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  1. ScarletNova

    CLOSED SIGNUPS The Lovers Club Season 2 OOC

    :heart: Aikō-ka Kurabu | The Lovers Club Season 2 :heart: Romance | Comedy | High school | Anime | Slice of life Season 1 In Character | Season 2 In Character | Character Index “We’ll be your cupids!” Welcome to the Lovers Club. Our goal is to find the perfect match for you, or assist you in...
  2. Topless

    Noble Souls

    You have died That is the truth But you did not die in way so tragic You died a warrior's death Whether be it in or out of battle In the end you have fought gloriously Your death will be written as the end of your legendary story Your loved ones will forever remember you As a hero, a friend, a...
  3. Lir-The-Witch

    I am the worst trash don't look at me (an extreamly goofy movie)

    :] My shame is very large, but not large enough anyway this is my oc I ship with max if any of you weirdos(lovingly) want to rp with me cool, I'll rp your crush you rp mine if you want max we can do that alt world system so we both get what we want, your ship does not have to be mxm but mine is
  4. MiharuAya

    ALWAYS OPEN What We Do In The Shadows

    IN THE SHADOWS Since the beginning of time, stories of the creatures who go bump in the night have haunted the weary and restless. It started as explanations for the inexplicable, things our primitive knowledge of the world couldn't yet interpret. These cautionary tales were meant to warn us...
  5. Lir-The-Witch

    The speedster is not as stupid as you think they are m/m (superheros)

    kay so I am working on a speedster character (someone with super speed) and I like the idea that everyone sees them as 'jokesters, clowns, and silly' based on a lot of the famous ones, my dude HATES it because they need to be thinking faster than they move, which is like pretty fast maybe we...
  6. Charron Adhémar Knight of the Realm!

    Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf

    Atishamis of the Erasem clan is an Elvhen Dreamer, like Solas or Fen'Harel. But it was only when he joined the Herald's vanguard as an accomplished warrior that this realization happened. His focus and skill with two short swords could not be reached by many, and although he is or was a Dalish...
  7. Rithas

    Writing Club IC

    OOC STATUS: OPEN! "If you think about it. We're the ones who can truly bring things to life! So that they can see it without ever being there!" "Isn't that what television is for?" "That's not the point!" “Hello? Hel- Is this on? Oh, it is. Great. It’s your Principal Slews here. Here to...
  8. Rithas

    Writing Club (Interest Check)

    OOC LINK IS UP "Aistri Academy. Where far-off dreams are turned into reality. Or at least dreams that are slightly closer." You've clicked on the page! I'm already succeding expectations! This is the interest check for ‘Writing Club’. A SOL mixed with drama and comedy. You are one of the...
  9. tomsoddity

    Merlin + Nimue, Trainspotting, BBTerra, and AHS

    I think saying a greeting probably makes these things sound friendlier? So hey, I'm AJ, and I'm here to throw some random ideas at the wall and see what sticks. Some stuff you'll probably wanna know about me is that I'm in my 20s, my time zone is Pacific, and I have about a moderate amount of...
  10. Diana

    Macho Cafe: The Hassle Continues

    WELCOME TO THE MACHO CAFE Once upon a time Fujimoto Hinata was a beautiful young woman living in Tokyo, surrounded by the strong, brave men of her family that she very much loved with all of her heart. But the Fujimoto men were a rough n' tumble bunch, often making the kind of hot blooded...
  11. ScarletNova

    Gods and Goddesses Have Lives Too! OOC

    Romance | Comedy | Slice-of-life | Anime | Fantasy Character Index | In Character … ⛩ ... Have you ever wondered what the gods and goddesses do during their free time? Do they have relationships? Family? Rivalries? Do they go on vacation? What is their work really like? Gods and Goddesses...
  12. Huntress

    Looking for partners, FxF or FxM. Werewolves...for the most part, maybe a superhuman or two.

    Hello everyone, Huntress here. First I'd like to thank you for checking my thread and I do hope that you are interested in some of the things I have to offer. ABOUT ME: So, we've established that my name is Huntress. I never really get called anything else other than my real name so lets keep...
  13. Rainier Ashton Bernhardt

    Looking for a Female lead for SAO RP

    Greetings, and Hello! Now, before I begin with my request, I am frankly aware of the stigma that S.A.O gets--even to this day. Although, this won't be Kirito or Asuna's story. Bland heroes aside, much of it will remain, nonetheless, fairly unchanged with the exceptional few things here and...
  14. Novama

    Apostles of The Way (In Character)(Completed)

    This is a fantasy adventure RP that follows a group of magic knights called 'Apostles' as they battle and persuade their way across the land in a quest to retrieve a stolen relic and see justice carried out. If you wish to join us, have additional questions, or simply want to chat, you can find...
  15. Reanimator Spuds

    I'm Partners... With a Magical Girl!?! (An RP where the Boys become the Fluffy animal companions to Magical Girls CURRENTLY FULL)

    Love... Oh such a fragile ideal. They think that love conquers all. How incredibly foolish, impudent, disgusting!... How perfect... I will allow them to believe this until it is my time to strike. Then they will realize how fragile their defenders truly are in all aspects... Passion can...
  16. PhantomThief715

    Becoming Gods.

    Character Signup Derrida Andrea De Luca - Hades @PhantomThief715 Coral Rose Jenkins - Artemis @Star Searcher Anna Green - Artemis @ChrisClark13 Chloe Thanes - Persephone @Olissa Ethan Ryan Ashworth - Hephaestus @Keelash Oliwa Peri - Dionysus @The Legate Cayden Cadman - Ares @LuckycoolHawk9
  17. Y O M I

    Back from hiatus ! :D click me please !

    WELCOME ! Thank you for taking the time to actually click on my post ! Here's a little info about myself and my preferences. ABOUT ME My name is tianna but I often go by tia. I am 17 about to be 18 soon. I recently graduated from highschool. I've been roleplaying for a good 4 years now. My...
  18. Dark Country

    Inuyasha: Return from Darkness

    Rules: (1.) Post must be at least two paragraphs or more. That's at least 14 full sentences. No, text speech doesn't count. (2.) Have adequate grammar skills; punctuate accordingly so it's not one long run on sentence. No using "u" for "you" or other similar concepts. I'm not a grammar nazi...
  19. Jackalope

    Lady, you're crazy [ Peregrine / Jack ]

    It was finally starting to warm up again. Not that Samael was complaining per say--he was blessed with a higher temperature than most people, making it at least slightly harder for him to get chilled--but to be frank, if he had to choose between “Winter” and “Summer”...he was going to pick the...
  20. DarkiusHeavenstein

    Surprise Island: Zodiacs (a reality tv drama show)

    12 people are randomly grabbed from their ordinary lives and brought to a tropical island. They have been given no explanation and no time to pack or what so ever. The last thing they remember before waking up on the island is probably how they just left their home, or called their mom, or were...