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  1. Beast of Lores

    INTEREST CHECK Lightseeker: Fading Solace

    "We still bear faith in His love and compassion. And shall nothing sever our hearts poured out for Him. Though His presence is gone, his Messengers still remain, and it is through them shall we ascend into a paradise by His side." The Lord our God, the Almighty Divine, He has abandoned His...
  2. Maxwell

    PARTNER REQUEST Max's Book Of Roleplays

    Hey there. I'm Maxwell or Max, but I've been known to go by other names as well. I'm twenty years old, work full-time, and have plans to pursue higher education in the very near future. Outside of Roleplaying, my interests tend to vary and I consider myself to be a curious person. Some of my...
  3. colorprincess

    INTEREST CHECK This is Our Nightmare -- A Post-Apocalyptic Supernatural RP

    THE SIGN UP THREAD IS NOW LIVE What do you think of when you think about our “modern world?” “Selfish?” “Boring?” “Normal?" Hah. You wish. For a while, everything was pretty normal… Until one fateful day. A blindingly white flash engulfed the globe, shining brilliantly for less...
  4. conman2163

    OPEN SIGNUPS SCP Containment Breached

    (For those interested in joining, you can find the OOC here: OPEN SIGNUPS - SCP Containment Breached (OOC/Signups)) O5-1 Fellow members of the foundation, I will be frank. We have failed. Throughout time our goal has been to secure anomalies, contain them, and protect the human race. We...
  5. Lulunopia

    FILLED REQUEST Small Zombie Rp 3 Spots Left)

    Sign-up Thread Story The year was 2015. The world had descended into another World War, although it had ended just as quickly as it had started. The governments of the world had dove into chemical warfare, for this was no longer a fair fight. Scientist all over the world were delving into...
  6. conman2163

    OPEN SIGNUPS SCP Containment Breached (OOC/Signups)

    quote (Ex. "My Father used to say...") Name: Nickname: Gender: Age and date of birth: Length and build: Weight: Nationality: Birthplace: Rank: (Is your character a scientist? MTF? Class D? So long as the role exists within the foundation and is filled by staff from the foundation, you...
  7. Shitsuji-Carty

    PARTNER REQUEST Looking for Long term Partner

    Dear Sir, or Madam you have either clicked upon my post out of curiosity or maybe just cuz. Either way it doesn't matter because your here now. My Name is Shitsuji-Carty, but most just call me Carty, im a male, dont really have a gender i prefer to play. I would prefer 18+ partners, just to keep...
  8. conman2163

    SCP Containment Breached The Classification of all information inside this document has been revoked as a result of the final order of the O-5 council. Briefing Alpha-Sigma-Thaumiel-240 Date: 8/1/2025 Time: 8:25 a.m. Briefing...
  9. rissa


  10. Wissart

    "Valid Title"

    credit: Raphael Lacoste Welcome to my search thread! My name is Wissart. I'm a complete novice, and I'm here to get my share of first digital RP experience ever. As such I might be not the most prominent partner, but damn I'll try! I like to use strong language, questionable metaphores and not...
  11. Dooley

    Ronin: Setting Sun

    Ronin: Setting Sun It is the year 679AC. More than six centuries have passed since the collapse of modernity. The ravages of time bringing about their change, the world revealed a foreign place when the dust settled. Bedlam reigned sovereign in this new land's formative years. The primeval drive...
  12. Uncle Legens Legentis

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Great Deluge (IC)

    OOC Link "Do you remember the Deluge, Mr. Reynolds?" "I try not to think about it, sir." That was the most common answer Davison got when he asked his employees. It was almost comical, how he anticipated the words before they were spoken. The boss gave a weak smile, and turned around in his...
  13. Uncle Legens Legentis

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Great Deluge (OOC/Signups)

    IC Link "And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered." -Genesis 7:19 Current Date: 2061 Most of the children who grew up after the Deluge were astonished to hear that the world used to be dry. Before the...
  14. Faynman

    Faynman's search (MxA)

    Hello, I'm a college student who's recently gotten into roleplaying as a past time; because I'm pretty much a novice, my list of available roleplay partners runs thin. I'm searching for a long-term writer who shares my enthusiasm and flexibility in literature. I write poor introductions, so I...
  15. Uncle Legens Legentis

    The Great Deluge (post-apocalypse)

    "And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered." -Genesis 7:19 It was the year 2053 when the Great Deluge came. It began with days of endless rain worldwide, followed by colossal waves that brought ruin to the eastern...
  16. HollowHusk

    ➤search➤ Lots of plots and pairings.

    I'm Husk, or Ambien, a more advanced writer of sorts, however, a sickly and slow one. I thoroughly enjoy fleshing out characters, worlds, and plots. I'm an adult and work a slower paced job and am looking for three patient partners to roleplay something long-term and literate. I prefer OOC...
  17. rissa


  18. Monty Montomery

    American Metro

    Hello everybody! Name's Monty! I'm relatively new to Iwaku and I've been looking for a good group rp! While looking however, I came up with a pot of my own that I thought would be really fun to rp in a small group. Essentially it is Metro 2033 rp, taking place in the states, it would be it's...
  19. Tiger Dragon

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Divinity Game

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Signups are still open. There is 1 slot left. Players: @Cabob7 , @Astroblaze , @Lulunopia, @jeshem, @Illumi If you are not these people, please do not write in this thread.
  20. Tiger Dragon

    OPEN SIGNUPS The Divinity Game - Sign-ups | Questions

    OOCxDice RollsxCharacter Index X Roleplay Info x Sign-Ups X Roleplay Thread Spots Open: 1 Spots Taken: 5 Spots Pending : 0 Spots Reserved: 0