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Focusing on seasonal themes and settings based around holidays such as Christmas or Samhain.
  1. MiharuAya

    Who is the best reindeer?

    There are lots of magical reindeer, but who is the best of them all?
  2. MiharuAya

    Holiday Traditions

    It is the season of holiday festivities. Regardless of what you celebrate, this time of year is full of fun and unique traditions. What are some of the traditions that you celebrate?
  3. MiharuAya

    PROMPT Celebrate your Character’s Favorite Holiday

    Welcome Iwaku! We're season the day! Writing about a holiday is a great way to develop more details about your characters and world. Does your character hate Christmas and everything festive? Does your character celebrate Hanukkah but always wanted to decorate a Christmas tree? How does your...
  4. MiharuAya

    PROMPT Ugly Holiday Sweater Activity

    Greetings! Your presents is requested! We all love a cute festive holiday sweater, regardless of what holiday you may celebrate. But what's even better than a cute holiday sweater? An ugly one! In this activity, draw or describe your character wearing an ugly holiday sweater and post it below...
  5. PavellumPendulum

    What is your favourite holiday?

    This question was asked of me today and to be honest, I don't know! When I was younger, I really liked Christmas and New Years, but as I've gotten older I just don't really have that same excitement towards it anymore. Maybe I've gotten a little jaded. But I'd like to hear what y'all like to...
  6. XIII


    Hey there Iwaku! We got another pointless survey for you! And when I saw we, I mean I, because I work alone in my madness! What's the best holiday movie? I personally don't care for many of them, but that's okay! So tell me Iwaku! TELL ME!
  7. wren.

    Holiday Hot Takes

    Do you have any hot takes in regard to the holidays or holiday-related stuff? I have one: I don't like Pentatonix's cover of Hallelujah. I think it takes a private and somber song and turns it into the next hit pop song.
  8. Black_Swallow

    Yet Another Creative Title (mostly romance)

    Hello, so, since I am finally able to breathe as I have survived the more stressful parts of art school, (I still have two more less stressfilled weeks to go, but after those it's gonna be straight up Hawaii for me) as of right now, I decided to post yet another search. A little warning before...
  9. S

    Witch Cafe: Season of the Witch

    Please be sure to read this entire post before asking questions, thank you. A simple flyer hangs on a bulletin board in a busy town square. Upon closer inspection you find it to be... an out-dated poster for the band 'Broken Toes'... hm. Of course, anyone with a bit of magic ability would...