just below her cheekbone; her eyes are a piercing blue-green, though with time the light in them has dimmed a little. She tends to wear her ginger hair a bit messy, tying up only the first hair while the rest runs down her back and over her shoulders. She wears a leather armour, along with belts and straps to keep her quiver in place and her daggers tight to her waist. A worn, teal-but-previously-royal-blue cloak sits on her shoulders permanently, held together by a six-pointed star pin.

    Brief history: Petra Jager was born in a family of herbalists who lived new the big city of Varden. From a very young age, she was taught the art of hunting, game trapping, and fishing. She proved to excel in those activities much more than her two brothers, but because she was a girl, the merchant art was not something taught to her. Instead, she learned all about herbs and potions, which is what distinguishes her from other rangers today. She made friends with a young priest, Fredrik, and was convinced to join the adventuring group called the Crimson Wyverns. She was one of the youngest members at the time, but now she is their eldest. She was close to one of the members for a few years, until he left without a word and never contacted her again, causing her to be devastated. After that, Petra never really let anyone get very close to her and kept most men at arm’s length, and women in her bed. She still enjoys the company of men for hot torrid encounters, but only when she knows they will never see each other again. Now, she hears her old flame is back in town with a promise of a last adventure together, just as she was about to retire from adventuring.

    Hexcode: #00D36A

  • Name: Misaki Watanabe

    Secret identity? Black Blossom. She is not very well known, but anyone who surfs the interwebs and looks up local superpower people will come across her. No one knows who she is in real life, and rarely does she make “public” appearances.

    Age: 28

    Appearance (civil + costume if applicable): Black Blossom wears a black kimono and a Japanese “oni” (demon) mask. The eyes area on it are actually see-through. She does not talk very much nor does she ever take her mask off. She wears the whole Japanese-style sandals, so she might seem approximately 5 feet 6. She has a small frame, and even wears gloves to hide her hands – although she will take one off to use her powers.

    Superpower: Precognition. Black Blossom can see probable futures, like threads, and those futures are not set in stone. She cannot see what can influence them, which is her main weakness. She cannot determine if a vision is something to happen soon, in ten years, or next week – or if they will happen at all. She has minimum control over them and they will happen when she has physical contact with something related to the vision. For example, she could be watching the news and when grabbing the TV remote control, have a vision of X event about whatever is currently happening on the news, but there is no telling if this will actually happen or if she can prevent it. Since Black Blossom is well-informed and has a huge network online, she can work through her contacts to have more information, and perhaps that is her best superpower.

    Bio: Black Blossom made her first appearance online nine years ago, when the first pro-superhuman laws were passed in Voltapolis. She has managed to keep her identity secret for the entire time. She follows other supernatural beings and superhumans on social medias, stalking them online and spending most of her time blogging about events relating to people like her.

    Black Blossom is quiet, discreet and very well-informed. Secrets rarely escape her, and she has a national network formed of other precogs, and some other valuable superpowered folks. She lives alone, and makes damn sure no one ever finds out where she lives. She is a fan of Japanese folk stories (fine, she is a "weeb" and admits to it in one of her blog posts), and inspired herself from them to create her costume and persona.

    Hexcode: #6D4299
  • Note: This character was created for the Shadowrun universe.

    Name: Jack Owens (street name: Jak-O)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 31
    Race: Human
    Job: Face, currently looking to join a new group of runners
    Special Powers: Adept Intrinsic powers: Improved Charisma, Rapid healing, Voice control

    Personality Jack is arrogant. He knows what he wants, he will do anything to get what he needs. He has little to no shame in betraying allies, thus he does not have many friends and can only scrape by most of the time, mostly due to having to move cities to escape the friends-turned-foes who want to wring his neck. All in all, he can be nice when he truly cares about someone, but that hasn’t happened in a long time, and Jack isn’t sure he could ever really begin caring about anyone.

    Biography: Jack Owens was born in the northern-eastern UCAS (United Canadian American States) in an area which used to be Ontario, many years ago. His parents were both pretty mundane, so it definitely came as a surprise to them when Jack began doing weird things with his voice, and managing to get anything he wanted from strangers. He was an only child, but when he was about ten, his parents became foster parents for orphaned “magical” children and this meant Jack was no longer their centre of attention – but he didn’t mind, since his otherworldly charisma made him many friends.

    Despite the brat he grew up to be, Jack is amazingly tolerant and tends to become friends with the uglies of this world, befriending trolls and weird animal people. His hometown did not offer many career opportunities for someone with his specific set of skills, and so it was at the age of eighteen that he left the burgeoning family nest. His first job as a Face was horrendous, and he never talks about it. Every job is a little better than the previous, but with his inability to grow close to anyone, and to betray anyone for an extra coin, his name Jak-O is not a very popular one.

    A bit more than a decade later, Jak-O may be the worse self-serving asshole in the underground runner community, but he is incredibly effective, and he knows how to charm his way out of sticky situations and you are always assured to get the most advantageous cut out of his negotiations with Mr. Johnson. He is always neck-deep in a job or running from the runners he’s taken advantage of. Which lead him to this new city, where he knows no one, but where the Russian mafia has quickly become more appealing than the Japanese shit he’d been dealing with in the past years.

    Hexcode: #CC2800

  • [fieldbox=Ben Rowe, #00AA88, solid, 20, Bradley hand itc]

    Full Name: Benjamin Donovan Rowe
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Senior high school student; Part-time barista at local coffee shop
    School schedule:

    Bio: Benjamin has lived his whole life in Greenville. He has an older brother, James Archibald Rowe, who is five years older than him, and who came back to live in the family home once he was done with college. Ben’s parents died in an accident when he was 16 (so just a little over two years ago), and their inheritance and debts have left the two boys on a short leash. They have a trust fund that can be used exclusively for school and a small amount is made available monthly for necessities, but for anything else they need to keep a side job to earn the extra cash.

    Ben works in at a small but busy coffee place a few streets from Shamrock Academy - the rich kid private school, which he attends. He works weekends, and a few hours every night after school except for Friday and the occasional Tuesday. The cafe he works at is Cuppa Jones.

    The young man is a gifted artist, but his brother discourages him into pursuing any kind of artistic venues, as that would not be a “proper” career. He excels in the art and computer classes at school, and sucks at “boring” subjects like history and geography. He is rarely seen without his pair of headphones and his skateboard outside of school, except when he works. Ben is sort of a loner, his only “friend” being his brother, from whom he doesn’t have a particular positive role model, with James being a party boy who specializes in dysfunctional female relationships.

    Hexcode: #00AA88

  • Please note this character was created for a specific setting, but she can be very easily adapted to another high fantasy setting.
    [fieldbox="Viktori, #a32f2f, solid, 15, Forte"]




    Blood Gladiator (Warrior + Spellsword)

    Blood is the source of all life. To be proficient in Blood Magic is not a feat all magic users are capable of. It requires an inner strength to keep demons and spirits at bay, to keep one’s own mind sane. To acquire more blood, there is no better place than a battlefield – or as city peasants would call it, the arena. To be a blood mage and gladiator was to put on some of the most gruesome shows. Showers of red, the smell of iron and sweat, the cheers of the drunk crowd in an intimate duet with the screams of the gladiators’ croaked voices. As any spellsword would in the fatal arena, a Blood Gladiator has the possibility to use the blood of their opponents and use it to replenish those they are assisting. They must also learn how to fight off the other spellswords, all the while supporting the main gladiator and providing entertainment. The more coins they brought in, the less likely they would be fed to fighters out of their league. This requires an extraordinary amount of concentration, stamina, and brute strength. Many more experienced spellswords would argue that being flashy drains more energy than necessary, and it is true – without proper sleep and food, a Blood Gladiator does not do well in the arena and thus risks stumbling upon their own death. They rarely strike to kill, but instead to wound and this can cause for bad surprises.

    In summary:
    Blood Gladiators are gladiator-born spellswords who have mastered the magical art of blood magic. The more blood there is that does not belong to them, the better they perform. They may also use their mana for other minor spells. They are cruel with a blade, but not deadly.

    Viktori has the slender build of an elf, but she is relatively tall. She has surprising force for someone her size, and under her lean muscles there isn’t much fat to be found. Her feminine curves are not easily distinguished under her armour because of that, though if she were to wear female civilian clothes, there would be no doubt she was a woman. Her hair is long and black, reaching the lower part of her back. She keeps it up in a high bun, foreign strands held back by her leather headband. Many scars can be found on her body, a result of a slave’s life and being in the arena for so long. Her face is surprisingly spared, and one would say that she has a savage beauty, with dark green eyes that are never tender. Though she tries to hide those most of the time, Viktori’s ears are a constant reminder of her elvish heritage.

    • Short sword
    • Large iron ring with an empty gem-like hollow stone.
    • Arena battle garments: tough leather top, sleeveless; tough leather pants. Leather boots that reach to her knees.
    • Outside battle garments: linen coat toughened with a leather layer, with furs sewn to make a hood. Same leather boots and pants. Light leather gloves.
    • Worn, filthy leather headband.
    • Dirty silk sash, red, worn around her waist almost at all times.
    • Traveling backpack containing: an unfinished map of Elliria, with a focus on the Republic of Sotis and Morcrest; waterskin; clean linen strips; written proof of her liberation; flint; whetstone; few days’ worth of rations.

    Position on Magic
    Pro-Magic, strong supporter of profane magic

    Time with the Wardens
    2 months

    [fieldbox="About Magic, #a32f2f, solid, 5, Forte"] Mana Pool

    Blood (Major)

    Keep on Living | Using the blood of enemies, opponents, or simply people she does not like, Viktori will restore the life force of those she is supporting. She cannot support more than two people at once.

    Bloody Heart on a Sleeve | Using most likely the blood of her foes, Viktori can amass a large amount of it to create a permanent shield of coagulated blood. It isn’t a hard surface, so any swords or arrows will remain stuck in it and only she can control the mass to push the items out of it. She can either create one large shield (that sticks to someone’s arm) and is three feet wide/long, or three smaller shields for three different people, no larger than 12 inches in diameter.

    Illusion (Minor)

    Death Welcomes You | As an illusion spell, this one causes the recipient to no longer fear death: it dampens the fear of dying for no longer then one hour. How they react is not part of the spell however. It can cause some people to be desperate and try their hardest to survive, or it can cause some to be close to suicidal. Viktori does not use this spell very often, unless she knows how the other person will react. It can only be casted on one person at a time.

    Strengths | | Weaknesses

    + Iron Will | Even though she practices profane magic, Viktori has trained for years on keeping an iron grip on her mind. She will still be more vulnerable to possessions compared to other arcane magic users, but will be better at resisting it than full practitioners of dark magic.
    + Die Another Day | The woman has an extremely high tolerance for pain. She has above average athleticism and is capable of fighting for long periods of time or until she cannot see what she is doing.
    + A Blade Called Toka | Viktori’s small size prevents her from wielding big blades, and so she has taken to heart to master the use of her short sword, Toka. It was given to her by Gregnan and she has used it even since. Her agility with it is surprising, and it truly looks like the blade is an extension of her arm.

    - Warm Hands, Cold Heart | Empathy, kindness, selflessness are not things that come naturally for Viktori. She can be harsh and holds high expectations for herself and everyone without exception. She is cruel to her enemies when fighting, and she will more often than not offer a messy death to those she has defeated.
    - Eyes That Can’t See | With the extremely frequent use of her blood magic, Viktori has taken a physical toll of her efforts. The veins in her eyes are strained, and at times they will completely blind her after she has exerted a huge amount of magic and physical activity. On regular days, she can see just fine.
    - Books and Bricks | She is highly uneducated. She cannot read, write, talk in other languages than the common tongue. She has no knowledge about etiquette or good manners, or honour for that matter.


    Viktori is used to being in the shadows, on the sidelines. She is very aggressive, much like a feral cat, and has immense faith in her abilities. Her arrogance is pretty obvious, even for those who don’t know her, and that can easily be the cause of disagreements with other members of a group. The advantage of this trait, however, is how dependable Viktori is. She will never stop fighting, and will not leave behind her friends and family. She may come off as cold, but through her stoicism she cares immensely about those who have been nice to her. This tends to make her a bit naïve and she can easily mistake romantic advances for kindness, since she has never been with a man before.


    Viktori was born a slave, like her mother before her. She doesn’t know who her father is, only that he might have been an elf, and a slave. Her mother was young, and died moments after the birth of her second child two years later – her brother, Ordeth. It was a few years before Viktori knew more about the world she lived in. They lived in the Republic of Sotis, part of a greater kingdom, Elliria. She was prejudiced against because of her smaller build, and it didn’t take long for her brother to overgrow her. Most of her younger years, she spent them being an errand girl for the family who had owned her mother.

    Around her tenth birthday, Viktori began to display signs of magical abilities. Whenever blood was in her vicinity, she couldn’t control herself and would replenish her own life force. This quickly became very awkward for the ladies of the house, and soon enough Viktori and her brother were sold to the highest bidder. They were both relatively healthy and Ordeth was incredibly strong, which meant the wealthy enthusiasts of the arena would have been more than excited about the duo. They were bought by a kind man, Gregnan, and he trained them on the gladiator performance art. A mysterious woman, whom Viktori never learned the name of, taught her how to better make use of her magic, and how to access her small pool of mana. She learned how to keep her heart and mind focused, free of any kind of evil temptations.

    After two years of training, Viktori was then thirteen, Ordeth and she went put through their first match. Since the fighters were mostly still teenagers and in training, they were not fighting death matches. This allowed the siblings to improve their skills and by the ages of 19 and 17, they had been scouted multiple times to finally be bought by one of the wealthiest owners in the arena. He was much less kind than Gregnan, and to this day she nurtures a profound dislike for the man. They trained and fought ruthlessly for years, and they slowly became the best breadwinners in the arena. Viktori and Ordeth were treated better than the other slaves, but the young woman was convinced she had earned this new respect. As it was getting to her head, her arrogance began to dig a steep gulley between her and her brother. It wasn’t until she met death face in the corner of her eye that she fell back down on her knees: she had overestimated her own remaining life force, and had tried to restore some of Ordeth’s, nearly killing herself and bringing her mind to the dark edges of another world.

    A few months ago, she and Ordeth were offered their freedom by their owner… paid by the king himself. It seems he had some of his men watching the matches and scouting exceptional fighters, and it was reported that they would be a good addition to the King’s Wardens. They were a one-of-a-kind duo, unmatched in the arena. Viktori was grateful for another purpose in life, as gladiators did not live very long…


  • Note: this was my first character created on Iwaku. It was for a very specific post-apoc-fantasy-ish RP where radiation had caused humans to have "mutations". Setting can be adapted very easily.

    Box Copter

    Twenty-Nine || Female || 180 lbs || 6 ft

    Box presents herself as male, mostly because of her violent past and because it is easier for her. Her square shoulders, narrow hips, and rather flat chest help her mask her gender. She keeps her hair short, hidden a under slouchy hat which she rarely takes off. Her mixed ethnicity gives her dark skin and deep green eyes. Box refers to “herself” but most player characters will see her as a male.

    Family & Friends

    Colt Copter - Player: Pahn NPC. Box’s brother, currently known whereabouts: Bunker New York.
    Jane Jackson & Wren Jackson - Player: Pahn NPCs. Deceased four years ago. They were Box’s adoptive parents (see biography). They were good friends with the bunker leaders and founding members of Bunker Chicago. Wren was a field medic, and Jane was a spy for The Old Guard, infiltrating the ranks of U-ARM.
    Larrison - Player: Pahn NPC. Lives in the same apartment building as Box, has known her for almost a decade now, and was good friends with Box's adoptive parents. He was also a member of the Old Guard for a few years.


    Box Copter was born just outside Bunker Chicago during a harsh winter. Her parents, both members of a small raiders' gang, died in a raider-targeted attack when she was 12, leaving Box and her younger brother Colt (8) orphaned. Before everything happened, they had been rather sheltered from the gang, but Box had been taught very early how to fight and to protect her disabled brother, and how to survive in the terrible toxic environment. After the brutal murder of her parents, more raiders trashed her home and took them captive, in hopes of... reforming them. The following years are now a blur in her mind. She was raped, beaten to the brink of death, and starved. All the things her father had taught her, about self-defence, seemed like it was meant for another world.

    Eventually, at 14, she was sold to Bosho's Gang. During a raid organized by The Coalition not even one month later, she was finally freed from her captives, but her severely traumatic past caused her to need some rehabilitation. She spent the next 3 years training for the military and re-learning to live as a human being. Not even a year after she was saved, tests revealed she was a mutant. Thankfully, it was nothing like growing wings or horns, like the stories she had been told by older soldiers. Her self-healing ability was pretty weak, and she didn't really know how to use it - it seems rather off and on. Experts on the matter taught her methods to concentrate and bring about the required energy needed to control her ability. At the same time, her hearing developed, despite her having a messed up ear from a previous beating.

    She had never seen her brother ever since she had been sold to Bosho’s Gang, until one day she visited a Coalition Laboratory for Mutant Enhancements.

    She knew, from stories she heard or what she had experienced, that The Coalition specialized in developing new technologies and in weapon enhancements. But despite her time with them, she didn't know what to expect that day. She certainly didn't expect to see Colt, now 13.

    His previously lame legs were now trapped in metal. His face was half-burned, the skin charred and left in ugly lumps across his cheek and neck. He was abnormally tall, taller than Box was now. His eyes looked dead, they even had a milky colour. His child body had been stretched and burned and reconstructed in ways she didn't even think were possible. His awkward and skinny arms held onto a huge gun. His name was branded - Weapon K Test Subject 15-08. He was surrounded by engineers and scientists, Coalition soldiers and skeptical-looking members of The Old Guard. They talked about how they could weaponize orphans, how this boy's parents had been filthy raiders, how his future had been oh so greatly improved. Box lost it. She's not sure how she did it, but that day, she felt the chains on her ankles and wrists, and she broke them. She ran for hours and days to all sides of the Bunker, trying desperately to escape.

    She was found a few days later, frozen near-death, by some members of The Old Guard. A retired old couple, Jane and Wren Jackson. Wren had been a field medical doctor in his younger days, and he taught her everything he knew. Jane had been a spy for The Old Guard and had worked in the higher, closed ranks of U-ARM; she taught Box all about deception, stealth, and how to use firearms. Slowly, her mental health stabilized again and her wounds closed up. She never spoke much to her saviours, preferring the comfort of silence. They never questioned her about her history. From ages 17 to 25 she lived with them. They both passed away peacefully; being childless, they left everything they owned to Box. It was not much, but it was the closest thing she had to a home. She inherited all of Jane's weapons and all of Wren's medical equipment. Some of it was a little outdated, but being a "friend" of TOG she had some access to shops where she could work in enhancing the kits. She was a known face around the TOG, but she hadn't tried particularly to bond with anyone else. She has one friendly acquaintance who has known her for years now, her neighbor Larrison, who is a bit over fifty and lives quietly while being a little gossip hunter.

    Mutagens in DNA?

    Mutagens active?


    [dash=green][dash=orange][dash=green]Grunt - 8

    • The Black Panther (3) - Athleticism. Very imposing in stature, Box is not someone you want to mess with. She is exceptionally athletic and can accomplish Olympian-like results when in good form, excelling in most endurance activities and in hand-to-hand combat. She is not afraid to take an opponent head on with her bare fists. Like a panther, she is also very fast and has above-average reflexes. Her armour does not hinder her abilities.
    • The Mother Bear (3) - Trauma Medical Training + Ability to use Technology. Box will be the first to respond to any injury caused in the field. Pressure when faced with possible death by wound is not part of her reality. Her cool-headedness and nimble fingers make her proficient in treating trauma wounds (ex: gunshots, knife stabs, amputations, broken limbs…). Her expertise however does not include long-term fixes. She is also capable of using and determining the correct dosage of military-grade drugs, use any kind of technology meant for treating wounds for a first-level response, and is fast without rushing.
    • The Eagle’s Eye (2) - Firearm accuracy + Specialization. Box has training in handling firearms, with a specialization with personal defense weapons (PDW). Her more frequent use of those makes her more confident than other firearms. Even in stressful situations, she is able to stop and focus to get an above-average accurate aim.
    Grunt Equipment
    • Primary Weapon: Brad, an FN P90 gun. It is a personal defense weapon which holds 50-round magazines.
    • Secondary Weapon: Fran, a semi-automatic pistol.
    • Personal Armour: Medium. Box wears the equivalent of a US soldier’s armour, full vest and pants. She wears a helmet most of the time, which also works as a gas mask, with a communicator added for convenience. She wears light armoured gloves, and steel-toed boots.
    • Additional Gear: Medical kits (containing: surgical equipment required to sew up a wound, disinfectant, clean cloth strips, 2 adrenaline syringes, surgical tape), Backpack with food supplies to replenish the energy her listener skills require, 3 Military-grade daggers, cotton swabs in her pockets to put in her ears.


    [dash=purple][dash=yellow][dash=purple]Listener - 4
    • The Wolverine's Heart (2) -Self-healing. Box can self-heal most wounds: cuts, broken bones (broken, not shattered/crushed), superficial flesh wounds (stab wounds: yes, bullet wounds: only within 2 inches deep). Her body cannot heal infections, missing limbs, bacterial infections (ex: a good ol’ cold), body-piercing wounds (ex: bullet wound that passed through completely).
    • The Night Owl - Enhanced hearing. Box's enhanced hearing can help her pinpoint the vertical and horizontal position of the source of sound. Aided by her quick reflexes, it doesn't take her very long to be able to identify the exact location of the sound. She has to concentrate for this. Distance: twice as far as regular humans; exceptions: through thick walls / ground (wood: yes, concrete: no).
    • The Grasshopper - Superhuman jumping. Box can jump higher than normal, but it has to be combined with her Athleticism abilities. Using a sprint as an accelerator, Box can make a vertical jump up to 9 feet with her amour, 12 feet without. Using a sprint again, Box can make a horizontal jump up to 15 feet with her amour, 20 feet without. She is not “protected” against bad landings though, and has to roll over for better results.

    Random Mutations
    • Cosmetic Using Wolverine’s Heart, Box’s skin glows a soft golden colour, not sparkling but almost like the energy being used to heal her creates some kind of light under her epidermis.

    Stages of Awakening
    As psychological, physical, and emotional strains increase, the possibility of awakening more mutagens also increase.

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