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    CLOSED SIGNUPS The Secret Circle - IC

    https://images.cooltext.com/5182100.png http://pm1.narvii.com/7037/7660318972ef3d8bbdcdde942e297d7a35c86e55r1-370-370v2_00.jpg The music of the Neighborhood filled the manor at the edge of town. Inside stood a young girl with black hair as she finished ridding the house of moving boxes. She...
  2. Pahn


    A private roleplay between @Pahn and @Sloth To be added Sources: Harry Potter world belongs to JK Rowling and Warner Bros Banner image: source
  3. MusicalT

    PARTNER REQUEST A Couple Ideas

    Hello there! Thanks for looking at my thread! I usually find it easier to get straight to the point so I'll go ahead and do just that. I am only involved in one roleplay right now, and though I am quite immersed in that one I've been wondering if I could swing one or two more. So we'll try and...
  4. Panda3

    Ivanov vs Japan (Revival)

    So awhile ago I made an RP that I really liked, and I would like to revive it, and this time make it go well. The History In the year 2020, a man in Russia named Igor Ivanov rose to power, but he had a vision... World domination. A vision he is so close to making into a reality. The countries...
  5. fol·ly·cle

    Blacklights — An AU BNHA Roleplay

    ♪ For someone like me, it was always easy to tell just how blind people are. What happened, shouldn't have happened, but it did. Why? Why were they all so distracted that they couldn't take notice of the tragedy happening right behind them? That's right... It's because of them... Those...
  6. fol·ly·cle

    Blacklights - An AU BNHA Roleplay

    "When we had no home, he gave us a place to belong. When we had no purpose, he gave us a reason to live. But above all else, he recognized us." —Kitagawa, Katsugu GM: @fol·ly·cle Group Size: 5 players Genre(s): Fandom, Action, Drama Pace: One to two posts per week Quality: Two or more literate...
  7. fol·ly·cle

    Blacklights - An AU BNHA Roleplay

    Blacklights "When we had no home, he gave us a place to belong. When we had no purpose, he gave us a reason to live. But above all else, he recognized us." In a world full of superpowered humans, the world of heroes overshadows all else. Natural talents such as those of the musician and artist...
  8. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    ~[IC!] Run, Prey, Run.

    <~<★>~> RP is done! Thanks to err'body for being sooooooo awesomes~^^!!
  9. Xerxes

    Young Injustice [DCU]

    To: Various Allies From: Ra's Al Ghul A Proposal My friends, after much investigation i have learned the truth behind many of our organizations failures. My spies have learned that the Justice League has assembled a team of young heroes and sidekicks who act under the direct orders of The...
  10. Kurogane86

    Kuro's long term RP ideas

    It's your friendly neighborhood Kuro here looking for a few good RPers for a long term RP. I have three ideas, please vote for your favorite. I'm also looking for a co-gm. Go ahead and vote for your favorite. 1. Student council vs. Trouble twins - everything is going well for the most famous...
  11. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    ~[OoC] Run, Prey, Run.

    <~<★>~> K welcome to the RP from your GMs Boo and DaFie!!^^!! RP is done! Thanks to err'body for being sooooooo awesomes~^^!! <~<★>~>
  12. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Run, Prey, Run.

    >Wake.< >Wake Up.< Tap-tap-tappity-tap-tap-tappity. It is like someone is repeatedly poking your left temple, but without actually touching you. Wait. You know that annoying 'tapping'. It was that panther again. But what was her problem? Why Big Cat Code? Couldn't she just speak? And wait--...
  13. Wolfsbane706

    In the Name of the Company (Corporate Magical Girls)

    What year is it, anyway? 2020? No, that's not it. 2025? Nooo, it's later than that. 2050, that's it! Yeah. It's February 2050, and megacorps are about as common as ants. Only the most influential corps use magical girls as their enforcers, however. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention: magic's...
  14. FreeRoamer

    Happy Tree Friends

    Hello, I'd love to rp involving Happy Tree Friends ~! Anime version, with my OC whose name is Hunter and is gay, it doesn't have to be romantic, it could be friendship or something. I'm pretty active, I post almost daily, Of course since it is Happy Tree Friends- There is going to be gore...
  15. Rebornfan120

    Roleplay interest off hiatus

    Hello! I've decided to return and do a new roleplay post/request! After some time to think things through from a hiatus of not posting interest checks for some time I have decided it was time to try my luck again and return with the hopes to find some people to roleplay with. Seeing some posts...
  16. Cactae_Mae

    Easy As Pie Partner Search (Discord mostly)

    :heart:Hello There!:heart: So, here I am again, looking for roleplay partners and decided to put some more thought into my thread and just to try to make it look pretty. Now, before you go on and head over to the plots and cravings under all this, please, check out my rules. Thanksies! :earth:My...
  17. IgnorantDaydreams

    Quest For RP Buds

    Hey!! I'm Ignorance or Iggy and I'm looking for some rp partners right now. I have been rping since before 2012 but just joined this site in the last week or so. I try writing longer length posts for rps that can range from a handful of sentences to multiple paragraphs depending on my muse in...
  18. Astroblaze

    CHARACTERS Astroblaze's Profile Database

    Welcome to the Personal Multiverse Database of RT#824 I have way too many OCs. This thread is a gallery of my favorites, along with characters featured in certain roleplays or open for roleplay. If you're interested in roleplaying with a certain character, check the Technical category at the...
  19. Cheek

      * summertime searching | plots & fandom galore

    * status: 0/? * craving: fandom * updated: 7/2/18 * summertime searching.Hello there, my name is Cheek and I am a twenty-two-year-old loser with a non-existent sleeping schedule and a severe gaming addiction. I have been in the role-playing business for about twelve years now so it is safe to...
  20. reptilian

    h-hewwo? owo hewp me !! (please click im just kidding)

    Honestly I'm really pushing it w/ a title like that,,,,, Well anyways, hello to you brave souls that clicked on such a terribly titled thread !!! I'm reptilian, but I guess just call me Tilly, or nothing at all. Whatever floats your boat tbh. Just some things about me which may have little to...