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Taking place in the modern-day world, no more than 25 years before or after the current date.
  1. becca_bibi

    ALWAYS OPEN PARTNER REQUEST bibi's ideas & plots//write with me

    I'm in my mid 20's and will not RP with minors. This is my personal preference as it makes me uncomfortable. Please respect it. I write in 3rd person, past tense. Multipara to novella length. Quality over quantity - but no one liners! I need something to work with, as I'm sure you do! If you...
  2. Skelebro

    MxM rp search

    Hey! I'm looking for active MxM, long-term RP partners/friends. (Not to mention, I'm new to this site). I'm open to any kinds of interesting plots, no matter what the genre is. However, I'm more familiar when it comes to more realistic/modern settings. I love dark/thriller plots with romance...
  3. darkmaster006

    Looking! FxF Plots (pokemon, fantasy, modern, etc.)

    Hello there! You can call me Dark or Jay. I'm looking for a FxF Action/SoL/Romance. Romance, though, does not need to be the center of the roleplay. I'll list some basic things first: - I prefer literate roleplay. I write from 1 to 3 paragraphs per post, so I expect the same in return. Of...
  4. hannsthemanns

    Late Night Snacks | Fantasy + Modern RP Search

    "You're safe here, dreamer. We are the music makers." Looking for partners: Hey, it's Han! I hope you all are safe and are doing alright during these strange uncertain times. I know something that helps me feel better is to find a role-play to write with someone! And my characters are looking...
  5. candlelitsoul

    Seeking Advanced Writers for Basic 1x1 Idea in PM

    Hello all! This is my first post for this site, and I'm excited to see what partners I can get. I have a huge list saved to a Google Doc, but for the sake of time (and the fact that I still need to go back over it to edit), I am sinking a players for a basic idea. As with everyone, I have a...
  6. LunaKitara

    Looking for MxM, Dark Modern Day, Real world RP

    Hello all! I am new to this particular site, but I am on a mission to find some good RP buddies. I am generally available every day, though on the days I Work (Friday-Monday) It's after midnight that I am on (EST). The rest of the week, I am around pretty much all day as I have no life...
  7. cam

    The Three Mothers (Baddamobs x Cam)

    I. Mater Suspiriorum, The Mother of Sighs Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, 1977 "Our Lady of Sighs never clamors, never defies, dreams not of rebellious aspirations. She is humble to abjectness. Hers is the meekness that belongs to the hopeless. Murmur she may, but it is in her sleep. Whisper she...
  8. cam

    Seeking F/F partners. Original plots and obscure, outdated fandoms inside! [Updated 12/12]

    Introduction I'm Cam. Been roleplaying since the AOL chatroom days. I have fond memories of staying up late with close online friends and getting lost in our worlds together. Would love to find that connection again, and I have come close a few times, but sometimes the cookie crumbles just so...
  9. MiharuAya

    OPEN SIGNUPS What We Do In The Shadows

    IN THE SHADOWS Since the beginning of time, stories of the creatures who go bump in the night have haunted the weary and restless. It started as explanations for the inexplicable, things our primitive knowledge of the world couldn't yet interpret. These cautionary tales were meant to warn us...
  10. MiharuAya

    Closed-please delete

    Moved to red star
  11. nyctonova

    [searching for partners...]

    hey hey! i’m rain (she/her), and i’m a high schooler in an unspecified american city looking for some partners on this lovely site. i’ve been writing as long as i can remember, but rp-wise i’ve been frequenting sites like iwaku for about 4-5 years. i’m a huge science nerd, a caffeine addict, and...
  12. Rainier Ashton Bernhardt

    Battlefield 1917

    Welcome to my World War 1 Campaign! I need at least 4 recruits of the Allied powers: Brittain/ Canadian/ Australian, France, French Foreign Legion, and of course who can count out the Americans?! Now, women can be apart of this as well--and not just as nurses or secretaries. The French Foreign...
  13. Diana

    NO SIGNUPS Macho Cafe: The Hassle Continues

    WELCOME TO THE MACHO CAFE Once upon a time Fujimoto Hinata was a beautiful young woman living in Tokyo, surrounded by the strong, brave men of her family that she very much loved with all of her heart. But the Fujimoto men were a rough n' tumble bunch, often making the kind of hot blooded...
  14. darkmaster006

    Looking! FxF various plots (fantasy, modern, etc.)

    Hello there! Since Corona has given me a tad more of free time, I thought I'd try adding one more roleplay, I'm looking specifically for a FxF romance. Though romance does not need to be the center of the roleplay. First, some things you should know: - I prefer literate roleplay. I write from 1...
  15. LuckycoolHawk9

    Semper Ultrices Perfectionis

    There is a house that exists in the world. Ever-changing in its location. Ever-changing in its goals. Some say the house brings you to your ideal world, one where everything is perfect, where all the pain of your life has gone away and death is no obstacle. Others say that the house changes you...
  16. Huntress

    Looking for partners, FxF or FxM. Werewolves...for the most part, maybe a superhuman or two.

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  17. Moonbow

    I am Thou, Thou Art I | Persona

    In 2011, Japan was hit with a devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake that would later be called the Great East Japan Earthquake. Not only did the earthquake cause a lot of destruction, but it also caused a massive tsunami that flooded more than 200 square meters of coastal land. The natural...
  18. Moonbow

    A Persona Interest Check!

    In 2011, Japan was hit with a devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake that would later be called the Great East Japan Earthquake. Not only did the earthquake cause a lot of destruction, but it also caused a massive tsunami that flooded more than 200 square meters of coastal land. The natural...
  19. StrangeVsWeird

    Randomly LFP

    Hello, hello! So, I’ll just get straight to the point. Looking for a writing partner to just...write with. Ya know what I mean? Ever get this itch to just write, but you feel it’ll be more fun to do so with another person? To RP randomness just for the heck of it? To maybe even sharpen them...
  20. Blackwater

    [21+][F4A] Back at it

    A B O U T M E: +21 Female EST Adv. lit Ditch friendly LGBTQ+ friendly N E E D S: +21 Casual Quality > quantity Patience Mature themes Plot/smut ratio: >80/<20 Long-term W A N T S: Adv. lit Crafter of multiple characters of multiple genders, sexualities, and personalities Collaborative...