modern fantasy

Taking place in a setting that resembles the modern-day world, but with fantasy elements such as magic and/or paranormal beings.
  1. Loveless

    Dripping Memoirs: When the Broken meet the Emotionless...

    Japan, 400 years ago. I'm here. I stand alone, in the middle of what appears to be dense woods. Where have I come from? I'm, not sure... I can only observe myself, surely in a different form than I'm used to. If I have really come from somewhere else... Still, I can be assured that somehow, in...
  2. Cactae_Mae

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST Inter-dimensional Bunnies and Snuggles (Multiple Genres, not just sci-fi [Also the Witcher, cause I'm really craving it])

    To start at the beginning, Hi there! How are ya? Just call me Mea, it's easier that way. My full name is Tímea though if you are interested. I hope the title was catchy enough to bait you into clicking on this so I'll cut to the chase. To start it all off I am a 19 year old gal studying graphics...
  3. Taska Vilna

    OPEN SIGNUPS [Working Title] - [Under Constuction]

    Desert-based roleplay.
  4. Cactae_Mae

    Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines, SCP and other stuff! (18+)

    Hey, There! Hello there! So, I have re-watched a game play of Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines and just a massive WAVE of nostalgia hit me like a goddamn tsunami! I remember seeing my older siblings play it, but I never really got a chance to play it myself, but it still holds a special place...
  5. Reanimator Spuds

    I'm Partners... With a Magical Girl!?! (An RP where the Boys become the Fluffy animal companions to Magical Girls CURRENTLY FULL)

    Love... Oh such a fragile ideal. They think that love conquers all. How incredibly foolish, impudent, disgusting!... How perfect... I will allow them to believe this until it is my time to strike. Then they will realize how fragile their defenders truly are in all aspects... Passion can...
  6. Taska Vilna

    Orphan Mine - [CLOSED]

  7. Daz

    SEEKING ROLEPLAY GROUP Magical Girl Charee

    I've recently come back from an RP hiatus, and I am slowly easing myself back into RP. One of the characters I've missed most is Charee, so I'd really enjoy the opportunity to reboot her! Below is Charee's character sheet, but please note that nothing in it is completely firm: I can change...
  8. Blackwater

    [21+][F4A] Back at it

    A B O U T M E: +21 Female EST Adv. lit Ditch friendly LGBTQ+ friendly N E E D S: +21 Casual Quality > quantity Patience Mature themes Plot/smut ratio: >80/<20 Long-term W A N T S: Adv. lit Crafter of multiple characters of multiple genders, sexualities, and personalities Collaborative...
  9. TyranntX

    OPEN SIGNUPS War of Monsters [OOC]

    |The Story| This is a world, where the only law is survival. Where the strong will thrive and grow stronger, and the weak will wither and die. Where humanity are not just the predators, but also the prey. Where monsters are not just fairy tales in the books of children, or legends from stories...
  10. Star Searcher

    Looking for Long-term Partner

    Hey Guys. I'm looking for a long-term partner. Some preferences for a partner; I'm an adult so 18+ only please. I'd like a partner that does multiple (short or long doesn't matter) paragraphs per post. I am trying to be a better writer so I will match post length. I've been away from the...
  11. Vio

    Harvest Moon: Life in Crownhaven

    Hi there! Lately I’ve been wanting to be apart of a super chill and laid back slice of life rp with a bit of modern fantasy mixed in. The Harvest Moon franchise is obviously a great way to go about this, and I do I have a super old plot that I could touch up. I just want to see if anyone would...
  12. Galaxi

    OPEN PAID COMMISSIONS ~ Galaxi's pop up shop ~

    Pricing: Bust Sketch - $5 Bust Coloured - $10 Half body Sketch - $8 Half body Coloured - $15 Full body Sketch - $10 Full body Coloured - $20 Additional features/effects - $2 - $10 depends on complexity Additional character + 1/2 the price I accept Paypal only unless otherwise agreed...
  13. Aragorn

    Idris Special Forces: Operation Thunderclap OOC and Sign up

    On the table/counter/chair/tree stump in front of you lies a small tape recorder, received via messenger. And upon pressing the button on the side, the surprisingly clear voice of a dignified young man erupts from the device. "Greetings, <insert name here>, I am Commander in Chief of the...
  14. Darog

    A Nest of Ideas and Stuff!

    Greetings and thank you for checking out my thread! It's well appreciated even if you've only glanced over it! I'm looking to maybe start a roleplay, so I thought I'd take a few small steps in the right direction. Some of my ideas will have a fantasy like element to them, whether it's Sci-Fi...
  15. Jays

    Lead and Glamour - a noir Urban-Fantasy concept

    Lore || Sign-up || Discord The streets of 1950 New York seethes with discontent, from the heaviness weighing down the air even unwitting citizens could sense to the near instinctual agitation of cut-throats and thieves unconsciously growing to fear the dark, to the pervading unspoken dread...
  16. Lore Magus

    OPEN SIGNUPS Cyberleaf City OOC Discussion

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  17. Sonderous Jay


    Royal families, right? In a future different from ours, royalty from all over the world is coming together for the biggest conference of the century to discuss major issues...but hey that's none of your business! You're just their kid that they've dragged along so you can get nice and socialized...
  18. Jackalope

    Lady, you're crazy [ Peregrine / Jack ]

    It was finally starting to warm up again. Not that Samael was complaining per say--he was blessed with a higher temperature than most people, making it at least slightly harder for him to get chilled--but to be frank, if he had to choose between “Winter” and “Summer”...he was going to pick the...
  19. elysian

    Looking for Writing Partners

    Hello!! I just joined and I'd like to find some friends/people to write with! Just know that I'd prefer a long-term roleplay and a patient partner. The following are some guidelines for roleplaying with me: I'm not interested in playing out romance between our characters; you won't be able to...
  20. The Dapper Mog

    The Academy Mysterium

    "Welcome, to the Academy Mysterium! You, lucky recipient, have been selected, test pending, to join the most illustrious school for mages! Once becoming a student at our wondrous institution, you will begin learning to use magic studying the various schools of magic known as arcana, including...