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  1. Novama


    Feel free chat here about whatever. It is the alternative to our discord ooc. Link to rp: OPEN SIGNUPS - Ray Heart Link to discord: Join the Beasts & Priests Discord Server!
  2. Novama

    OPEN SIGNUPS Ray Heart

    This is the RP Ray Heart. It is a fantasy, adventure, action roleplay where roleplayers will take on the roles of citizens in a fantasy city filled to bursting with conflict and wonder. Link to our OOC Discord: Join the Beasts & Preists Discord Server!
  3. Minamoto Lightning

    PARTNER REQUEST Undercover Special Delivery

    Synopsis An Undercover Cop who went in too deep with the Cartel and she ended up ghosting the undercover operation, i.e stopped checking in with her handler, her undercover apartment is empty and untouched, etcetera. Department Superiors never really found out why, though informants have claimed...
  4. Luminosity

    OUT OF CHARACTER Galarian Stories

    The Galar region-- our home. As gym leaders, we were born and bred within its culture and among its people. We've strived to accomplish our goals and achieve our positions, and Arceus knows that we've had to make many, many sacrifices in order to remain gym leaders. Some of us are content as we...
  5. Gossip

    Who Made This Battle Maniac the Demon King?!

    Who Made This Battle Maniac the Demon King?! An unapologetically cracky @Peregrine and @Gossip Production Kayne awoke as the first rays of dawn painted the Royal Capital in gold. The soft light of what looked to become a beautiful day was a good omen for a wedding; His wedding with the love of...
  6. Lir-The-Witch

    The speedster is not as stupid as you think they are m/m (superheros)

    kay so I am working on a speedster character (someone with super speed) and I like the idea that everyone sees them as 'jokesters, clowns, and silly' based on a lot of the famous ones, my dude HATES it because they need to be thinking faster than they move, which is like pretty fast maybe we...
  7. Charron Adhémar Knight of the Realm!

    Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf

    Atishamis of the Erasem clan is an Elvhen Dreamer, like Solas or Fen'Harel. But it was only when he joined the Herald's vanguard as an accomplished warrior that this realization happened. His focus and skill with two short swords could not be reached by many, and although he is or was a Dalish...
  8. Excession

    OUT OF CHARACTER Rules of Nature OOC

    Signups here: OPEN SIGNUPS - RULES OF NATURE - Cybernetic Espionage Action Characters: CHARACTER INDEX - Rules of Nature - Characters OOC thread, for questions, character pitches, shitposts, general chatter.
  9. Excession

    RULES OF NATURE - Cybernetic Espionage Action

    RULES OF NATURE INTRIGUE. VIOLENCE. CYBERNETICS. POLITICS. I'm seeking five players to take on the roles of officers in Lightning Security Solutions; professional soldiers fighting for a better future. Characters will be maimed. They might die. Sometimes the price of justice is sacrifice...
  10. hero.ic

    Rainclouds and Stormy Nights

    ! Hello and Welcome ! It's a pleasure to meet ya! Call me Hero bb C: So, I know you're all here because you too are incredibly bored during this unfortunate quarantine school season. I'm 22 and a college student who happens to be decently busy but roleplay helps me take the edge off so here I...
  11. ThatGuyOverThere

    OC Fandom ideas

    I have some ideas for some fandom role-plays that use our own original characters. This is mainly an interest check to see if anyone would be interested in the ideas. Kingdom Hearts Covenant Oath Revival This roleplay will be a revival of an old roleplay I had going on. This roleplay will...
  12. nyctonova

    [searching for partners...]

    hey hey! i’m rain (she/her), and i’m a high schooler in an unspecified american city looking for some partners on this lovely site. i’ve been writing as long as i can remember, but rp-wise i’ve been frequenting sites like iwaku for about 4-5 years. i’m a huge science nerd, a caffeine addict, and...
  13. ThatGuyOverThere

    Our Time at Olympus: OOC and Signups

    Two centuries ago monsters crept through portals that littered the world. The alien creatures wrecked havoc across the world leaving destruction in their wake. So much so the end of the world seemed near. Nothing could harm them and most of the world was wiped out. Nations across the globe came...
  14. ThatGuyOverThere

    With Heaven In Sight: Post Apocalyptic RP

    Thirty Years ago, the grand battle between Angels and Demons took place on Earth. Humanity was caught in the cross fires which Earth was the battleground. Some tried to hide to protect themselves from this horrendous event while others joined a side to determine the future of humanity. But the...
  15. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  16. ThatGuyOverThere

    Our Time at Olympus: An Action Romance School Life Bio and Jump In RP

    Two centuries ago monsters crept through portals that littered the world. The alien creatures wrecked havoc across the world leaving destruction in their wake. So much so the end of the world seemed near. Nothing could harm them and most of the world was wiped out. Nations across the globe came...
  17. Gands

    MCU What comes next IC

    April 10, 2026 Long Beach CA Refurbished warehouse in Long Beach Ca 9:00 A.M. In a joint operation between the State of California, the County of Los Angeles, the City of Long Beach and the Enhanced Liberation Association. A large home and refuge for enhanced people had been prepared...
  18. wolfisabella048

    The Good Organic Robot

    It's time for me to stop complaining about my past and start living in the present! I'm going to put out this little ad for a Sonic the Hedgehog AU universe group roleplay. I'll get to the backstory of how I came up with this niffy little story. Before I left Amino for good, I had a partner who...
  19. 47Haven

    Beauty in Death [47Haven x BlessThisNess]

    Name (& pronunciation): Marie Ashleigh (Ma-ri-e Ash-lei), though no one really know her real name. She goes by many name, 'The Ripper', 'Bloodhound', 'Twisted f*cking pscyopath', but the one name that sticks, was 'The Grim Artist' Date of Birth (& age): 7th July 1802 (Age 23) Place of Birth...
  20. Damnation's Hunger

    The Lost Legion (Military Sci-Fi with Eldritch Horror elements)

    Lore Repository Discord Channel IC Thread Character Sheet Repository -------------------------------------- We are eight active players now! Feel free to sign up! -------------------------------------- Hey there Iwaku folks! Are you interested in a far future sci fi roleplay with horror...