teenage characters

Focusing on/seeking characters between ages 13-18.
  1. AnemoVictorious

    GUARDIAN ANGELS - a shugo chara inspired group role play

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  2. pvllingteeth

    love is a violence || bnha [pvllingteeth&error606]

    this thread is a continuation of a deleted thread from a different site. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes to HOURS, hours to d a y s. Little by little, the wound in her chest stitched itself closed, leaving nothing but scar tissue in its wake. She glanced down at it as she shed her hospital...
  3. Cyberelite2k

    Its time for the new generation of heroes to shine! (Teen titans inspired superhero rp)

    Superheroes are quite a common sight in this world, you sometimes see those with powers helping out everyone they can or fighting vile villains. They bring hope and justice to the world... sort of. There is in recent years distrust to these individuals as more and more damage occurs during their...
  4. Junnabee

    A Slytherin Harry Potter

    Hello everyone! My name is Junna! I've recently been really craving some Harry Potter Roleplay. Forever and a day ago I had a roleplay about a Slytherin Harry and have decided I'd like to pursue a story like that again. Let me go ahead and place some of the details below if I've caught your...
  5. Shayla

    The Rebirth

    RebirthCan good exist without evil? Can there be light without dark? An unceasing question. In all the stories and tales told, there has always been a common theme known to each. The struggles and wars well fought between the heroines and the villains. These individuals carried throughout...
  6. R-9 Pilot

    Malevolence from Beyond: An Eldritch Magical Girl RP

    Malevolence From Beyond An eldritch horror magical girl roleplay Characters | In-Character The year is 2085. Fifty years ago, the Ashcroft Foundation shocked the world by revealing that magic was real, and they had harnessed its principles in new technology. The old gods have also taken...
  7. Divine Spell

    Hogwarts RP sign ups

    Hello if you would like to be in a Harry potter rp then this is the place for you! A FEW THINGS Please follow all site rules! Anyone who doesn't WILL be reported! We are trying to keep everyone safe here! No OP characters,and no God Modding! If you want your characters to duel or date or...
  8. ThatGuyOverThere

    Back again with my Muse: Looking for Casual Partners

    So it's been a long time since I have been here. Life has an awful way of getting in the way of things. But I am back and plan to stick around for a while. I plan to only use discord going forward but if anything I mention in this thread peaks your interest, private message me and we can...
  9. Mollisol

    Heavenheld: A Homestuck RP

    It turns out that for humans on Earth, there is an afterlife. For teenagers, it's a purgatory high school to prepare you for the afterlife. Where you go is determined after you graduate. It's peaceful - dare you say boring? Six friends think so. When a game called Sburb releases, promising...
  10. AngelNinja2018

    Within the Shadows

    It all started with the messages. Students at Highland Academy would receive cryptic notes from a group known as the Congregation of the Black Hand. At first, it was considered a prank from a few students that shouldn't be taken too seriously. That was until the disappearances began. It all...
  11. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    {The Descending BSB} Run, Prey, Run.

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Descending' BSB | The 'Descending' IC |~ | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | | Agent 94 | ⭐~~>We gunna pick up Keijo and Sabai along the Way~^^!! ⭐~~>Split into two: 'In The Passageways' 'In The Rec Room' Please label posties with proper titles k^^ ⭐~~ >Aaaand...
  12. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    {The Rewiring BSB} Run, Prey, Run

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Rewiring' BSB | The 'Rewiring' IC |~ | Ada | Bella | DeeDee | Euler | | Agent 94 | ~~>⭐Accepting Appies for OCs! Come on down~^^!! ~~>⭐DeeDee up for adoption AGAIN~^^!! <~~~<★>~~~> ~| The 'Descending' IC | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | The 'Descending' BSB...
  13. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    {The Rewiring IC} Run, Prey, Run.

    ~| The Main OoC | The 'Rewiring' IC | The 'Rewiring' BSB |~ | Ada | Bella | DeeDee | Euler | | Agent 94 | ~~>⭐First IC Postie up~^^!! ~~>⭐DeeDee up for adoption AGAIN~^^!!! <~~~<★>~~~> ~| The 'Descending' IC | Conway | Jaycie | Keijo | Sabai | The 'Descending' BSB |~ ~| A Little...
  14. Xerxes

    Chaos Theory: Teen Titans RP

    CHARACTER SHEETS & OOC "Let The Hunt Begin~" Chaos theory said things fall apart, chaos theory said everything is random, everything is atrophy and unknown and there is no way you will ever control it or understand it. That it's all just guessing, you can't even count the possibilities you...
  15. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Please take over for DeeDee!! AGAIN!!

    Hey~hey~^^!! Once again we lookin' out for someone to take over for DeeDee in the fantastical world of Run, Prey, Run~^^!! This little Bunny-girlie is an established charrie but one that should be easy enough to jump in and play! Err'body sooooo nice in this RP and willing to help you get you...
  16. Boo Girlie BoomBoom

    Sabai Adopted!!

    ADOPTED!! <~★~>
  17. Boo Girlie BoomBoom


    Hey~hey~^^!! Looks like we all done up in here! ;D IDN Subject: DD-19750399 ~ "DeeDee" This Female Subject is a friendly and adorable Year 2 bunny! Speaks French and is slated to be owned by Victory Casino Inc. and will make for a great Casino Girl once fully Instilled with her full set of...
  18. Xerxes

    A Young Justice/Teen Titans DCU RP: Characters & OOC

    "I don't know who started this war...but i do know who will end it. Go now, little ones. It's all up to you now~ " - Alfred Pennyworth IN CHARACTER THREAD Approved Character Slots Bloodhound Helios Technokind Phoenix Red Queen Alias Here So, i don't know about ya'll, but for me i think...
  19. Drifter

    The 10 PM Chronicles (Drifter and Mglo)

    In a dilapidated motel room at the end of the world, an antiquated television hummed to life. Its picture was choppy and made worse by the stilted delivery of the solitary figure who adorned the screen. He wore a navy blue suit jacket and a black tie, the corners of his mouth besieged by...
  20. Mollisol


    Hello, and welcome to my partner search for a Persona plot! I'm talking about Persona as in the Shin Megami Tensei franchise; I am familiar with Persona 4 and 5, and have played a little of 3. Before we get to the plot, please mind my rules: Only proceed if you are 18 or older. I am 23 and...