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Focusing on characters with extraordinary abilities, often gained by luck or terrible circumstance and which necessitate having secret identities.
  1. Cyberelite2k

    OPEN SIGNUPS Time for the next generation of Avengers (Avengers/Marvel next gen rp) sign ups

    Plot The world will always need heroes as such it's not too surprising that the kids and apprentices of the countless heroes and villains of this world are continuing to carry on the mantle of their families. A group has been formed from some of the heroes. The New Avengers. Or more accurately...
  2. Michale CS

    OPEN SIGNUPS MCU - What Comes Next? - IC

    "Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for."―Charles Xavier "I don’t like bullies; I don’t care where they came from." - Captain Steve Rogers The year is 2026. It has been three years since the people of Earth defeated Thanos. Since then, it has become apparent that people with...
  3. Lir-The-Witch

    The speedster is not as stupid as you think they are m/m (superheros)

    kay so I am working on a speedster character (someone with super speed) and I like the idea that everyone sees them as 'jokesters, clowns, and silly' based on a lot of the famous ones, my dude HATES it because they need to be thinking faster than they move, which is like pretty fast maybe we...
  4. Gands

    MCU What comes next IC

    April 10, 2026 Long Beach CA Refurbished warehouse in Long Beach Ca 9:00 A.M. In a joint operation between the State of California, the County of Los Angeles, the City of Long Beach and the Enhanced Liberation Association. A large home and refuge for enhanced people had been prepared...
  5. Gands

    MCU - What comes next OOC

    The year is 2026. It has been three years since the people of Earth defeated Thanos. Since then, it has become apparent that people with superpowers are becoming more numerous. The Governments of Earth, as a rule are becoming more uncomfortable with citizens who have superpowers. The Sokovia...
  6. Huntress

    Looking for partners, FxF or FxM. Werewolves...for the most part, maybe a superhuman or two.

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  7. ThatGuyOverThere

    Back again with my Muse: Looking for Casual Partners

    So it's been a long time since I have been here. Life has an awful way of getting in the way of things. But I am back and plan to stick around for a while. I plan to only use discord going forward but if anything I mention in this thread peaks your interest, private message me and we can...
  8. noodle

    1x1 Emporium

    Hey there guys! I'm noodle. I've been an active roleplayer for about five years now and I'm looking for some active, long term partners. I'm back from a bit of a crazy summer, and some of my RPs ended up getting dropped or put on hold- if I have roleplayed with you before and it didn't work out...
  9. Gands

    Injustice, Marvel Style

    An urgent call was sent out, received across the dimensions at New York's famed Baxter building. A call has gone out on this world, to extend it's long arm to another world, another dimension where things have gone terribly wrong. This rp is about the DC injustice series with a twist. Primary...
  10. Small Foxx

    Marvelous Madcaps [OOC]

    Premise Madcap. Adjective and Noun meaning amusingly eccentric, zany, eccentric, ridiculous, unconventional, weird, madman/madwoman, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, oddity, hothead, daredevil, crackpot, loony, nutjob, cuckoo, dingbat, wackadoodle... You get the picture. Once upon a time, there were...
  11. Taska Vilna

    Orphan Mine - [CLOSED]

  12. Mythy the Dragon-Wolf

    Potentials: Semi X-Men-esque investigation/action RP

    In this world, there has been a power that has existed since the beginning of history, and possibly even before. It has gone by many names in the past - in modern times, those with this power are known as potentials. The majority of terms are taken from chess, which suggests that these powers...
  13. Drifter

    The 10 PM Chronicles (Drifter and Mglo)

    In a dilapidated motel room at the end of the world, an antiquated television hummed to life. Its picture was choppy and made worse by the stilted delivery of the solitary figure who adorned the screen. He wore a navy blue suit jacket and a black tie, the corners of his mouth besieged by...
  14. TheQueensGuard

    Alias: A New Era (Futuristic Superhero)

    The Setting: New Angeles Built after the destruction of Los Angeles after the first major extra-normal attack, an event dubbed Ground Zero. Now a sprawling metropolis, considered the hub of technology, entertainment, opportunity and crime world-wide. It's home to the worlds top technological...
  15. Michale CS

    Epic Crossover - Suicide Squad "Take your Leader to me"

    Location: Langley, Virginia, DEO Headquarters Amanda Waller sits across a meeting room table from a handful of men and women in suits from various agencies, most of which she'd heard of. "This needs to be your number one priority, Waller." One of them warned her. Her eyes narrowed, and she...
  16. Peregrine

    Soul Jumping (Peregrine x LadyHarpy)

    Initializing Mission... Lyle was floating in a sea of seemingly endless darkness, suspended without sensation. No matter how he searched, he couldn’t find anything to orient himself, couldn’t tell if he was up or down, couldn’t tell if his eyes were opened or closed. He was no longer even...
  17. Ragamoofin

    Knight in Gory Armor

    My hero. Hi there! Name's Ragamoofin and I've got a weird craving I wanna get into. I'm interested in playing the damsel to your hero, the one who needs saving and not the one who does the saving. Now, here's what I'm dying to see: seen-it-all, done-it-all, powerful and grizzled badasses...
  18. UniqueChance

    Plenty of Ideas - Slice of Life, Fandoms, Kpop

    First things first; This list isn't exhaustive, I just couldn't think of anything else to add. Feel free to message me at any time about ideas or pairings that aren't listed. Secondly; There are going to be times when I can't reply because I'm too low or in the middle of a...
  19. Novuskai


    YOUR HERO ACADEMIA Arc I: The Entrance Exam It all began in Keikei City in China with the news that a bio-luminescent baby was born! After that, "Exceptional" individuals began popping up all over the world. Japan, United States, England, Brazil, and wherever else there was people. The cause for...
  20. Ms.Ezra

    Looking for Strangers

    Hello! Thank you for reading my introduction to this rather ambitious project of mine. In full disclosure, this roleplay idea is inspired by and draws a lot from the manga Drifters by Kohta Hirano, the same mind behind Hellsing. That being said, this will not follow the storyline of the manga...