gods and goddesses

Containing or focusing on divine beings, often sacred and/or charged with creation, who wield unparalleled power over their domain. May also deal with pantheons or demigods.
  1. Ramjammer

    CHARACTER INDEX WORLDBUILDING Man Made Gods Character Index-Worldbuilding

    Discord In Character
  2. Absyinthe

    CLOSED SIGNUPS Aspects of the Gods IC

    Aspects of the Gods IC I. Unearthing a Prophecy Chapter The world of Castraia is home to a pantheon of deities who watch over the lands and people who inhabit them. They have been the prevailing rulers from the heavens for as long as anyone can remember. The deity Huran decides who rules on...
  3. Stormi

    OPEN SIGNUPS A God's Revival

    https://i.redd.it/p3o1two20ye41.jpgThe long forgotten battle raged on for years and years, the enemies had beaten down earths last defense and most of the Gods had either been killed or gravely wounded. Among the battle ground corpses and weapons lie piled and trampled over from both sides. What...
  4. Absyinthe

    INTEREST CHECK Aspects of the Gods Interest Check

    Aspects of the Gods Interest Check This is an interest check for an idea created by ItariChan about worshiping gods and attaining their aspects. We have come up with three basic plots for the roleplay. Please vote for your favorite one so we can use it in the final product. Let us know if you...
  5. Stormi

    INTEREST CHECK A God's Revival

    https://artfiles.alphacoders.com/522/thumb-52284.jpgHiya welcome one and many!^^ It's been quite sometime since I used to roleplay here and decided I might try to pick it back up. While it has been a long time I feel like my roleplaying and story telling has improved quite a bit. I've decided to...
  6. Ramjammer

    OPEN SIGNUPS Man Made Gods [IC]-Signups open as of 09/14/2021

    "Anything yet?" The question drew a prolonged sigh and an eyeroll from the woman sitting in front of the monitor. The man standing just at her shoulder frowned in response, clearly in no mood. "No, nothing. The same as yesterday, and the day before, and-" "Don't get smart." He cut her off...
  7. Ramjammer

    OPEN SIGNUPS Man Made Gods OOC-Signups open as of 09/14/2021

    If you are interested, you're free to post character sheets here. All that you need is under the 'Character Building and Expectations' tab. In Character
  8. Topless

    Battle of Armageddon (A Multi-Fandom Arena RP)

    It has been decided. Mankind will fall. The gods have decided that everything they have built shall be destroyed. But then came one god who disagrees. A "Hyper God", a being more powerful than the others. He proposes that humanity should have their saying. A gambit that will determine the fate...
  9. affection

    gingerbread bakery (partner search)

    hello everyone ! my name is taffy and i go by they/them pronouns. i'm looking for a couple casual roleplays and a few rad partners but...that's providing nearly as much detail for what i'm looking for, is it ? nope. so read on ahead ! i'm from somewhere in south asia so english isn't my first...
  10. CelvestianNesy

    Seeking roleplayers! (1x1)

    Welcome to my roleplay-check! Have a seat, will you? Joking! Introduction Hey there! My name is Nesy! I'm pleased to meet you! Let's get into the roleplay section, shall we? So I've been roleplaying for roughly 1-2 years and I've learned quite a bit. So, I roleplay with anybody actually...
  11. darkmaster006

    An Unexpected Meeting - Konomi & Amaya

    As summer came to a close, the autumn equinox was only slowly creeping up from its dormant state. Two weeks before the date—this year it fell on the 22nd of September—only in Hokkaido, up north, would one already see the deep red leaves falling gracefully. But, in Shimane Prefecture, only a...
  12. Pecktoru

    Forces Of Nature Interest Check

    Well im prepared to start a new roleplay where the basic lore of it going a bit like this. It is largely unknown how the forces came to be though it has long been said that the Seasons of Nature were the ones who created them along with the creation of all the worlds creatures in order to...
  13. ScarletNova

    Gods and Goddesses Have Lives Too! OOC

    Romance | Comedy | Slice-of-life | Anime | Fantasy Character Index | In Character … ⛩ ... Have you ever wondered what the gods and goddesses do during their free time? Do they have relationships? Family? Rivalries? Do they go on vacation? What is their work really like? Gods and Goddesses...
  14. Legens Legentis

    The Eternal Fortress

    The Eternal Fortress, known to the tongues of man as Moj, has stood for 1,000 years. Now, it is the last hope for a slowly-dying race. In one year, the final bastion of humanity will endure the greatest battle in all of history. This RP is meant to be hardcore. In all likelihood, characters...
  15. KasaiVictoriano

    Ancient Gods Vs. Outer Aliens

    When they first arrived, we were overjoyed. Proof that we weren't alone in the universe, that there were other races to share and exchange technology with! Their arrival brought world peace - with other life forms out there, we needed to present a united front. World hunger and poverty was...
  16. The Dapper Mog

    Children of the Gods (OOC)

    The realms are converging. The gods most long thought dead, or the stuff of legend, are stirring. Recently, the gods have begun seeking out their children, something they hadn't done in centuries. You, are one such child. Born of the union between a god (or goddess) and a mortal, you have always...
  17. Cheshire Grin

    Myths and Legends Incarnate

    ***Due to no one posting in the actual roleplay, I'm remaking the interest thread to get new people*** Co-Admin is: @happydeath Summary: Myths, legends, and curses are considered godlike. Mainly because they can outlive humans and be passed down through the generations. But what if, the Myths...
  18. Aero Blue

    hi fellow writers! don't blueball my typin' hands!

    Hey there, Shizuochan here with a brand new inventi- a few ideas and plot hooks he came up with and would like to share to see if anyone's down to play around with them. I prefer roleplaying through forum exclusively, and am reachable through either Discord (just drop me your user info) or site...
  19. A

    Verses and Pawns.

    hello and welcome! Just another writer desperate for like minded partners and interesting stories. I’ll jump right to the chase: I’m still looking for parties interested in delving their characters into an OC fantasy world. My friends and I have been working with our characters and stories...
  20. L

    Celsius Academy (Re-boot)

    Introduction In ancient times, the gods of ignis (fire), lacus (water), aer (air), and terra (earth) created a planet made to form life. The first humans and animals were created by the gods. They did not know anything and talked in a language lost to time. They planet thrived for many years...