high seas

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Taking place on the open ocean and typically featuring naval or piratical elements and themes.
  1. Diana


    THE OBSIDIAN SIREN ON IWAKU'S DISCORD 2023-09-04T12:00:00-5 YO HO TRAVELLER! You've wandered into the Obsidian Siren, a bawdy little tavern in the hidden pirate port of Meria's Town. Hanging right on the water for seafolk and sailor alike to swim on up into the cove and spend a night with...
  2. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  3. Doctor Jax

    CLOSED SIGNUPS e s o t e r i c a || DRY SEASON

    IT BEGINS ON THE WATER https://i.imgur.com/aOoiG7U.jpg?2https://i.imgur.com/E6tJmHA.jpg?2 The stars are bright. She stares up at them, and they are such a multitude. Ever had she heard them referred to as a sea, but she found this description lacking. No. It more resembled a still and quiet...
  4. Black_Swallow

    Fandom Roleplay Requests [Video Games, Movies, Books, etc.]

    Hello! Before I get into it, I feel like I should say that I am looking for a more serious roleplay. So, I'll keep this short and sweet by making some basic lists. Some info regarding me: I am still a student and probably will get a summer job, but I will update this as I get a call back from...
  5. Pahn

    When the Waves Come Crashing OOC

    Nothing You Could Do;East Sea Dokdo;Actor; Links & Character RosterWhen the Waves Come Crashing Interest Check In Character Discord Server Laws of the Realm Character Sheet Oshanlenor, A Pirate's Haven World Lore: Islamyria (Optional) World Lore: Farenthaes (Optional) Shipmates - Alive Figsi...
  6. Pahn

    When the Waves Come Crashing - A fantasy pirates RP

    Nothing You Could Do;East Sea Dokdo;Homemade Apple;Ahoy! Calling all Privateers!When the Waves Come Crashing Greetings, fellow Oshanlenorins! Let me first present myself, my name is Draynor Wynmaris, captain of the Wretched Siren. I'm currently looking for members to fill in my crew - are you...