Including elements of the speculative future such as advanced technology, extraterrestrial life, and travel to other planets.
  1. Galaxi

    OPEN PAID COMMISSIONS ~ Galaxi's pop up shop ~

    Pricing: Bust Sketch - $5 Bust Coloured - $10 Half body Sketch - $8 Half body Coloured - $15 Full body Sketch - $10 Full body Coloured - $20 Additional features/effects - $2 - $10 depends on complexity Additional character + 1/2 the price I accept Paypal only unless otherwise agreed...
  2. RedArmyShogun

    Two rp ideas..

    So, I have two rp ideas, one of which I would like to make, so here, have Thunderdome, TWO MAY ENTER ONE MAY LEAVE! If you vote, please leave a comment so I can track you down, I mean thank you. Also yes, both ideas will have anime style of art and story telling design to them with some other...
  3. Labyrinthine

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Fantasy - SciFi - Fanfiction

    Hi there, I am always looking for people to RP with. Things I like to write about: Fantasy SciFi Fanfiction: The 100 - The Hunger Games - The Maze Runner - Proxima - Divergent - Harry Potter I do not have any plots in mind, but I'd like to brainstorm together. As for fanfic I am okay...
  4. AIM Leader Wade

    ALWAYS OPEN OPEN SIGNUPS The Evrensel Conflict -- The Multiverse at War (OOC)

    "War does not determine who is right — only who is left." Because I don't know how to start threads like these, I'll do it as best I know how to. Music's a great way to get people in the mod for RP'ing, am I right lads? So what is this RP, or game if you want to call it, about? An AI...
  5. happydeath

    The Second Eden (Sci-fi with a mix of Fantasy)

    For hundreds of years, everyone knew it was coming already. One way or another, it was sure to come; whether it was going to be their star exploding, the ozone layer completely breaking, the oceans rising to flood the land, even a possible meteor coming to crush the cities; the end of the Earth...
  6. SamIO

    OPEN SIGNUPS Denizen 2284

    I'm going to be upfront about this to avoid any potential hurt down the road. I am a very inconsistent writer with a long history of flaking. I have a lot of ambitions and very little energy to see them through. There's a lot of anxiety wrapped around obligation to myself and others in this...
  7. elysian

    Looking for Writing Partners

    Hello!! I just joined and I'd like to find some friends/people to write with! Just know that I'd prefer a long-term roleplay and a patient partner. The following are some guidelines for roleplaying with me: I'm not interested in playing out romance between our characters; you won't be able to...
  8. Cactae_Mae

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Anything goes, really [1v1, Long-Term preferred]

    Hello, so this will be a short post since I lost patience with writing long posts as they never really seem to work out for me. So, I'll just be straight forward in this one and will only bring up the most important points without sugarcoating anything. I'm an adult, so I would prefer to write...
  9. happydeath

    Last Frontier (Anthem Based RP/AU)

    The year is 4XXX, the people of Mirrus have still yet to figure out how the Anthem works yet everyone has finally come to accept that it truly cannot be controlled in any sense. Rather than continuing to try and constantly fight back against it however; Arcanists have come accept it's power and...
  10. Multi

    Stellaris Interactive RP

    So, gonna be fairly straightforward here, would anyone be interested in a Stellaris-based Interactive RP? For those that don't know, this would basically be me playing through Stellaris and you (the RPers) would be able to claim prominent characters in the empire that we're doing. So you'd be...
  11. Dunruffle

    World of a Mess (scifi, cyberpunk, postapoc mishmash)

    Hello all, been awhile since i posted something. Group rp's and me don't get along because i hate putting in effort only to see it fail. But with discord i feel it is slightly more possible to hold a long lasting one. This rp would consist of 4 people playing their own characters, with myself...
  12. Thor

    Ready Player Two

  13. Galgallin

    OPEN SIGNUPS 502: Bad Gateway [Sign-ups and OOC]

    502: Bad Gateway StorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord Welcome to the sign-up and OOC thread of 502! This thread is for discussing the roleplay, planning characters, etc. If you're interested in joining, let me know!
  14. Galgallin

    OPEN SIGNUPS 502: Bad Gateway

    502: Bad GatewayStorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord Computers make very fast, very accurate mistakes.
  15. Cartoonicat

    Starlight Voyage

    @Cartoonicat and @DungeoneeringGoddess Starlight Voyage There had only been one time in Milo’s life where he felt as out of control of his future as he did now. That was six years ago. War between the Milky Way and the Torkol invaders had begun depleting resources, which made the government...
  16. Hunter of Shadows

    The Dark Side of the Force(Star Wars, looking for F)

    The noise, the smells, the sights of the slave market on Nar Shaddaa, one of the biggest slimeballs in the galaxy. For some slaves, it was all they knew, they had been born into slavery, for others it was something they had to learn to accept, for they had been captured and brought here, fitted...
  17. Dante

    Multiple Ideas! Return to Iwaku

    Hello everyone! It has been quite awhile since I have done any writing here on Iwaku or much writing at all really in a group setting but I am hoping to jump back into things head first. I have quite a few ideas so I gathered some of my favorites I am more eager to play and wanted to see which...
  18. Adrian

    The Few That Remain (IC)

    Font FontThe Few That Remain Earth is dying. Earth has been dying for a long time now. Us, the few that remain, know it. Our ancestors knew it. They were the ones who saw the world destroy itself in humanity's final war. They were the ones who saw the plague wipe out the rest of mankind. Soon...
  19. Snowflake

    Echoes without number (OOC/Signups)

    ~~ Character Index ~~ LoreDump ~~ Map ~~ Discord Group ~~ Six centuries, that's how long it took the sector to recover. It's still not there but the rising number in Travellers is obvious enough of a clue that the Sector seems stable enough to make adventuring a viable job. And what a job it...
  20. Snowflake

    ADDITIONAL INFO WORLDBUILDING Echoes without number (LoreDump)

    ~~ Character Index ~~ OOC/Signups ~~ Map~~ Comms Communication within a system is not an issue as tightbeam(laser) tech allows for minimal latency meaning you can talk in real time with a person at the edge of the solar system, but not beyond. Intersystem communication works much like it did...