urban fantasy

Fantasy taking place in an urban setting, often in modern-day and often including elements of the supernatural.
  1. cam

    The Three Mothers (Baddamobs x Cam)

    I. Mater Suspiriorum, The Mother of Sighs Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany, 1977 "Our Lady of Sighs never clamors, never defies, dreams not of rebellious aspirations. She is humble to abjectness. Hers is the meekness that belongs to the hopeless. Murmur she may, but it is in her sleep. Whisper she...
  2. K

    Looking for a long trem male roleplay partner

    im looking for hood type role play romance roleplay, family-oriented drugdealer/gangleader must text bk fast and able to this otp fall asleep otp play video games (ps4) age group (19-27)
  3. thempress

    Super Tabletop Strikku!

    ✦ behold the witching hour ✩✧ A DISCLAIMER You might need to be patient with me; my schedule went real fucky and I've got a bit before I adjust. However, a(nother) hiatus would be too easy– Really, I've had this idea that I've wanted to realize for several, several months, whether I actually...
  4. Jays

    Lead and Glamour - a noir Urban-Fantasy concept

    Lore || Sign-up || Discord The streets of 1950 New York seethes with discontent, from the heaviness weighing down the air even unwitting citizens could sense to the near instinctual agitation of cut-throats and thieves unconsciously growing to fear the dark, to the pervading unspoken dread...
  5. Lore Magus

    Cyberleaf City OOC Discussion

    [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide] [slide]
  6. Vars

    Looking for RPers who post about once a week

    Hey all, See title! lol Seems like everyone expects replies to come super fast. I can't do that and I'm 80% sure there's others around here who can't either. So here's my thread searching for RPers who also only reply about once a week OR would be okay with me posting once a week. I do clean...
  7. Jays

    Lead and Glamour

    Lore || Sign-up || Discord The streets of 1950 New York seethes with discontent, from the vague tension even unwitting citizens could sense in the air, to the near instinctual agitation of cut-throats and thieves who unconsciously grow to fear the dark, to the pervading unspoken dread...
  8. Tabitha

    Looking for Writing Partners!

    Hello and welcome to my RP Wishlist Thread! I'm Tabbi, nice to meet you! As I mentioned in my introduction thread I'm eager to improve as a writer and have fun while doing so! What better way than to find some nice writing partners? I've been writing and roleplaying for several years but I love...
  9. Ghanima

    Wanted: fantasy RP partner.

    Hi there! I am a woman in my thirties, and I am looking for a female roleplaying partner of over 25 years old. (Sorry for the men, I'm sure there are nice men out there but I had some bad experiences...) I am looking for someone who likes to do original roleplays. I don't do fandoms. I have a...
  10. Galgallin

    Black Magic and Golden Hearts

    Black Magic & Golden HeartsStorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord The StoryIn the quiet river town of Aldenburg, magical creatures secretly live alongside humans. The masquerade has been successfully held for several years now, especially with a declining belief in the supernatural. However, a new...
  11. Galgallin

    Black Magic & Golden Hearts OOC and Sign-up

    Black Magic & Golden HeartsStorySign-up/OoCCharactersDiscord The interest check is here: INTEREST CHECK Why appropriating cultures for profit is bad: A Roleplay Sorry the thread isn't very pretty, I'm kinda in a rush to get everything posted before it all falls out of my head, and in case the...
  12. Galgallin

    Why appropriating cultures for profit is bad: A Roleplay

    TL;DR: See title Sign-up thread: OPEN SIGNUPS Black Magic & Golden Hearts OOC and Sign-up The masquerade is well and alive in the small suburban city of Aldenburg, Pennsylvania. Humans are oblivious to the true nature of their neighbors - the pale, red-eyed woman who likes to deliver the...
  13. GuanYue

    idk what i'm doing Q__Q

    Hi. I am Dao. And this is Dao's thread. But this is the new and improved Dao's thread. I felt like going for a more storybook theme. *COUGHS* ANYWAYS WE ARE NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT THE AESTHETICS! I'm back at it, looking for a few potential RP partners or.. groups, idk. idk what I want but I can...
  14. Aero Blue

    s a d b o i lookin for bf/gf (Kidding! But also not! But yes, I am! Not?)

    Hey ya’ll, I’ve come to the realization that, all things considered, my RP load ain’t all that heavy! I’m looking to dabble more into the 1x1 world, being mostly a group RPer. I don’t have any specific, fully-formed ideas that I want to pursue, but I do have some general themes that I have a...
  15. owls

    Anyone got room? :3c

    I'm really wanting to swing back into RP. Took a 2 year break and I miss writing stories with folks! So. Yeah. I'm not a picky person but preferably your game hits the standards below ; Posting expectations should be around once a week/month. Since college is revving back up & I haven't got...
  16. Rebornfan120

    Roleplay interest off hiatus

    Hello! I've decided to return and do a new roleplay post/request! After some time to think things through from a hiatus of not posting interest checks for some time I have decided it was time to try my luck again and return with the hopes to find some people to roleplay with. Seeing some posts...
  17. The_Queer_Alien

    Lunio IC

    Here is the OOC: ALWAYS OPEN - OPEN SIGNUPS - Lunio OOC and Sign Ups Alright so for this we'll be mainly focusing on one city, but you can make your character to be in another city you come up with, just ask permission and I'll add it to a list of cities in Redlum. So when it comes to the...
  18. Michelle the Editor

    Guess who's low on active RPs?

    Hi, I’m Michelle, and I am hunting for new stories. This time I came up with some specific ideas I’d like to RP, though if you have something original that fits my preferences I’m game. I'd consider my ability Intermediate as kind of a rough average; I put more effort into my work if I have the...
  19. GuanYue

    Dao Ma's Partner Search

    Hello hello! Dao Ma here, and I'm currently looking into finding some one x one partners to fill my time and hopefully rejuvenate my brain. I am not exactly the best at one x one's (I'm more used to group rps), but there's just some things I'm craving that my normal rp preference just cannot...
  20. Milena

    Trying to get my bearings

    Hello there! I'm Milena. I've been on this site for a little while now but haven't really done anything besides lurking, mostly due to me worrying about not being up to par with the other members here (this is my first time on a site dedicated to roleplay specifically). Lately I've had a very...